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A Family Betrayal Chapter 40

2022-07-05 00:00:04

Diamond’s POV:

Heath just left and he wanted us gone.‭ ‬He was divorcing us and telling Kevin we were his.‭ ‬Tiffany was so sure that Heath wouldn't leave us and that he had matured.‭ ‬He had in fact because he didn't start a fight but he just discarded‭ ‬us like old leftovers.‭ ‬I can‭’‬t believe the love of our lives would just.......I realized before he left he winked at me.‭ ‬That smartass son of a bitch knew and he had played us like fucking dumb whores.‭ ‬Some how or another he knew it was all a joke and he‭ ‬was dishing it back to us double.‭ ‬I watch Jasmine tear Tiffany a new ass,‭ ‬pussy and fuck hole all at the same time.‭ ‬Karen and Lindsey cry thinking Heath was sending us away while Simone and Vanessa try to comfort the girls.‭ ‬I watch while Jessie and Renee start hitting Kevin calling their cousin an asshole.

‭" ‬You sorry motherfucker our husband is leaving us.‭" ‬Jessie says while they hit him some more and he attempts to deflect the hits since he doesn't want to hurt us girls

The rest of the wives join Jazzy in‭ ‬screaming at Tiffany,‭ ‬or threatening her.‭ ‬She just cries believing the same joke the rest of them do and I did.‭ ‬I see Karen look at her mom.

‭" ‬I HATE YOU MOMMY‭! ‬YOU MADE DADDY LEAVE AND HE DIDN'T TAKE US WITH HIM.‭ ‬I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN‭!" ‬Karen says yelling.‭ ‬I watch my oldest daughter run up the stairs with Lindsey behind her big sister by months.‭ ‬Once to the top of the stairs she calls out to Tiffany,‭"‬I hate you momma Tiffany.‭ ‬I'm glad daddy is leaving you and the mommies.‭"

Allison starts to cry from the hate our girls spew not knowing that this was all Heath's attempt at payback and a joke.‭ ‬I start in to try and calm everyone but their hate for us did hurt.

‭“‬ Ok girls lets calm down and try to talk this...‭" ‬Jazzy holds up her hand cutting me off

‭" ‬Diamond no offense,‭ ‬but shut your cum hole.‭ ‬I have tried to play the peace keeper,‭ ‬and not been the aggressive one,‭ ‬but this is the third time this bitch has made MY man leave my life.‭" ‬I look at Jazz and slap her

‭" ‬First off he is leaving all of us.‭ ‬Second he is OUR man just like you are also OUR wife and I'M a family wife too.‭ ‬And finally your cum catcher is just as active as mine babydoll.‭" ‬Jasmine looks into my eyes and says something so hurtful to me

‭" ‬Maybe I should have never shared him with you that‭ ‬one Spring Break.‭ ‬If I never offered then I wouldn't have to share him.‭”‬ She tells me while I look at her and I feel the tears start to come

‭" ‬Do you really feel that way‭?" ‬She nods and I go to my sons and nephew

I take them upstairs and let them spend time with their sisters.‭ ‬I tell the kids to relax and we would come get them in a bit.‭ ‬I go back downstairs and see the yelling has just intensified.‭ ‬They scream and yell at one another like this was a bar room brawl.‭ ‬I go and pour myself a shot and take it.‭ ‬Hannah catches me and looks at me.

‭" ‬Di sweetie you ok‭?" ‬I look at her and shake my head.‭ ‬I guess Jasmine overheard and looked at me

"Baby what's wrong‭?" ‬I tell her nothing and start to walk out the door,‭ ‬but I feel a hand grab me.‭ ‬I turn and see it's my second girlfriend and the one that showed me what true love could be.

‭"‬Baby what's wrong‭? ‬We don't hide anything from one another.‭" ‬I tell her nothing and I was gonna move back home and go back to my old name.‭ ‬I see the hurt in Jasmine's eyes

"Baby please tell me what's wrong.‭" ‬I look at her

"Why‭? ‬I thought I was a mistake from that one Spring Break.‭ ‬That you should have never shared him with me.‭ ‬Don't worry I'll be fine.‭ ‬And you don't have to worry about sharing anything with me,‭ ‬my son or daughters again.‭"‬ I shake her hand off and walk outside to sit by myself.


Hannah’s POV:


Since I have known Diamond she has been headstrong and fought for whatever she wanted.‭ ‬But the woman I just watched walk out the door was a shell of my best friend.‭ ‬I look to Jasmine.

‭"‬There you go Jazz...you made one of the wives leave the family.‭" ‬Jasmine looks at me and shows her pain

"If Tiffany wouldn't have started it Heath wouldn't have left.‭" ‬I look at her and voice my opinion

"So if you'd have been the one to come up with the idea and it caused all the pain we should ban you from the wives‭?" ‬I see Jasmine smile

"Good idea baby.‭ ‬I am calling for a vote.‭ ‬If the majority wants her gone we excommunicate her.‭ ‬I vote yes.‭" ‬Tiffany of course votes no

I vote yes.‭ ‬Jessie,‭ ‬Renee,‭ ‬and Allison are yesses.‭ ‬Simone and Vanessa look at us and Jasmine smiles.

‭"‬Ladies your votes please.‭" ‬They look dumbfounded saying they weren't wives and Jasmine smiles,‭"‬Oh but you will be.‭ ‬So I would like your votes.‭"

They look at me being the oldest of the wives age wise and I nod.‭ ‬They tell Tiffany they love her,‭ ‬but because of her their love left so they were voting yes.‭ ‬I nod telling them get any and all their feelings out.‭ ‬They both pour their hearts out and I see Tiffany understands their pain.‭ ‬The mother-n-laws/older loves are not here to cast their votes.‭ ‬I don‭’‬t know what is going on with them,‭ ‬because I have tried calling them to no avail.‭ ‬And what Heath stated about them has me very worried.

‭"‬So that's seven yes,‭ ‬and Diamond has to vote.‭ ‬Even if she doesn't your out.‭ ‬Oh we need Momma Ellie's,‭ ‬Verna's and Kiko's votes just to play fair.‭ ‬Plus the moms,‭ ‬but it seems they are busy since the last time Hannah tried to call any of them no one picked up.‭" ‬I watch while Jasmine brings her phone out and dials Ellie‭

"Well since Heath is the family sperm donor and mack daddy daddy lets see what Selena,‭ ‬Michelle and Kaye say on the matter.‭ ‬I mean Kaye wants to have a baby and has asked Heath but he hasn't gotten with her yet.‭" ‬I state for the record while everyone just‭ ‬nods while Ellie comes on.

