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2022-05-24 00:00:04

The clamps bit painfully into her nipples. She felt the electricity running through her sensitive tits and started screaming and wriggling again. This was much worse than ever before! It felt like her nipples and breasts were red hot and going to explode! After half an hours fun with her tits Rob moved on to the last bastion of her ravished body.

“Well, bitch. It seems there is only one spot left for us to explore. Question is: Should it be your pussy lips or your clitoris next time?”

Sonia felt completely destroyed by the merciless torture but chose lips. What else could she do in her total helplessness?

The pain was overwhelming! She fainted after 30 seconds. Cold water from the hose woke her up again for another round of torture. Her voice had almost disappeared because of the intense screaming and she could only moan, but her body still wriggled and moved like a puppet on strings, following the power surges cutting through her most sensitive parts.

Rob stopped asking and moved one of the clamps from her pussy lips to the clitoris. She had no means left to protest and just fainted when the immense pain ripped her body.

When Sonia woke up again, she could not feel the clamps anywhere on her body and thought the nightmare was over. Oh God this was the worst she had ever experienced, even though she had met very many sadists over the years.



Suddenly her pussy and asshole were in flames! The electricity cut her vagina and anus apart and made them burn! Rob had put the electrodes inside her while she was fainted. A rough laughter emerged from the spectators.

“Oh, so the little bitch thought it was over, did she?”, Mick mocked her.

“Now bitch you have a choice. You see, I am an ass guy. I was the first to fuck your tight little asshole, do you remember?”

She certainly did remember the brutal and painful rape and nodded meakly.

“So this is your choice: We go on with the electrical game or I will fist fuck your tight little ass. What do you prefer?”

She looked at him in despair and confusion and had no reply. Rob zapped her pussy and ass once more so she almost tore her arms off her body in reaction. Then Mick asked once more:

“You want more of this?”

She shook her head violently, moaning and crying behind the ball gag.

“Do you want fist fucking your ass instead?”

Slowly Sonia nodded. Anything else than this excruciating electrical torture.

Before Sonia was released from the four poles on the ground, all six men had to fuck her in the most brutal fashion as she lay there so invitingly and defenceless, sobbing and moaning from the torture. The long torture session of the beautiful slave wife had turned them on so much and they had to be relieved. Her mouth and pussy were pumped full of cock and sperm.

Once more Sonia got tied to the buck where she had been when the dogs fucked her for the first time. Now Mick wanted to fuck her tightest hole in a terrible way. But the pain couldnt possibly be worse that the electro-torture.

Gagged, naked, thoroughly fucked and still completely terror-stricken after the horrifying electric torture, she had just endured, Sonia was now tied to a wooden buck. To get out of the torture, she had been forced to strike a deal with Mike – a terrible ordeal: He was about to fist fuck her tight little asshole with his big hands.

Even though the previous torture had emptied her bowels, the men took great care and pleasure of giving Sonia big and painful enemas, cleaning her innards completely. The nozzle was forced into her little twinkie, filling her bowels with icy water, making her scream and wail in pain and humiliation. The water sprayed out of her battered asshole, making the men bet on how long she could shoot this time.

Mick started by cock fucking her asshole raw. He was kind enough to use lube, but he pondered her so hard, that the buck almost fell over. PAIN, her battered mind registered. MORE PAIN. Each trust of his big cock into her sore cavity felt like a stab from a knife. He finally filled her bowels with his load and withdrew his cock. Then he started working his right hand into her battered hole.

“OOONNNGGG!” Sonia was still gagged. She could feel Mike’s hand working its way into her ass, and it was SO MUCH PAIN! It proved to be difficult. Mike could only get four fingers inside her ass.

“God, this bitch is tight! I am all sweaty! But I won’t give up! Could somebody fuck her mouth please? That might relax her sphincter a bit.”

Seconds after, Jim was face fucking Sonia’s mouth and battering her throat. He had the largest cock of all the men, almost mastiff size. But it did not help much in the other end.

