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Creating a female sex slave part 3

2022-11-06 14:28:36

I was enjoying owning my slave, and liked the process of breaking her spirit bit by bit. Also the local media in the area she had lived had now reported that she, Diane Lombard a 39 year old Mother of two had gone missing after a walk and a local search was being undertaken and anyone with information to please contact the police. But we were now 70 miles from where she was abducted and in a different County so completely safe.

I had streamed her masturbating and putting the banana into her vagina to the Society via the dark web and also edited a version for later use.

Now though it had been several days and she had not washed, bathed or changed into clean clothing and I was looking forward to rectifying that now.

I entered the dungeon with a box containing the equipment. She looked up, not happy at seeing me, but just craving stimulus for her brain from the silence and monotony she endured.

I shrugged off my bathrobe so I was completely naked as normal whilst around my slave but for the mask I always wore so that when I eventually tire of her and decide to release her, probably when she is pregnant past the stage of termination carrying the bastard child I created in her she will not be able to give a di***********iion of my face to the authorities.

She as normal asked if I would release her, her voice hoarse due to not speaking. I ignored her and pulled the coiled hosepipe from the box that had a shower head attached to one end. I connected the other end to the tap on the dungeon wall and then the shower head onto the top of the cage so it hung through the bars.

“Time you cleaned yourself” I said going back to the box and collecting a flannel and shower gel which I threw through the bars at her feet.

“Strip, pick those up and stand under the shower”. I ordered.

She slowly obeyed removing the clothes that she had since her abduction and once again stood completely naked before her unknown captor. She picked up the flannel and gel and stood beneath the shower. My cock got hard watching her do so and the temptation to just rape her now grew but I knew breaking her emotionally would make the act better so resisted.

I moved to the rear of the cage and winched the chain some to prevent her from not being below the shower spray pattern. Then I entered the cage and picked up her discarded bra leggings and panties and as she watched, naked and vulnerable, I started smelling the gusset of her leggings and then her panties taking in the intimate scent from being worn by her. My hard cock twitched as I did so and I smiled knowing now her scent, and that she knew too. I placed them on my desk and moved to the tap and turned it on.

The water sprayed down from the shower head onto my slave. It was icy cold and she gasped at the shock of it on her. She was almost dancing as the freezing water hit her and her nipples got hard and proud and her body got goose pimples.

“ Clean yourself slave” I shouted above the noise of the water hitting her body and the concrete floor.

Shivering with cold she put a liberal amount of gel on the flannel and started to wash her body.

Her body had a gloss from the water as she rubbed the soapy flannel over herself. Watching this middle aged mother of two with a milf sort of body was erotic to me and I knew the Society would enjoy the footage that I would later stream to them. She was there, her body and her curly pubes soapy with the foam as she tried to wash her turmoil away. I let the water run for several minutes enjoying the scene before turning the tap off and releasing the brake on the winch.

She was there wet, naked and shivering. I took the hair dryer from the box and plugged it into the socket against my desk and returned to the cage door.

“ Stand against the bars and stretch your arms out and legs apart “ I ordered.

She moved to the bars between us and did as I had ordered.

I flicked the switch of the dryer and warm air started to flow from the nozzle. I sprayed the warm air along her body. She reacted minutely to the pleasure of this sensation but tried to hide it. I continued caressing the contours of her body with this warmth. Her hair,face, arms, breasts, stomach and down to her groin. The hot hair drying out her curly pubes and blowing along her slit then down her inner then outer thighs down to her calfs and feet.

I told her to turn round and repeated the drying procedure down her back paying particular attention to her round buttock cheeks and arse crevice.

Once done I returned the hair dryer to the box and took out her new attire. Returning to the cage I threw the clothing through the bars.

“I will return in an hour with your food slave…..and I want when I enter the dungeon for you to be wearing those” I pointed to the articles on the floor.

“And whenever you are dressed from this moment on, you will at all times ensure that you display your camel toe for my pleasure…. understood” And without waiting or expecting a reply I turned put on my robe, picked up the box and exited the dungeon.

I returned over an hour later with the food and water. And as I entered the dungeon my slave was on the bed, blanket round her. I placed the food on the desk and shrugged out of the robe, walked to the bars rising my hands up and out slightly and leaned against them.

“Show me” I said.

She raised herself and took off the blanket and stood pulling up the tiny pale green transparent tanga briefs so that the material stretched over her outer pussy lips and slit.

I smiled approvingly beneath my mask. She was obviously a medium size so I ensured I bought size small bikini and the alter neck strings and bra cups struggled to contain her breasts as they pressed against them outling her dark nipples and aereolas.

“Turn Around”

She turned so her back was towards me and I saw the tanga bottoms had ridden into her arse crack so most of her round buttocks were exposed.

“Good” I said satisfactorily.

“I am pleased, so I will give you the choice to earn your food and water………either drink a glass of my warm urine……….. or masturbate me?”.

She was still facing away from me.

“Well?” I enquired.

She was motionless.

I raised my voice “Which will it be slave or do I decide?”

She slowly turned to me head down.

“Tell me slave …. Do you want to drink my piss or masturbate me…tell me or it will be both”.

Her voice was quite “ masturbate” she almost whispered.

I smiled. “ Louder slave, tell me”.

“I will masturbate you” She said slightly louder.

“No, say I want to masturbate you Master” I ordered.

She was close to breaking down emotionally but said “I want to masturbate you Master”

“Good” I said and opened my robe and moved against the bars.

She came closer and reached her hand out tentatively and gripped my warm already aroused cock.

She slowly started to pump her hand forward and back along my shaft and I grunted in satisfaction and gripped the bars and started to thrust my hips. “Faster” I urged , “.

She started moving her hand faster and I was watching her contained tits bobbing with her efforts and I started thrusting more and gave a deep grunt as I ejaculated spurts of my cum onto the floor.

I took several deep breathes to regain my composure after the pleasure of the orgasm from my slaves compliant masturbation of me. She was learning I mused.

I gave her the food. And while she was eating I brought in a large television and placed it some 6 feet away and facing the cage.

“Something to keep you amused” I said to her. Her eyes lit up slightly as since captivity she just had the view of the dungeon confines and silence when I was not in attendance. I turned the tv on and the slave watched herself, a mother of two and who till days before living a happy normal life standing in the cage naked and demeaningly masturbating herself to my commands, that I had taped and edited earlier.

“Enjoy your viewing” I said adding enticingly “ We did”.

The Slaves expression changed to one of shock and surprise that others besides her captor was viewing her degradations.

I laughed loudly and left the dungeon.

To be continued.