‭"‬Hey Jazzy.‭ ‬What's up sweetie‭?" ‬Jasmine asks if she can get Verna,‭ ‬Kiko,‭ ‬Michelle,‭ ‬Selena,‭ ‬and Kaye alone so she can talk to them.‭ ‬We wait for a couple minutes while we hear they are somewhere they can talk.‭ ‬Before long Jasmine gives a quick rendition and states the reason for her call.‭ ‬She asks for their votes

Ellie and Kiko are both a solid yes where Verna's is a no since she wanted us to work things out.‭ ‬I smile being a smartass since Jack was always around.‭ "‬I say we fuck until all the pain is gone‭!" ‬Everyone kinda giggles at my remark calling me Jackannah

Kaye votes yes saying she wants her brother to be happy while Selena and Michelle both vote no

Selena tells Tiffany the only reason she voted no was because she knew how much Heath and her loved one another and that everyone makes mistakes.

‭"‬Tiffy I love you and you will always be my sister.‭ ‬We went through pregnancy together and fought over the same two guys that were our brothers and our loves.‭ ‬The mother in me for my baby‭ ‬that Heath gave me wants me to vote yes,‭ ‬but I know that you can find a way to make things right.‭ ‬I don't want a repeat of highschool where I lost one of my best friends and brother.‭ ‬I can't think of my life without one of my sisters.‭" ‬Michelle makes the‭ ‬statement that makes all of us rethink our votes

‭" ‬If we're going off of people who should have never been allowed back into the family my name should have been at the top of the list and taken up like the top ten spots.‭" ‬Jasmine asks why Michelle would say that and she answers from the heart going on,‭"‬I was upset my mom sent my baby brother away and worked to tear MY family apart.‭ ‬Through my actions I pushed Heath away and was the reason to cause Tiffany,‭ ‬Selena and Chris to be with one another.‭ ‬Through my‭ ‬actions of betraying my brother he tried twice to commit suicide.‭ ‬Through my actions I watched what I did when he collapsed on his birthday just from the shock of seeing us.‭ ‬So if I got another chance for all my missteps than Tiffany should get the same chance.‭ ‬I mean if something happened and I never got the chance to make it right......it'd kill me.‭" ‬I tell her that was beautiful and everyone agrees but the votes are still in.‭ ‬I look at Jasmine.

‭"‬We still need Diamond's vote to be fair.‭" ‬She nods and we excuse ourselves and go out to see her sitting on the table looking at the sea.‭ ‬I wrap my arms around her.

‭"‬Hey Di.‭" ‬She hugs my arm back

"Hey Nah.‭" ‬I laugh at the way we called one another when it was just us.

I tell her how the vote went and tell her her‭ ‬vote didn't matter,‭ ‬but she should give it and tell Tiffany her peace.‭ ‬She nods and gets up.‭ ‬Jazz smiles and tries to hug Di but she just shrugs her off.‭ ‬Jasmine looks hurt by Diamond's actions and I look at my best friend who comes in.‭ ‬Once inside Diamond speaks

"I vote yes and I also want to call someone else out to leave the wives.‭" ‬I look at her and Jasmine asks who.‭ ‬Diamond gives me this little smile,‭"‬Me.‭ ‬And I vote yes.‭" ‬I look at her.

‭"‬No.‭" ‬Jasmine is a no followed by everyone else answering no.

Jasmine texts Michelle and the others.‭ ‬About two minutes later the godmoms come back with nos and Michelle calls with Kaye and Selena with her.‭ ‬They ask what happened and why.‭ ‬Diamond tells them that being with Heath was a momentary lapse of judgement that lasted for years.‭ ‬Michelle,‭ ‬Selena and Kaye all vote no.‭ ‬I turn to look at Tiffany.

‭"‬Tiffany what is your vote‭?" ‬Tiffany tells us she lost the right to vote and I tell her no since this was tied to one another

Tiffany pulls Diamond to the couch and I look to‭ ‬see Kevin has left.

‭"‬Where did big and badass go‭?" ‬I get told he left and he must have a silencer on that bike because I never heard it fire up.‭ ‬Tiffany tries to talk to Diamond.

‭"‬Diamond sweetie why do you want to leave‭?”‬ Tiffany asks while Diamond smiles

‭" ‬I was a mistake.‭ ‬You heard Jasmine.‭ ‬Hell my parents called me a mistake.‭ ‬My brothers....seems like I was the one mistake that keeps messing up.‭ ‬The only thing I can say that wasn't a mistake was loving all the kids and getting to be a mom.‭" ‬Diamond kisses Tiffany on the cheek while a tear falls from her eye.‭ ‬She starts to get up but Tiff grabs her hand

"No your not.‭ ‬Jasmine get your ass in here now bitch‭!" ‬Jasmine is ready to rock Tiffany but I see Tiffany's point of view

Tiffany defends her sister wife‭ ‬and I smile.‭ ‬Jasmine hugs Diamond.

‭"‬Diamond your my sister and the first female that I loved in that way.‭ ‬You leaving would kill me.‭ ‬Please I said some things in the heat of the moment and I didn't mean them.‭ ‬Please stay.‭ ‬Our kids need to stay together...we need to stay together.‭ ‬I need more babies from you and I know you want more from me.‭" ‬Diamond looks at Jasmine and asks if she really meant it.‭ ‬Jasmine nods hugging Di.‭ ‬Di hugs her back and cries.

‭"‬Thank you Jazzy.‭ ‬I always wanted a sister and when I found Hannah I found one and then meeting you I gained another.‭" ‬Jasmine tells her the same and adds

"And then they just started ballooning huh.‭" ‬Jasmine asks while Di nods

"Yeah but I love this big family of ours so much.‭" ‬Di states while Tiffany hugs them

‭"‬Watch over Anthony and Karen for me ok‭?" ‬They nod and I watch while Tiffany calls a cab and tells them to meet her down the street

She goes upstairs and comes down with an overnight bag.

‭"‬I think me spending a night or two away may be for the best.‭" ‬We all nod minus Diamond.‭ ‬I look at her with a curious look and she smiles.‭ ‬After she leaves Jasmine makes the comment.

‭"‬Maybe we should enjoy the last of our time with the kids.‭" ‬Diamond laughs and I look at her

"What's so funny‭? ‬This isn't a laughing matter because Heath is leaving all of us.‭ ‬And I can't think of losing my babies...‭" ‬Diamond shakes her head while a tear falls from my eye

"He winked to me before he left.‭ ‬The ass knows it's all a joke and he is paying us back.‭" ‬I look at her and slap my forehead

"Your right because if he was serious he would have taken the kids right off the bat.‭" ‬She nods and I look,‭"‬Oh crap the kids.....we need to tell them.‭"

Diamond nods getting to the stairs to head up to tell the kids........