“I have an idea! Why don’t we let the dogs fuck her asshole? That would probably help!”

Shortly after three dogs were fetched, one of them being placed by Sonia’s head.

“SUCK THAT COCK, BITCH, make it big so he can fuck your arse!”

The huge mastiff had a proportionately sized sex organ, and as Sonia obediently wrapped her beautifuil lips around it, she feared what this massive cock would do to her little twinkie. While she sucked the dog, Jim was fucking her ass with his big battering ram, preparing her for an even larger intrusion. Her pussy was covered with duct tape, so the dogs would only have one choice.

The big hound was lead to her rear and sniffed only briefly to Sonia’s crotch before mounting her. Jim had lubed her ass well, and the dog immediately hit bull’s eye and penetrated the tied up rape victim in her little brown hole (although it was not so little any more). The big cock slowly worked its way into her ass, and the dog had to struggle quite a lot to keep moving. IT WAS SO PAINFUL! It felt like a wooden pole was shoved into her cavity.

Meanwhile, the men were fucking her mouth. It seemed that they never grew tired of her body, Sonia thought. Or perhaps they were all on Viagra.
She was wrong. Sonia possessed so much sexuality and attraction that the men got constantly turned on by her body, and the vile acts they forced her into. She was the best lay any of them had ever had, and they could only think of getting more of her.

“I think the dog has gone all the way in!”, Jim shouted. For Sonia it felt exactly like that – very painful. Now the dog started began her for good with powerful, fast strokes that increased in speed. Her agony was overpowered by her lust once more. Sonia started moaning as the big dog fucked her asshole faster and faster.

“Look at that bitch! She is getting horny again! She is really into dogs! We better tell her husband to get some mastiffs for home!”

The powerful dog was now trying to knot her, but it seemed impossible for him to push the knot inside her narrow anus. He gave up and dismounted her. The dog sperm spluttered out of her arse with a noise.

The next dog was already in line and jumped onto the tied up Sonia. His big dick went smoothly inside her ass crack and he fucked his bitch even faster than the previous dog. She could not help it but reached her first climax.


The dog kept on fucking her incredibly fast. Suddenly she felt something VERY BIG entering her anal hole.


But even if they had wanted to – and they didn’t – the men would not have been fast enough. Suddenly, the big knot passed through Sonia’s overstretched sphincter and got securely locked inside her anus. She was screaming.


She felt the dog’s big load of sperm filling her bowels. It felt like a lot of hot water pumping into her stomach. Her anal muscles seemed to relax a bit and allowed her to expand little by little, so the pain created by the knot dwindled. They were locked together for 10 minutes until the dog withdrew his cock and dismounted her. Again, dog sperm flushed out of Sonia’s asshole with a sound.

Mick tested her not-so-tight-anymore hole with his fingers.

“OK she is getting bigger! But I think we need one more dog to help us! Is it ready?”

It was not, so Sonia had to suck the big mastiff, until his cock was fully erect. This canine dick was even bigger than the one that had knotted her. She could only have one third of it in her little mouth before it reached her throat. The knot had to be enormous! Sonia knew the coming ass rape would be the most painful yet. Once the dog was lead to her rear, two men stuck their cocks into her mouth. Watching this beautiful naked and tied up woman sucking a dog had made them extremely excited.

The extra large mastiff licked Sonia’s sore asshole good before mounting and penetrating her. She could feel that the cock was extremely big. The dog was very aggressive and growled while it fucked her, snapping his teeth close to her head and scaring the shit out of her. It produced a lot of precum before the knot tried to enter her twinkie. It felt like twice the size of the previous knot she had had in her ass.


Swop! Suddenly, with a slurping sound, the enormous knot was inside her hole.


