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The White Slave

2022-10-21 00:41:49

The White Slave

Not long ago it was a straight and stuffy white male. it was arrogant and self-satisfied with its white male social and economic leverage and advantages. In the rat-race of white society it suppressed its submissive white side.

But from time to time it would slip into daydreams of having a Black mistress and becoming a white slave for the Black Race.

it had been briefly married to a white trophy wife, but the demands of the rat-race of white society had brought that to an end. Like most white males it was a guilt-ridden closet white racist and it believed in white superiority.

But in its more secret fantasies it grew more and more into supporting white submission to Blacks.

it did not admit these fantasies to anyone in the white community, and it did not fully admit these fantasies to itself. it only cautiously allowed in secret desires of being a slave of Blacks and being kept naked by Blacks like an animal so as to be available for Black sexual gratifications, sexual perversions, sexual sport, and sexual amusement.

From watching interracial porn and from dealing with Blacks in real life it began to realize the reality of Black Superiority. And its guilt-ridden white mind slowly began to submit to Black Power, Black Supremacy, Black Superiority, Black Ownership of whites,

and the coming New World Order of Black Rule.

At that point it cautiously concluded that like other whites that it knew of, it might be destined to become a Black Owned white whore.

As time went on it figuratively relinquished its natural born right to control its own body and mind and psychologically granted that right to Superior Blacks.

As a future Black Owned white slave it wanted to have nothing that could prevent Superior Blacks from doing whatever they might do with its white flesh and anatomy.

In the back of its mind it acquiesced to be completely conquered and controlled by Superior Blacks and forced to submit to out-and-out domination and humiliation by any and all Black Persons.

it daydreamed of having no rights and no options of its own and totally obeying all Superior Black People.

white Destiny

it now knew deep down that like many whites that it knew of,

it had an inferior white destiny to be an owned property of a Superior Black or of Superior Blacks in general.

But it had been brainwashed about white superiority by white society and was too arrogant and too tightly manipulated by white social pressures to make that destiny happen.

But when it became horny from watching Black-dominating-white interracial porn, it wanted to hurry its white destiny to become a Black Owned white animal property and a naked white piece-of ass to serve and sexually service Superior Blacks.

Under those influences it joined three dozen Yahoo and FetLife groups that flagrantly promoted Black Owned white slavery and created its own Tumblr blog advocating the same. it uploaded its desires and fantasies to serve and sexually service Superior Blacks to those and other Internet sites and groups.

Driven by male hormones from interracial porn, it felt excited to raise the stakes and write stories with autobiographical information about its identity.

it fantasized that a Superior Black would manage to find it and email it that it was now ready to submit to Black Rule, Black Power, Black Superiority, Black Supremacy, and the natural evolutionary rights of Superior Blacks to own inferior whites as animal properties.

But when it was approached by several Blacks asking it whether it wanted to be their Black Owned white slave and whore and how to contact them, it suddenly got cold feet and became honest and realistic. it did not feel like suffering and submitting as a Black Owned white slave.

it broke off offering its white flesh and anatomy, contributing autobiographical Black Supremacy stories, letting out information about itself, and messaging and responding to messages from sites advocating Superior Black Ownership of inferior whites.

Moreover, it tried to delete computer entries and vanish from that online scene until it felt like tempting its white destiny again.

But its white slave mentality was aware that it was letting itself drift closer and closer to Black Ownership of its mindless white whore flesh and anatomy.

it knew that a Superior Black could easily grasp its deep inferior white desires to submit to the Superior Black Race and could quickly acquire it as a permanent white animal property and whore. it was a dilemma, a mixture of desire and agony.

On one hand it knew that it would feel so screwed as a Black Owned mindless white piece-of-ass.

On the other it felt its deep down white destiny calling it to be a permanent Black Owned white bitch and whore.

The Superior Black person who owned it would have the power to ruin its privileged and entitled white life.

The inferior white knew that it would have no choice but to do as it was told by a Superior Black Owner and by other Superior Blacks in general.

The mix of cravings of its true natural evolutionary white destiny and its apprehension about becoming a mindless naked Black Owned white animal and obedient white whore for Superior Blacks drove it into an addled loss of a grip on its prospects.

it thought about ways out and other ways to buy itself some time before the inevitable stupefied it and took away its ability to think and its capacity to choose for itself. But it was driven by its inner drives and natural cravings and was excited by the bizarreness of a Black Owned white slave life.

it made items concerned with Black Ownership of whites and online conversations about this subject more difficult to conceal. Some things it did online and other things it forgot to do brought it to the edge of panic that Blacks, whites, and everybody else might find out who it was.