Diamond POV:

It felt so good to tell the girls but I didn't want Kevin or Tiffany to know about the little prank.‭ ‬But the kids were so hurt and I wonder what they must be‭ ‬thinking.‭ ‬I hope they weren't scared about their loving father making us leave.‭ ‬I get to the door and see my loves behind me.‭ ‬I start to open the door and hear little Greg.

‭"‬It's ok sissy.‭ ‬Daddy was messing with the mommies.‭" ‬He says and I hear Karen chime in

"Gregie what makes you think that‭?" ‬She asks while Dakota pipes up

"He gave us‭ ‬‘The Wink‭’‬ just like at Christmas.‭ ‬I really think he was messing with the mommies,‭ ‬because that wink told us he was messing with them.‭ ‬I hope he does a better job than Uncle Jack.‭"

I start to laugh while opening the door.

‭"‬That's true.‭ ‬Your Uncle Jack isn't a good joke player.‭" ‬Lindsey comes to me with tears in her little eyes

"So it's true Ms.‭ ‬Diamond‭?" ‬I look at her and show some hurt in my eyes

"Yes baby it is and I'm one‭ ‬of your mommies remember‭?" ‬Karen gets up in my face the best she can trying to act intimidating

"Until we see it's true all you mommies are no longer mommies just evil bitches like Uncle Jack calls you.‭" ‬I look at her and I know I am pissed beyond belief at my brother

"So I'm an evil bitch huh‭?" ‬I answer angrily seeing her nod slightly scared.‭ ‬She answers quitely

"Yeah he also said your loose hoes....whatever that means.‭" ‬I look back and see all my loves are pissed as well.‭ ‬I turn back to my kids

"Ok first‭ ‬thing first,‭ ‬I AM YOUR MOMMA DIAMOND‭! ‬Second don't listen to your uncle Jack anymore.‭ ‬Third we love all you kids and don't want anymore bad feelings.‭" ‬I grab all five and start laying on my kisses and hugs and they squeal with delight.‭ ‬Then I hand them off to the others who duplicate it.‭ ‬I look at my sisters,‭"‬Jack is getting his ass beat.‭" ‬Everyone turns to look at me and if looks could kill Jack wouldn't have any bloodline.‭ ‬After another couple hours my love and the rest of the family comes home.


A few hours earlier at Golden Corral:

After arriving for dinner I pay for everyone.‭ ‬My family and I went to chow down on some nice food.‭ ‬I smiled feeling very happy for how I tricked Kevin and Tiffany into freaking out.‭ ‬I bet they are trying to figure out what the hell happened.‭ ‬While I fix my plate up I think of Nick,‭ ‬Savannah,‭ ‬and Megan and of how they finally got back together again.‭ ‬I find it a good thing for them and the family.‭ ‬I have been so worried that they would not accept him back.‭ ‬I knew they still loved him,‭ ‬it was just that they were hurt by his actions.‭ ‬Although Sasha,‭ ‬Shelby,‭ ‬Lisa,‭ ‬and Lucy were still upset with him after all these months.‭ ‬I guess they found out the reason and disowned‭ ‬him.‭ ‬Something changed and they are allowing him to be part of the family.‭ ‬After getting some grub I make my way to a table that was connected to two other tables big enough for the family.‭ ‬Nick and the others come over picking a place to sit.‭ ‬I feel this‭ ‬calming effect warm my heart being with my family even though my wives and children are not here,‭ ‬but I know why of course.‭ ‬Tiffany wanted to play a joke on me well she caused the others to have to miss out on some great food.‭ ‬I make a note to spoil the kids later to make up for Tiffany's actions.

‭“‬ Mmm I love how they make bourbon chicken here.‭ ‬I had mom try to make it once but it didn‭’‬t taste the same.‭”‬ Sierra says getting a few chuckles

‭“‬ Hey I tried young lady.‭ ‬You have to give me credit for that.‭”‬ Savannah says with a grin

‭“‬ I did mom.‭ ‬Before I gave it to Nicky to eat.‭”‬ Sierra says catching Jack‭’‬s attention

‭“‬ Oh was he like that kid from the cereal commercials.....‭‘‬ He likes it,‭ ‬Nicky likes it‭’‬.‭”‬ Jack says getting playfully slapped by Sierra and Mandy

‭“‬ No it was nothing like that baby.‭ ‬It‭’‬s just Nicky liked what I did when it came to food.‭”‬ Sierra says with a smile

‭“‬ Only because he was a kid Sierra.‭ ‬You tried to get Nicky,‭ ‬Mandy,‭ ‬Renee,‭ ‬Jessie,‭ ‬and Justin to eat what you liked.‭ ‬Even when they were just a year old you forced their food into their mouths.‭”‬ Megan says getting nods

‭“‬ Only because I was the big sister and oldest.‭ ‬Jeez they had to grow to be strong right‭?”‬ Sierra says getting shook heads

‭“‬ Yes and true,‭ ‬but you didn‭’‬t have to change their diapers either.‭ ‬Half the time we gagged wondering what the hell they ate.‭ ‬And then when they had diarrea....ugh that was just awful.‭”‬ Shelby says to only shake her head along with my stepsisters.

I just ignore that last remark and dig into my chicken and mash potatoes.‭ ‬Conversation between the family starts while Caleb and Simon asks if I like how the house is coming along in which I tell them I do.‭ ‬They smile with Simon telling me he was glad I did.‭ ‬I looked around to see family talking then laugh while they ate.

‭“‬ Grey how‭’‬s Kevin doing‭?”‬ Nick asks his son with a bit of concern

‭“‬ You know,‭ ‬why don‭’‬t you ask him youself‭? ‬I'm tired of being your messanger dad.‭”‬ Grey says with a bit of annoyance

‭“‬ I‭’‬ve tried,‭ ‬but he walks off,‭ ‬or calls‭ ‬me every name in the book except dad.‭”‬ Nick says sounding upset

‭“‬ What do you expect‭?”‬ Grey says in return while eating his sliders and fries

‭“‬ Dad you just have to give Kevin time.‭ ‬He is still upset over his first bike you backed into with the truck.‭ ‬Then throwing away his favorite baseball cards.....and everything else between you two.‭”‬ Damon says only to get a nod from Nick

‭“‬ I know just wish I knew how to get my big boy back.‭”‬ My brother says getting a caressing hug from his wives

‭“‬ We know baby,‭ ‬and you will figure something out.‭ ‬Now eat up since you didn‭’‬t have breakfast.‭”‬ Savannah says to her hubby

I watch and he smiles while they both share a kiss.‭ ‬I get a feeling deep inside while seeing them break the kiss.‭ ‬I think of Jasmine and the others.‭ ‬I guess missing them the past two weeks can cause that wanting them,‭ ‬but I had to keep acting like I didn‭’‬t know that the whole thing was a joke.‭ ‬I think of something else that could make things real to Tiffany and Kevin.‭ ‬It‭’‬s at that moment that I hear a phone‭ ‬ring.‭ ‬I look to see Ellie answer her's.‭ ‬She answers it letting us know it‭’‬s Jasmine.‭ ‬I chuckle before taking a drink from my glass of tea.‭ ‬I hear momma Ellie ask Verna,‭ ‬Kiko,‭ ‬Michelle,‭ ‬Selena,‭ ‬and Kaye if they need to use the bathroom.‭ ‬She gives them an odd look in which they nod.‭ ‬I am curious,‭ ‬but don‭’‬t ask what is up.‭ ‬It‭’‬s about ten minutes later that they come back.