The dominant dog seemingly grew tired of her noise, and snarled and growled, so she had to shut up in fear of being bitten. This was really rape. The dog had so many teeth and probably twice the body weight of Sonia’s, so she was an easy rape victim even if she was not tied up as she was right now.
The big knot overstretched her anus in a way she had never experienced before. The dog pumped her full of his sperm, but she could only concentrate on the enormous pain in her extremely overstretched anus. After some minutes it dwindled, though, and was replaced by pleasure. She even started to put pressure on the knot, using her otherwise super-expanded anal muscles and stimulated herself into a roaring orgasm.

Right after her climax the dog jumped off her. Rob led the dog to Sonia’s head and ordered her to clean it up for all her shitty stuff. Obediently she licked her anal fluids of the big dog cock. It was vile but not as bad as she had thought.

Suddenly she could feel something big pushing onto her sphincter. Mike was back trying to fist fuck her ass! He managed to get three fingers, four fingers and then all five fingers inside her. But he still needed space for the knots. He fucked her asshole with brutal force, ramming his way into her bowels and Sonia screamed in agony. IT HURT SO MUCH!!!

Suddenly his hand was inside her no-longer-tight asshole.

“LOOK AT THAT! I finally got into her ass! How do you feel, bitch? You love it, don’t you?” Mike asked viciously. He plunged his arm even deeper into Sonia, almost to his elbow. Her screams of pain filled the air in the entire valley.

Mike started to fuck her slowly. He withdrew his arm until his hand was out in open air and then plunged back into Sonia’s ass in the most painful and brutal way. He took no notice of her pleas and begging but continued to fist fuck her orifice faster and faster.


Jim silenced Sonia’s yelling, forcing his big cock into her mouth.

The pain was unbearable. Sonia fainted while the big man raped her ass with his monstrous fist.

A bucket of cold water splashed over her naked body woke Sonia up. Mike still had his hand inside her anus and Sonia started screaming from pain. IT WAS SO BAD! But it got even worse.

“Well, well. I am sure this bitch have space for TWO HANDS in her little asshole. What do you say, BITCH?”

Devastated Sonia could only cry. “NOOOOOOO! OH NOOO! PLEASE DON’T. OH GOOOOOD”.

“OH YES I WILL! HERE COMES ANOTHER HAND!” Mike withdrew his right arm to the wrist and started shoving his left hand inside Sonia’s ass. She fainted again.

When Sonia woke up again, by the help of another bucket of ice cold water, Mike had both hands inside her anal orifice. THE PAIN WAS TERRIBLE! Even worse than the electric torture! Now Mike started fucking her. He fucked his two muscular arms into her asshole, slowly but extremely painfully, pulling out, pushing in. Ignoring the terrible screaming of his rape victim, Mike buried his muscular arms in Sonia’s ass half way up to his elbows. Her double-fisted ass was forced open for at least 12 inches in a terrible stretching!

Men fucked her mouth, but could not prevent Sonia from screaming her heart out. Mike’s extreme fist ass rape was the worst pain she had ever felt. Finally, Mike pulled his big arms out of her mutilated body. What a relief!

“Now say thank you, bitch! Thank me for expanding your asshole!” He smacked her buttocks hard.

Sobbing and devastated, Sonia whispered: “Th…(SOB)…thank you S...Sir for ex….(SOB)….panding my asshole, S…Sir!”

SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! Mike hit her bare ass with his huge hands.


“THANK YOU SIR FOR FUCKING MY ASS! OOOHHHHH,” Sonia cried. Her terribly raped asshole was still wide open.

The two riders approached the hunting lodge from where the screaming and wailing seemingly came from. They had heard it from miles away and wanted to investigate the phenomenon. Riding from the road up the hill, a strange sight met their eyes: In the middle of a group of men and dogs, a naked woman was tied up onto a wooden structure, on her stomach. A big man was fucking her mouth, and another man had both arms buried inside the woman’s asshole. What a spectacular sight. Her muffled, desperate sounds of pain and suffering was undoubtedly the source they were looking for.