But it continued to get away with no one online knowing who it was, even though it was not able to delete and cover up everything.

But its deep down inferior white destiny kept surfacing.

On one hand it hoped to get away with tempting its destiny and make a comfortable future for itself in white society.

But on the other hand it knew what its natural white destiny was and feared that soon there would come a message sealing its white fate to Black Ownership.

it imagined horrible things being done to it such as being bull-whipped by Superior Blacks and being trained to strip naked and bow down on its arms and knees to submit to its victorious Black Owners, and being constantly humiliated and defiled by its Superior Black Owner.

Deep down in its mind it craved to be discovered.

it wanted its fantasies to be downloaded by Superior Blacks.

it wanted a Superior Black to discover its identity and use that knowledge to acquire it as a white slave and whore.

it wanted other Blacks to get hold of its stories and posts showing what kind of a ninny white piece-of-ass for Superior Blacks it was and for Superior Blacks to exercise their natural evolutionary prerogatives and control it as a Black Owned white whore.

it wanted to be used by Superior Blacks.

Sometimes when a Black Person got through to it onscreen about Black Ownership of its mindless white flesh and anatomy, it either did not reply, or it convinced the Black Person to let it go.

it told the Black Person that it thought that all of these Yahoo, FetLife, and Tumblr things were only about fantasies.

When given a chance to fulfill its white destiny and become a permanent Black Owned white animal and piece-of-ass, the white backed out and effectively cheated the Blacks. And that was how it bought itself time and got away from Black Ownership.

But at the same time it knew that such behavior was unacceptable by Superior Blacks and by itself. But it breathed a sigh of relief that it was able to fool those Black People and buy time.

But even while tempting fate and then escaping from the consequences, the arrogant privileged white secretly hoped that its behavior would be deemed unacceptable by Superior Blacks and that such white deception and cheating would entail severe bull-whippings and other severe punishments when Blacks caught whites doing it.

The longer these deceptions and backing out were successful, the safer it felt. it was quite active in Yahoo groups, in online BDSM communities, and even as an author in various sites featuring Black Owned white slavery stories, such as Black Supremacy Stories on FetLife.

But the slave slipped up once and entered its real name and details in the database of a Yahoo group.

it knew that destiny was driving it forward.

Oozing with self-righteousness it outlined how Superior Blacks should deal with it.

In another Yahoo group it commented that it wanted to be forced to become a Black Owned white whore and wanted to be trained to lick Black assholes clean to keep it in its proper white place.

Driven by pre***********ion drugs the slave accidentally disclosed its real name and even its home address. Another group member replied to it. Similarly, the white uploaded not only compromising face pictures, but also its secret fantasies.

When it discovered its error, it worried more about what its friends, relatives, and others in the white community would gossip about it than what Blacks might do to acquire and use it as a Black Owned white whore.

The slave started to check what kind of information was available about it on the net. it was shocked when it Googled its name.

With trembling fingers the slave then Googled for pictures under its username; already the very first image showing up there was a picture displaying it.

it gulped.

What if one day it would not get away with dodging rightful and justifiable Black Ownership of its white whore flesh and anatomy?

What if a Superior Black Person persisted,

became its Black Owner,

and ruthlessly took over control of every aspect

of its white existence?

In view of all the offers, claims, and proposals it had made, along with the fact that the inferior white slave had invited its Black Superiors to contact and enslave it, this would seal its fate and there would be nothing it could do.

The Black Owned white slave would be forbidden any other communication than just direct replies to questions and instructions, thus stopping it from arguing and any attempt to back out. it already knew of Black Owned white slaves that had been absolutely prohibited speaking to its Black Superiors without being asked to.

From the moment of becoming Black Owned onward, it would be nothing more than a piece of naked white whore meat to sexually gratify and amuse Superior Blacks.

The white slave would have to experience that.

No matter how it felt about its white destiny, its Black Owned fantasies would be fulfilled.

its Black Superiors

Unlike a white sub, a Black Owned white slave is an animal and a mindless piece-of-ass without any rights. its very existence is at the whim and desire of its Superior Black Owner and the Superior Black Race in general.

And this was not for a limited period of time, but forever and it would have no control as to what happened to it.

The white slave preferred to become Black Owned and dominated by a Black of the opposite gender.