‭“‬ What was that about momma Ellie‭”‬ I ask her.‭ ‬She looks at me with a kinda hurt look but kinda one of I can't tell you too

‭“‬ Oh just girl talk.‭ ‬Nothing that you need to worry about.‭”‬ She says answering taking her seat while the others take their's

I look at the godfathers,‭ ‬Adam,‭ ‬Chris,‭ ‬and Travis who just shrug.‭ ‬I shake my head before hearing Savannah speak up.

‭“‬ So Heath what is next in your‭ ‬plan of getting back at Tiffany and my son‭?”‬ She asks with a wanton look getting the others to listen in

‭“‬ Oh just thinking of maybe scaring Tiffany a bit more,‭ ‬but I am going to need someone she doesn‭’‬t know or the others for that matter.‭”‬ I say chuckling getting wide eyes

‭“‬ Heath your not really going to leave them all are you‭?”‬ E.P.‭ ‬asks to get a no

‭“‬ Nah just having some payback for what they did to me on April Fools bro.‭”‬ I answer getting a nod from him and looks from the godmoms

‭“‬ Good because I would hate to drag you behind my Camaro.‭”‬ E.P.‭ ‬tells me with a grin

‭“‬ Well I would hate to taste asphalt and smell exhaust.‭”‬ I say getting laughs at my statement

‭“‬ Heath if they didn‭’‬t know us already Megan and I would sure be on your arm.‭ ‬Hell we would even get our tubes untied to just get pregnant to make it seem real.‭”‬ Savannah says shocking me

‭“‬ Mmmm that would be hot baby.‭ ‬You all pregnant with another baby...mmmm.‭”‬ Megan says looking from me to Savannah.‭ ‬I hear Grey and Damon,‭"‬MOM‭! ‬We're trying to eat here.‭" ‬I look at them,‭"‬Your joking right‭?" ‬They both smile suggestively at me telling me no they were serious.‭ ‬I look to my stepbrother

‭“‬ Nick some help here bro‭?”‬ I ask getting a shake of his head

‭“‬ Sorry bro your on your own.‭ ‬I am done arguing with these two.‭ ‬I have accepted how things are.‭ ‬All I ask is if you do take them have them clean up after.‭”‬ He says getting playfully slapped

‭“‬ Nick baby we were kidding around dang.‭”‬ Megan says getting a nod from Savannah

‭“‬ Exactly,‭ ‬we love Heath but not in that way.‭ ‬And besides he has our daughter and nieces to get that close.‭”‬ Savannah says getting giggles

‭“‬ Yeah and the way Renee talks he is a stallion in bed.‭”‬ Lisa says while Simon shakes his head

‭“‬ Darlin I did not need to hear that.‭”‬ He says‭ ‬acting like he is trying to massage that thought from his brain getting everyone to laugh

‭“‬ Sorry baby I was just saying what our daughter told me.‭ ‬I kinda wouldn't mind saddling up.‭”‬ Lisa exclaims getting a nod from him and then a laugh,‭"‬Babe you willing to stay up late and not get any sleep again‭?' ‬Shelby messes with me about loving to have a bright blue eyed baby.‭ ‬I look to Sasha and Lucy who have stayed quite,‭"‬Let me guess...you two want me to knock you up so you can have my kids too‭?" ‬They both look down and nod without saying a word.‭ ‬A few minutes later Lucy speaks,‭"‬I'd love to have a baby Heath.‭" ‬Sasha is the same,‭"‬That would be a wonderful experience if I could be a mother little brother.‭" ‬I wonder what is up because my other sister-in-laws teased me to no end but they have stay very quite.

The conversations get changed after that to my luck.‭ ‬As I take my last bite of food I all of a sudden see an old familiar face from my days in college.‭ ‬I watch and she notices me with a wide smile coming over quickly.‭ ‬Once over she squeals with happiness.

‭“‬ OMG Heath it‭’‬s so good to see you again.‭”‬ She says getting everyone to look our way

‭“‬ Likewise Kendra.‭ ‬How have you been‭?”‬ I say standing up to give her a hug that she returns

‭“‬ I‭’‬m doing good sweetie.‭ ‬Just trying to be a actress.‭”‬ She answers while I see Adam and Jack smiling

‭“‬ That‭’‬s great Kendra.‭ ‬Hey do you remember Adam and Jack‭?”‬ I ask while we break the hug

‭“‬ Yes why wouldn‭’‬t I‭?”‬ She says while I point towards my brothers

She turns to her left to see Adam and Jack to only make her way over to give them hugs.‭ ‬Then I hear Jack,‭"‬Skittles what's up‭? ‬Tasting the rainbow‭?" ‬I shake my head because her mother was White and Hispanic while her father was Asian and Black.‭ ‬She had features of all four groups and is so beautiful.‭ "‬Always Jacman.‭ ‬I guess I'm a little fruity.‭" ‬I see Michelle,‭ ‬Sierra,‭ ‬and Mandy give our friend a strange look.

‭“‬ Hey how do you know our man‭?”‬ Sierra says while Jack and Kendra break their hug

‭“‬ In college hun.‭ ‬These three guys were my best friends.‭ ‬They helped me with my ex after he raped and beat me.‭ ‬I guess they don‭’‬t like to talk about it.‭”‬ Kendra says looking over at me and I shake my head no mouthing‭ '‬bad topic‭'‬.