Suddenly, a shadow was cast on Sonia’s beautiful naked and tortured body. The men looked up in the direction of the sun. Two horse riders had turned up. In the backlight, it was impossible to see their features.

“So what the hell are you doing to this young lady?” A male voice asked.

Mr. Smith, who was the owner of the property, recognized the riders as his nearest neighbors.

“Ohh, hi Marge and Sam! Nice to see you! It’s been a while!”

“Hi Paul. Tell me: What the hell is going on here?”

Paul (Mr. Smith) motioned the horse riders to move some distance away from the scenery with Sonia and had a lengthy talk with them. Then, both riders dismounted their horses. All three of them went back to look at Sonia, who was still naked and tied to the wooden buck. A man was fucking her mouth, while a mastiff was trusting into her sore asshole.

Sam kneeled by the moaning woman, who was being fucked by a dog and a man at the same time, watching the event with great interest. His wife Marge also kneeled and grabbed Sonia’s big firm bouncing tits, feeling them and caressing Sonia’s back and butt, while the big hound was pounding her twinkie with amazing speed.

“So this is the bitch you have rented for the weekend, Paul. She looks mighty fine for me. Could we have a go at her once your dogs have finished with her,” Marge asked, while she pinched Sonia’s nipples hard. “You know, for the sake of good neighborhood. I am sure this bitch is a fine pussy licker.” Marge took off her riding boots and trousers and revealed a beautiful ass and a shaven pussy.

While the dog was knotting Sonia, filling her innards with another huge load of hot dog sperm, she was forced to suck, lick and rim Marge’s sweaty asshole, wailing in desperate but vain pleading. Once the mastiff pulled out his knot from Sonia’s sore butt, Sam impaled her pussy on his big cock, ramming directly through her cervix into the womb.

“OH MY GOD! THIS IS THE BEST CUNT I HAVE EVER HAD!”, he moaned loudly and fucked Sonia in a frenzy. Meanwhile, Marge had been placed on a chair in front of their rape victim’s head, pointing her legs up into the air and forcing Sonia’s beautiful face into her wet labia. “SUCK ME, BITCH! AND USE THAT TONGUE!”

Man and husband came simultaneously, slowly releasing their grip on their defenceless rape victim.

“Wauw, this bitch is a good fuck! Would surely like to rent her for ourselves”; Sam stønnede. “Say, Paul, has this bitch ever been fucked by a horse?”
“I don’t know. Why don’t we ask her,” Paul said and picked up the birch branch they had used on Sonia’s body before. He whipped her ass five times and then asked the wailing woman; “Have you ever fucked a horse before, BITCH?”, and hit her hard once more.


!”You have never had a horse cock in your cunt, you WHORE?”

“NOOOOO”, she wailed.

“Never had it in your tight little arse?”


“Have you never SUCKED a horse, bitch?” Once more the branch hit Sonia’s wriggling body.


Paul looked satisfied. “Well, it seems the little bitch has the opportunity to learn something new today.”

Marge fetched one of the horses, a big stallion, and placed the big animal so Sonia, still tied onto the buck, was placed beneath it facing the private parts of the stallion. With seemingly experienced hands, Marge massaged the horse cock, which started to grow fast. Sonia saw the enormous organ with a bulging head come closer and closer towards her face. Marge took a firm grip in Sonia’s hair.


Marge fucked the big horse cock into Sonia’s little mouth, outstretching her full lips in a grotesque manner around the huge organ. The oral rape victim struggled to avoid suffocation, as the head completely filled her mouth. Marge pulled at the cock and the stallion took a step forward, which forced the member deep down into Sonia’s throat. Pulling her hair, Marge made Sonia’s head bob back and forth on the organ. The men watching the great show applauded in appreciation.

After the oral rape, Sam and Marge carefully positioned the horse, so his big fully erect cock was placed between Sonia’s thighs, pointing towards her already heavily tested fuck holes. Once she flet the huge organ touch her labia, Sonia started screaming relentlessly.


Marge split Sonia’s labia with her fingers and directed the massive head into the pussy of the desperately protesting woman. The stallion neighed and began to move, pushing his cock into Sonia.

“AARRRGGHHHH! OUWWWWWW! NOOOOOOOOO!” IT HURT SO MUCH! It was as if a huge log was ripping her body apart. The pain was unbearable. The spectators laughed and applauded, as they watched the huge horse fuck the screaming victim. Sonia gritted her teeth, screaming in desperation and wriggling her tied up body, but nothing could keep the massive from penetrating her battered orifice, again and again.

It seemed like an eternity before Sonia felt the horse flushing her overstretched cunt with precum and then deliver the full load. It was like a very painful enema, so f***eful was the sperm jet that filled her womb completely with horse jizz. Marge made the horse pull out the cock, spraying the remaining sperm onto Sonia’s ass and back, completely drenching her in sticky animal cream.

Then, Marge divided Sonia’s buttocks with one hand and directed the still erect and sprouting horse cock into Sonia’s ass crack.

“AIIIEEEHHHH! NNOOONOOONNOOO! AAAARRRGHHH”, Sonia screamed as the horse began to trust his monster organ into her tightest hole. This was MUCH WORSE than the pussy rape! She fainted once more from the terrible pain and abuse.

A bucket of water woke her up. Most of the two feet horse cock was now inside Sonia’s bowels, stretching her sphincter in the most painful and extreme way and occupying her peristaltic system. I AM GOING TO DIE! She thought. THIS COCK IS KILLING ME! Then the crying, desolated slave wife felt another surge deep inside her body. The neighing stallion was cummin’ once more, filling her intestines and stomach with hot sperm. When the horse finally pulled out, there seemed to be no end to the semen gushing out of Sonia’s destroyed ass hole.

The men cleaned her sperm soaked body with their piss, several of them unloading their bladders directly into Sonia’s grotesquely wide open asshole, where the urine mixed up with the sperm from the dogs and the horse. When she was untied, she fell onto the grass, unable of standing on her feet, while the vile content of her bowels poured out of her devastated asshole.

Rob cleaned her up, inside and out, with the hose. Sonia could hardly manage to whimper, as the icy water filled her intestines once more and removed the cakes of male and animal sperm from her skin. After the terrible ordeal, Sonia was allowed to get a couple of hours sleep in a bed.
Marge and Sam said their goodbyes and took off, after having given their contact data to Paul to pass on to Mr. Obutulezi, so that he might contact them concerning renting out Sonia. They were already planning a weekend with trusted friends, who also enjoyed using and abusing beautiful submissive women.

Sonia was brutally awoken, as the men prepared barbecue and wanted female entertainment. Rob, a medical doctor, inspected her battered holes so humiliatingly in front of the whole assembly, and was once more amazed to discover that her orifices managed to recover so fast from massive rape, abuse and penetration. Sonia was sore, but had regained the tightness in her pussy and twinkie. The men then took turns on her, two or three at a time, fucking her hard and once more fulling her with sperm.

The men had moved the furniture and barbecue to the kennel where the bear dogs were kept. As entertainment while eating, the men forced the naked Sonia inside the fencing and locked the entrance. The aggressive mastiffs immediately attacked her and forced the fearful woman into a corner. After some infighting and growling, the largest dog gained the first right – the right of the strongest - to use the bitch they had all fucked before.

The big dog growled and snapped at Sonia’s tits, making the horrified woman scream and cover her breasts with her arms. The dominating dog then took one of her ankles in his big mouth and dragged her to the ground, making her stumble. Sonia found herself laying on her back with a huge growling mastiff looking down at her face. Looking back at the big teeth, she did not dare to move a finger. The dog began lapping her tits and stomach, moving down to her labia and ass, which he gave a good workout with his big raspy tongue. Pushing her with his big snout, he forced her to turn around on her stomach. The mastiff then put the snout between her thighs, touching her labia and began growling, while he pushed her abdomen upwards. He was preparing to fuck his bitch.