‭“‬ Oh my hun what happened‭?”‬ Sasha asks getting Kendra to look at her then at me

‭“‬ Sasha remind me to tell you some other time.‭”‬ I say getting a worried look

‭“‬ Um ok,‭ ‬but does Jasmine know‭?”‬ Sasha asks to get a no

‭“‬ Not really since we didn‭’‬t want her to worry about us.‭”‬ Adam says getting nods from Jack and I

‭“‬ Um ok just wondered.‭”‬ Sasha says making the others look at us with concern themselves

‭“‬ So Heath can we talk for a moment alone‭? ‬I need to ask you something.‭”‬ Kendra says getting a nod

I excuse myself following Kendra outside.‭ ‬Kendra Weaver‭ ‬24,‭ ‬5‭‘‬9,‭ ‬143‭ ‬lbs curvy,‭ ‬long flowing black hair with sparkling brown eyes.‭ ‬I have always thought of her as a beautiful person inside and out.‭ ‬Once outside we stroll over to the corner of the restaurant.‭ ‬She turns around‭ ‬to get me to stop.‭ ‬Kendra looks up at me with a look that could take my breathe away.

‭“‬ Heath I hope this doesn‭’‬t sound bad,‭ ‬but do you know anyone that deals with movies.‭ ‬I want to be a actress,‭ ‬but not the smut kind.‭”‬ She asks with a glimmer of worry and‭ ‬hope.

‭“‬ Why would that sound bad Kendra‭?”‬ I ask seeing her head lower

‭“‬ Because I know your rich,‭ ‬and don‭’‬t want you to think I like you for that.‭ ‬I like you a lot maybe more then I should,‭ ‬but I just want a chance at acting Heath.‭ ‬Just a chance at something I am good at.‭”‬ She says before looking up at me with tears while she continues‭ “‬ Heath since Cliff um hurt me I haven‭’‬t been able to be good at anything except acting.‭ ‬My acting teacher says I am good.‭”

I stepped up to Kendra placing my arms around her‭ ‬to let her cry.

‭“‬ Oh Kendra I wish I knew how badly he hurt you.‭ ‬I will do what I can to help you.‭ ‬I know a guy that helps with movies,‭ ‬but also runs Disney World in Florida.‭”‬ I say feeling her nod

‭“‬ Thank you Heath.‭ ‬I owe you so much hun.‭”‬ She says.‭ ‬I have her look up at me

‭“‬ You don‭’‬t owe me a thing Kendra.‭ ‬You have always been a great friend.‭”‬ I say seeing her smile

‭“‬ Just like you have been to me.‭ ‬I just wish you were my first.‭ ‬I wish I had a chance with you,‭ ‬but I know I don‭’‬t.‭”‬ She says with a sadness I have heard a few times

‭“‬ Well Kendra I do need help also.‭”‬ I say getting her attention

‭“‬ What...what with Heath‭? ‬I thought being with Jasmine and the others made you happy‭?”‬ She asks now getting my attention

‭“‬ Wait how did you know‭?”‬ I ask getting a giggle

‭“‬ Heath I have been keeping an eye on you.‭ ‬My aunt lives on the beach close to you honey.‭”‬ Kendra says making my eyes go wide

‭“‬ Wait Gina is your aunt‭?”‬ I ask getting a no

‭“‬ No honey Tracey is my aunt,‭ ‬well my mother's best friend.‭ ‬They use to swing together with Ron and Gina.‭ ‬She always considered me her's though.‭ ‬Serena thinks of me like a cousin and big sister.‭ ‬To me she is my babydoll.‭”‬ She tells me making me floored

‭“‬ Damn I always thought there was something more to them.‭ ‬No wonder Uncle William and Aunt Debra moved in with them.‭”‬ I say while she laughs

‭“‬ Yep I know them too honey.‭ ‬I don‭’‬t join the parties,‭ ‬but it‭’‬s hard to ignore all the moaning that is downstairs.‭ ‬Which thank you for the Beats headphones.....they sure do help.‭”‬ She tells me shocking me

‭“‬ Um why don‭’‬t you‭?”‬ I ask seeing her shrug

‭“‬ Because there is only one man I have wanted,‭ ‬but he is already taken by quite a few women.‭”‬ She says making me nod

‭“‬ Kendra‭ ‬I am sure if you ask Jasmine she may accept you.‭ ‬She does like you if you remember.‭ ‬Although she probably has forgotten you since her leave to have Greg.‭ ‬The kids keep her and the other moms busy.‭”‬ I say giving her a smile with a friendly chuckle

‭“‬ I know‭ ‬Heath,‭ ‬but I guess I would want you to myself a few times.‭ ‬I like the one on one once in awhile.‭”‬ She says getting me to think

‭“‬ Ok we'll see what Jasmine says,‭ ‬but like I said I need a bit of help.‭”‬ I say getting her attention

‭“‬ What is it Heath that I can help with‭?”‬ She asks and I start telling her my situation

I tell her what happened on my birthday and what I saw.‭ ‬She goes wide eyed while I tell her about leaving after Lindsey‭’‬s birthday to check on the company I owned.‭ ‬Kendra listens intently to what‭ ‬I say.‭ ‬I tell her about coming home earlier and finding out about my wives and loves taking Kevin in as their new man,‭ ‬but I tell her that I already knew from Adam and Jack that it was a setup.‭ ‬She giggles only to get me to chuckle.

‭“‬ So her little joke back fired huh‭?”‬ She asks getting a nod

‭“‬ Yep big time.‭ ‬I am sure the others are yelling at her,‭ ‬but I want to know if you could well play the new girlfriend‭?”‬ I say asking her seeing a smile

‭“‬ I would love to Heath,‭ ‬I just got a few concerns though.‭”‬ She tells me to get a nod before adding on‭ “‬ Will I get to kiss you and cuddle‭?”

I think of her question,‭ ‬and look into her eyes studying them.‭ ‬I see a love that sparkles with some worry.‭ ‬I pull her to me with my right hand on her head against my chest.

‭“‬ I don‭’‬t see why not.‭ ‬Might as well make it seem real.‭”‬ I say feeling her arms wrap around me

‭“‬ Goodie because I have been waiting so long to be in this moment.‭ ‬I just hope it turns to more,‭ ‬but I know I need to speak with Jasmine and the others before to long.‭”‬ Kendra says holding me tight

We stay like that for a moment until she breaks the hug to look up into my blue eyes.

‭“‬ Heath I might be a fake girlfriend in front of your family,‭ ‬but my heart isn‭’‬t.‭ ‬I hope what I am about to say doesn‭’‬t freak you out,‭ ‬but I‭ ‬truly love you.‭ ‬That night that you came to my rescue meant the world to me.‭ ‬That night I saw you in a different light.‭ ‬I love you Heath so very much.‭”‬ Kendra says with tears in her eyes

‭“‬ Kendra that night I did what I had to do.‭ ‬I heard you screaming and it made my heart fill up with worry.‭ ‬I ran as fast as I could to reach you in that park.‭ ‬Adam and Jack were not far behind.‭ ‬When I saw you being held down on the ground I lost it.‭”‬ I say feeling my own tears

‭“‬ I know baby I saw everything while covering myself up on the ground.‭ ‬Heath they were going to kill me afterwards.‭ ‬I have been so afraid to date anyone.‭ ‬The only man I did want was you.‭ ‬I just hope that I can have a chance to be with you.‭ ‬I would do anything to have one night at least with you.‭ ‬I haven‭’‬t done anything with another after that night.‭”‬ She tells me with tears

I hold her close to me never knowing how that night truly affected her.‭ ‬I let her cry again feeling her breasts against me.‭ ‬I try to shake the thought out of my head feeling my manhood getting erect.‭ ‬I think she feels it because she backs up breaking the hug.‭ ‬She looks down at my crotch before looking up to see me blushing.‭ ‬She smiles at me blushing also.

‭“‬ Sorry Heath I didn‭’‬t mean to get you um......hard.‭”‬ She says getting a shook head

‭“‬ No it‭’‬s my bad.‭ ‬I haven‭’‬t had a woman in two weeks.‭”‬ I say being truthful

‭“‬ Awww.‭ ‬Well why don‭’‬t you go home and have Jasmine take care of you.‭ ‬I would if we were not here.‭ ‬But then again my car is right over there....‭”‬ She tells me with a shy smile

‭“‬ I know Kendra I might when I get home and you naughty girl.‭”‬ I say seeing her stare at my bulge

‭“‬ Um if it‭’‬s ok for me to ask how big are you down there‭?”‬ She asks with a blushing smile

‭“‬ Well the girls said‭ ‬10‭ ‬to‭ ‬11‭ ‬and thick.‭”‬ I answer seeing her eyes sparkle

‭“‬ Oh my that is nice.‭ ‬Damn I am getting a little wet just thinking about it.‭”‬ She says with a giggle

‭“‬ I...I‭’‬m sorry.‭”‬ I say telling her before seeing her head shake

‭“‬ Don‭’‬t be baby since I haven‭’‬t really felt like this in awhile.‭ ‬I know what to expect if I get to you know....be with you.‭”‬ She says getting a nod before going on‭ “‬ Well I guess I should go since I need to study to be a good girlfriend.‭”

“ Oh ok,‭ ‬but all you need to do is be yourself Kendra.‭”‬ I say seeing her‭ ‬nod to me

‭“‬ I know baby,‭ ‬but if I do I um will want to um want more.‭ ‬Oh god Heath can‭’‬t you see I am in love with you.‭ ‬That‭’‬s why I need to make sure I don‭’‬t go past the hugging and kissing.‭”‬ She tells me with more tears

‭“‬ Kendra will it help if I talk to‭ ‬Jasmine‭?”‬ I ask getting a nod

‭“‬ Yes it will Heath because I don‭’‬t want them to think your cheating.‭ ‬I remember Jasmine and she is a beautiful,‭ ‬caring,‭ ‬and loving woman.‭ ‬I want her to like me again.‭”‬ She says getting a nod

‭“‬ Ok I will have a talk with her.‭”‬ I tell Kendra getting a smile

We gave each other a hug before exchanging phone numbers.‭ ‬I thought for a moment before leaning over to give her a kiss.‭ ‬I surprised her at first,‭ ‬but she returned the kiss.‭ ‬I broke it to see her beautiful smile.‭ ‬She broke the hug before telling me she would text me later to see when to come over to start her acting.‭ ‬I watched her walk away to her car...I guess I should say skipped was more correct.‭ ‬I let out a sigh seeing someone I saved from horror enter back into my life.‭ ‬After she got in I made my way back inside to see my family looking at me with concern.‭ ‬Once back to my seat Savannah was the one to speak up.

‭“‬ Heath everything ok‭?”‬ She asks being a big protective sister

‭“‬ Yeah,‭ ‬Kendra just wanted to talk.‭ ‬She wants to get into acting so I am going to make a few calls tomorrow for her.‭”‬ I say getting smiles

‭“‬ Awww that is so sweet baby brother.‭”‬ Selena says to me with a smile

‭“‬ So she going to be the one you were talking about‭?”‬ Megan asks getting a nod

‭“‬ Yes,‭ ‬but um...‭”‬ I say trailing off seeing concern from everyone

‭“‬ But um what‭?”‬ Michelle asks while I look at her

‭“‬ She came out and said something didn‭’‬t she‭?”‬ Jack asks getting a nod

‭“‬ Like what‭?”‬ Kaye asks while I see Adam looking at me

‭“‬ She confessed her love for Heath.‭”‬ Adam says startling me while I look at my brothers

‭“‬ Wait how did you know‭?”‬ I ask seeing him smile at me

‭“‬ I was never suppose to tell you,‭ ‬but after that night we um helped her all she could do is tell me she loved you.‭ ‬I looked at her closely to see she held the truth in her words.‭ ‬She made a vow to never love another man......only you.‭”‬ Adam says getting awws

‭“‬ How sweet of her.‭”‬ Michelle says getting my attention

‭“‬ Wait your not mad about it‭?”‬ I ask getting a no

‭“‬ Heath if a man came to help me like she described so vaguely I would make the same vow just to keep the hope in my heart to be with him.‭ ‬Look yes you have so many women that love you,‭ ‬but Kendra has the biggest reason out of all of us.‭ ‬Yes I love you just like I do Adam,‭ ‬but my love for you is different.‭ ‬Each of us that has um been with you holds a peace of your heart,‭ ‬but I feel Kendra holds a peace of your soul.‭ ‬I have been looking out seeing how you held her while she held you.‭ ‬You don‭’‬t hold everyone like that except Jasmine.‭ ‬Heath I can‭’‬t speak for everyone,‭ ‬but I say make her part of your life in everyway,‭ ‬and if anyone doesn‭’‬t like it then......the hell with them.‭ ‬It‭’‬s your life not their's.‭”‬ Michelle says getting agreeing nods

‭“‬ Bro Michelle is right.‭ ‬Look I said a lot of things that hurt,‭ ‬but what you and everyone does isn‭’‬t my business.‭ ‬You have my support if you want Kendra in your life in everyway that she can be.‭”‬ Nick says surprising everyone

‭“‬ Nick are you sure your the same husband that hurt everyone‭? ‬You didn't hit your head‭ ‬or get abducted by aliens‭?”‬ Savannah asks getting a chuckle from him

‭“‬ Yes I am darlin.‭ ‬I just had my eyes get opened up months ago.‭ ‬I love my family and am not going to stop how people feel for another.‭ ‬And the way Kendra acted and spoke shows that our little brother here means a lot to her.‭ ‬When you all left and I was alone I realized that love comes in many forms and we must cherish it.‭ ‬I don't want a life without the two women that stole my heart,‭ ‬my four....make that five wonderful sisters and five....sorry seven annoying but caring brothers,‭ ‬all my kids that I helped raise and nurture.‭”‬ Nick says getting nods and smiles

‭“‬ I agree bro.‭ ‬Heath we all here have your back.‭”‬ Jax says with a smile

I smile seeing smiles and nods from everyone.