Sonia had no other choice than to follow the directions of the big dominating hound which was about to fuck her. To her surprise, her master dog suddenly walked around her and placed his big erect cock in front of her face, once again growling threateningly. Obediently, Sonia opened her mouth and started sucking on the huge member. The mastiff started fucking her mouth, trusting his huge cock all the way down her throat. The brutal invasion made her gag and finally vomit, but Sonia did not dare to her body move an inch to avoid the onslaught.

The big dog then went back to Sonia’s butt and forced his huge member into her pussy, raping her with incredible speed. She could feel the cock battering her cervix and invading the uterus, moving in and out extremely fast and hard. The knot was growing. The dog suddenly withdrew from her pussy and penetrated her sore ass, smearing her with precum and then painfully forcing the fully grown knot into her tight orifice.

The men had great entertainment, watching the beautiful and terrified Sonia being dominated and raped by the big dogs, one after one. Sometimes they shared her, one knotting her and another fucking her mouth. They seemed obsessed by this fabulous human bitch, which had so many holes to fuck.
The men left Sonia in the kennel for the night. She did not get much sleep.

On Sunday, the last day of the lease of the slave wife, her husband Mr. Obutulezi was supposed to pick his wife up at noon. The men were eager to get as much as possible out of their investment in Sonia, and she had a tough and rough morning, being fucked thoroughly by her “customers”. When they all had used and abused her in all holes, Paul ordered to take a bath and clean up, so her husband would not be disgraced by the sight of a sperm covered bitch. Of course, the sadistic Rob cleaned her pussy and anus for sperm with the hose. He then decided to give Sonia a last electro torture, filling out time before her husband arrived.

When Mr. Obutulezi parked his Land Rover in front of the hunting lodge, he could hear his beautiful wife screaming her heart out. She was laying on the ground, spread eagled between four poles, wriggling her voluptuous naked body in great agony and pain. Wires were connected to his wife’s tits and labia, and a man was turning knobs on a device with a most sadistic grin on his face, making Sonia’s body convulse and modulating her shrieking.
“Well, gentlemen, I hope that you have enjoyed your weekend in the presence of my lovely wife”, Mr. Obutulezi boomed.

Rob looked at his watch. “You are five minutes too early. We still have time left”, he said and gave Sonia a series of violent electro surges, that made her scream madly and empty her bowels and bladder right in front of her husband. Rob then fetched the hose and cleaned Sonia up for the last time. She was released from the ropes, but could not manage to stand up.

“GET OVER HERE, BITCH. ON ALL FOURS”, Mr. Obutulezi ordered. Still shaking and convulsing, the tortured and desolated Sonia crawled towards her husband and stopped in front of him.

“Gentlemen, I am not distrusting you, but for the sake of good order I better check up on the condition of my property”. The big black man then took out his big erect cock, kneeled behind Sonia’s ass and forced his way into her dry vagina, ignoring her whimpering.

“Ahhh, she feels great, but she is not as tight as usual. I assume you gentlemen has given her a good fucking, yes?” The men consented. Obutulezi pulled out of his wife’s cunt and entered her ass, again brutally forcing his way into her tight orifice and not lending an ear to her wailing and screaming.
“DID THEY FUCK YOU GOOD, BITCH?” He asked while he fucked his wailing wife’s butthole.

“YES, SIR!” She screamed in between sobbing.



While ass raping his sobbing wife, Mr. Obutulezi turned his attention to the customers.

“I hope that you are completely satisfied with the services of my wife?”

The men agreed that they had indeed been very satisfied with Sonia’s performance, and that they would be happy to rent her for another weekend soon.
Mr. Obutulezi withdrew from Sonia’s ass, forced her to clean up his cock with her mouth and then exclaimed:

“I am so happy to hear that, gentlemen. On behalf of the company, I would like to offer you one last service from my wife. You can all take her one more time, ass or cunt, while I hold her firm.”