‭“‬ Thanks I appreciate it,‭ ‬and know Kendra will to.‭ ‬She is scared Jasmine won‭’‬t let her be with me also.‭”‬ I say getting shook heads

‭“‬ Just let us talk to Jasmine.‭”‬ Shelby says while I see Michelle,‭ ‬Selena,‭ ‬and Kaye look on with odd looks that I just shrug of for now

‭“‬ No I will,‭ ‬but thanks just support me is all I ask.‭”‬ I exclaim getting nods from my extended family

I notice Momma Ellie giving me a worried look.

‭“‬ What‭?”‬ I ask with a look of curiosity

‭“‬ Heath what did your mother and the others do‭? ‬And what did you mean by they are probably being taken care of‭?”‬ She asks getting a sigh from me

‭“‬ If it‭’‬s all the same I would rather not talk about it.‭ ‬If you want to know call them or you and my other godparents can always go to Oklahoma and see for yourself.‭ ‬I‭’‬m sure they will like to share.‭”‬ I say not saying anything to what exactly I had seen and felt when I stopped in to see my mothers.

‭“‬ Um ok maybe I will call honey.‭ ‬I just hope it‭’‬s something that can be fixed.‭”‬ She says while I just shrug not really caring

We sit and chat for a bit longer before leaving to head home around‭ ‬8‭ ‬o‭’‬clock at night.‭ ‬I feel a smile come across my soul.‭ ‬I think of Kendra at that moment going to my Hummer.‭ ‬Holding her felt so right and our first kiss was one of desire.‭ ‬I lead the way home thinking of how I am going to ask Jasmine about Kendra.‭ ‬I know at one time she considered Kendra a friend.‭ ‬I just hope she still did.

The trip home didn‭’‬t take all that long on the highway.‭ ‬Once parked in the drive we all got out making our way into‭ ‬the house.‭ ‬I get inside to see everyone sitting on the couch or chairs talking.‭ ‬The kids are sitting on the floor watching a animated movie.‭ ‬I guess a Disney or Pixar one from the looks of it.‭ ‬Jasmine gets up from my chair coming to me.‭ ‬She wraps her arms‭ ‬around me while I hug her back.‭ ‬All of my wives come to hug me even my loves that will one day be wives.‭ ‬The kids scream coming to make their way to hug my legs.‭ ‬I get kisses from my ladies.‭ ‬After the hugs are broken I am taken to my chair,‭ ‬but I feel something is missing.‭ ‬I look around after being seated.‭ ‬I look at Jasmine who gets in my lap.

‭“‬ Where‭’‬s Tiffany‭?”‬ I ask getting a worried look

‭“‬ Well baby she um left.‭ ‬We took a vote to kick her out of being a wife.‭”‬ Jasmine explains shocking me

‭“‬ YOU WHAT‭!?”‬ I ask yelling being upset.‭ ‬I didn‭’‬t want her to really leave just learn a lesson

‭“‬ We voted to have her leave because she hurt you.‭”‬ Jasmine tells me while I shake my head

‭“‬ How could you do that‭? ‬I didn‭’‬t want her gone.‭ ‬I wanted to teach her a lesson.‭”‬ I‭ ‬say making Jasmine get up off my lap

‭“‬ But baby we didn‭’‬t know until after she left.‭ ‬Diamond told us that you knew the whole thing was a joke.‭”‬ Hannah says defending Jasmine

‭“‬ That may be,‭ ‬but how is she going to learn her lesson‭? ‬Damn it this changes things a hell of a lot.‭”‬ I say looking at them seeing fear before I shake my head

‭“‬ We're sorry baby,‭ ‬but she took it upon herself to leave.‭ ‬She said she was going to a motel for the night.‭”‬ Allison says with a few tears

I let out a sigh seeing Nick and the others look on also not believing this.‭ ‬I think they are just as confused and hurt like I was.‭ ‬I think of what to do before I make my way to the back sliding door.

‭“‬ Heath where are you going‭?”‬ Momma Ellie asks with worry

‭“‬ To get some air and to think.‭ ‬I can‭’‬t believe all of them would go to that extreme.‭ ‬Makes me wonder if that dream I had months ago is going to come true.‭ ‬Who all was in on the voting‭?”‬ I ask seeing quite a few hands before stepping out into the backyard shaking my head

I make my way to the back gate.‭ ‬I see Batman and the other two dogs laying out relaxing.‭ ‬I just shake my head wishing I didn‭’‬t have anything to worry about like they did.‭ ‬Making my way to the beach I pull out my phone.‭ ‬I swipe the screen to find my contacts.‭ ‬I find a number‭ ‬and dial it.‭ ‬It rings while I get to my normal spot to sit.‭ ‬I hear her answer with a‭ ' ‬Hello‭’‬.

‭“‬ Hey it‭’‬s me can you talk‭?”‬ I ask getting a excited yes before recognizing my tone

‭“‬ What‭’‬s wrong baby‭?”‬ She asks with concern catching my tone

‭“‬ The plan has changed darlin just be yourself when you come over tomorrow.‭ ‬I just learned something that pissed me off.‭ ‬Jasmine and the others had a vote to kick Tiffany out.‭”‬ I tell her getting a sigh

‭“‬ That was not right of them baby.‭ ‬I never thought Jasmine would have‭ ‬done that.‭”‬ Kendra tells me sounding displeased

‭“‬ Me either darlin.‭ ‬So what are you going to wear tomorrow‭?”‬ I ask changing the subject

‭“‬ I don‭’‬t know darling what would you like me to wear‭?”‬ She asks making me think

‭“‬ Bikini,‭ ‬loose shorts and tank top‭?”‬ I ask getting a giggle

‭“‬ Mmm my baby want easy access to my privates‭?”‬ She asks while I chuckle

‭“‬ Yeah is that wrong‭?”‬ I ask with a little worry

‭“‬ Hell no baby.‭ ‬I have always vowed myself to you.‭ ‬I am all your's baby anyway and everyway you like.‭”‬ She tells me making my heartbeat faster

‭“‬ Yeah Adam sort of told me.‭ ‬Don‭’‬t get mad at him please.‭”‬ I say hearing a sigh

‭“‬ I figured he would after I left.‭ ‬Yes I had to tell someone my love.‭ ‬Oh god baby I love you so much.‭ ‬I'm surprised he has not told you sooner.‭”‬ She confesses to me again making my heart soar

I thought of what to say since I did have strong feelings for her before and that they were locked up,‭ ‬but seeing her again today brought them back to the surface.‭ ‬I let out a sigh before speaking up again.

‭“‬ I love you too darlin.‭ ‬So what are you doing‭?”‬ I tell her asking

‭“‬ Laying in bed naked with the biggest dildo I have in my pussy thinking it‭’‬s your dick.‭”‬ She says surprising me

‭“‬ Oh sorry if I interrupted you.‭”‬ I say apologizing to her

‭“‬ No baby it‭’‬s ok.‭ ‬I am glad you called.‭ ‬I had to get home because if I stayed there one more minute I was going pull you to my car and ride you until you came in me.‭ ‬Sorry baby I am just so horny right now.‭”‬ She says shocking me

‭“‬ So am I darlin,‭ ‬so am I,‭ ‬but I am outside on the beach.‭”‬ I say hearing a moan

‭“‬ Mmm baby you think we can make love on the beach‭?”‬ She asks making me chuckle

‭“‬ I don‭’‬t see why not darlin.‭ ‬Hell there is hardly anyone on it at night.‭”‬ I say hearing another moan

‭“‬ Mmm under the stars.....oh baby.....make me cum baby......make me yours.‭”‬ Kendra says moaning making my dick get hard while I smile from ear to ear.

I hear her moans through the phone.‭ ‬She wants me to have phone sex with her which is something I have never done before but always sounded interesting.‭ ‬I look around to see no one around.‭ ‬I think of what to say before one thought actually comes to me.

‭“‬ Kendra I‭’‬m pounding your pussy baby.‭”‬ I say encouraging her

‭“‬ Oh yes....I feel that big cock....you feel so good baby.....oh yes.‭”‬ She says moaning getting me worked up

‭“‬ My balls are hitting your sexy ass.‭”‬ I say hearing a loud moan over the phone

‭“‬ OH YES....I‭’‬M CUMMINGGGGG...BABY CUM IN MEEEEE.‭!”‬ Kendra yells out moaning

‭“‬ I am beautiful all up deep inside you.‭ ‬I'm expanding your womb with the‭ ‬volume I'm releasing.‭ ‬There is so much that it is starting to escape and come out.‭”‬ I say wishing I was

‭“‬ Mmm baby....if it feels like that with you.....I am going to be sore for a few days.‭”‬ Kendra says while I chuckle

‭“‬ Probably will be beautiful,‭ ‬but now I need to get some relief.‭”‬ I say hearing an aww

‭“‬ I‭’‬m sorry baby.‭ ‬If I was there you would be getting pleasured right now.‭ ‬Damn I am sloppy wet.‭”‬ She tells me getting a smile

‭“‬ Do you gush or squirt darlin‭?”‬ I ask hearing a giggle

‭“‬ Squirt baby when I am fully aroused and stimulated why do you ask‭?”‬ She answers asking me

‭“‬ Just wondered,‭ ‬ok need to change the subject or I am going to cum in my jeans.‭”‬ I say while we both laugh

‭“‬ Ok baby,‭ ‬so do you want a selfie of me to help you cum later‭?”‬ She asks and I smile

‭“‬ Up to you Kendra because I wouldn‭’‬t mind.‭ ‬You want one of me‭?”‬ I state asking my new love

‭“‬ Yes I do baby and I will send you one in a few.‭ ‬So why don‭’‬t you get some where so you can play with that huge cock.‭”‬ She says being naughty

‭“‬ Ok nice and I will.‭”‬ I say hearing a giggle

‭“‬ Good,‭ ‬well I hate to but I need to change the sheets baby.‭ ‬I think I squirted and peed.‭”‬ She says causing us both to laugh again

‭“‬ Ok beautiful have a good night and sweet dreams.‭ ‬I love you sexy.‭”‬ I say with a smile

‭“‬ You too my love and I will.‭ ‬I love you too handsome good night honey.‭”‬ She says before hanging up

I sit there looking out upon the ocean.‭ ‬I smile knowing that an old friend became a new love in only hours,‭ ‬but was one all this time without me knowing it.‭ ‬I let out a sigh before getting to my feet.‭ ‬Making my way to the house I look at my phone with a smile.‭ ‬I pass the dogs to see Wiggles laying next to Sprinkles while Batman is laying in his doghouse.‭ ‬I chuckle seeing his ears raise.

‭“‬ It‭’‬s ok boy because it's the women who are in the doghouse also.‭”‬ I say making my way to the sliding door

Once in the house I see Jasmine sitting in my chair while the others look sad.‭ ‬The kids look at me with smiles getting one back.‭ ‬I make my way to the stairs and Jasmine speaks up.

‭“‬ What are you doing baby‭?”‬ She asks in a concerned voice

‭“‬ Going to take a shower.‭ ‬I have been driving the past few days without one.‭”‬ I answer seeing her eyes show some sparkle

‭“‬ Want me to come up and wash your back‭?”‬ She asks while‭ ‬the others listen in

‭“‬ No it‭’‬s ok I can do it.‭ ‬We bought that new back washer.‭ ‬I think I need to try it out.‭”‬ I answer seeing hurt in her eyes

‭“‬ Oh ok baby just thought...‭”‬ She says trailing off

‭“‬ Heath why are you hurting us like this.‭ ‬We are sorry for our stupidity.‭ ‬We've missed you so much.‭ ‬Please give us a chance to make it right.‭”‬ Hannah tells me getting me to stop in my tracks

I turn to look at her and the others that look at me with the same concerned eyes.

‭“‬ Kids cover your ears for a moment.‭”‬ I say while the kids cover their ears while my ladies look at me shocked all the sudden before I continue‭ “‬ Stupidity you say.‭ ‬What was April Fools day‭? ‬Was it stupidity or ignorance‭? ‬It seems everytime I turn around someone in this family seems to hurt me in‭ ‬some way.‭ ‬While I was gone I thought of what I needed to do to not get in those hurt felt schemes.‭ ‬So I thought why not just let those that did hurt me deal with it themselves.‭ ‬I am not going to argue or leave.‭ ‬If you all want to love me then you going to‭ ‬either have to show me by stopping your stupid jokes or find another to hurt.‭ ‬So for the night I would use your plastic and rubber dicks because I will be with the kids who need someone clear headed around that won‭’‬t hurt them.‭”

I see their eyes go wide.‭ ‬I‭ ‬see Adam and the other family members smile since I finally told them what I thought.‭ ‬I turned to make my way up the stairs.‭ ‬I start hearing a few sobs and some words of what just happened.‭ ‬I d