But it is never up to a white slave to decide who will become its Superior Black sexual users and abusers.

A Black Owned white piece-of-ass has no say at all.

it has no right to choose and must submit to any Black Person and of course also to several Black Persons at the same time and any Black, Hispanic, Asian, or white that a Superior Black Owner,

or Black friend or relative of a Black Owner,

chooses for it to be sexually used by.

The Black Owned white slave knows that its Black Superiors using it can be taunting, insulting, humiliating, mean, and relentless.

Those Black Superiors who own or are in charge of white slaves may be natural sadists and enjoy nothing more than making a naked white slave endure humiliations, embarrassments, and pain for their entertainment, sport and sexual pleasure.

Black Owners may have very special desires and develop plans for white animal properties that they may not like. There would be neither justice nor fairness for a naked disgraced Black Owned white slave.

its Black Superiors should have the freedom to enjoy treating it in disrespectful, mocking, and insulting ways.

In its fantasies it had hoped that its Black Superiors would make it very clear to it that they will not keep its perverted sexual fantasies just between it and them, but share them with their Black friends and anybody else.

This included repeatedly taking porn photographs and making porn videos showing it naked and acting out its perverted and disgusting sexual fantasies for all on the Internet to ogle.

The slave wanted to fear that at every moment it might get orders not only from its Black Superiors, but also from other Blacks who it did not know.

A slave, of course, has no other choice but to obey.

Subject to ridicule and mockery both indoors and also outdoors and in public, it wanted to get humiliated not only by one person, but exposed naked in front of a group or even a crowd of people.

It wanted to be degraded naked in on-camera porn shown widely across the Internet.

it craved to be naked and lick Superior Black assholes clean to show it knew its proper inferior white place with Superior Blacks and then continue to lick and erotically stimulate their shitholes until they erupted and moaned in satisfying sexual climaxes while thousands of people watched online.

Real humiliation, after all, must be witnessed by many people and must get well documented in video clips and photographs,

thus destroying the white slave’s masculinity and macho white image in the minds of woman and men.


From the moment its Black Owner and other Black Superiors take over absolute control of a Black Owned white animal, existence will become stupefying and trivial for it. Before actual enslavement it may have wanted its Black Superiors to torment it not only during actual sessions, but also by publicly showing embarrassingly dirty degrading porn of it online.

On display in front of a reputation-destroying camera, it craved having to fear that its Superiors would invite interested observers from the Black community and other communities to join on-camera porn and slave training sessions.

Guests would watch how its mindless naked white flesh and anatomy got humiliated, shamed, and bull-whipped without it being allowed to reject anybody watching its dirty disgusting asshole-licking public disgrace, its bull-whipping, or guests and others sexually using and abusing its naked white flesh and anatomy themselves.

A white slave’s Black Superiors should set tasks to be publicly performed in front of others and on camera, with photos and videos immediately posted online for public viewing.

Once “Blacked” by being naked and sexually used and abused on-camera and online, an inferior white becomes beholden to the Black community for social context.

it thus supports Black causes of Black Rule, Black Superiority, Black Supremacy, Black Ownership of whites, and Black Power.

Once Blacked on-camera it can’t go back to white.

But back previous to actually becoming a slave,

the white was aware that some personal sessions with the Superiors might prove unfeasible.

it hoped even then that it would not escape its white destiny and its Black Superiors would force it to submit physically and sexually to other Superior Black People of the Black Owner’s choice.

it knew that as a Black Owned white whore, Black Superiors have ownership rights to send it naked to local Dommes and to SM clubs, either for its further piece-of-ass training or for additional humiliation tasks and bull-whipping punishment.

During such meetings it should never get any kind of personal satisfaction. As a Black Owned white whore it should have every reason to fear having to report to such a place, since the only thing he could expect there would be severe whippings, cruel predicament bondage, and other wicked torture.

The slave must perceive the tremendous distinction between a sub who ***********s a Domme of his or her choice instructing her about the role play that he or she likes,

and a Black Owned white piece-of-ass like it that has neither any say in what is going to happen to its white flesh and anatomy, nor can it expect anything nice.

There are Black Dommes who love reducing white males to quivering sluts and simpering sissies, whether they are willing or unwilling. What if its Black Owner favored ***********ing one of those?

For sure, a local Black Domme would be more than pleased to have a naked white male or female piece-of-ass at her mercy.

The Black Owned white slave would even not know whom it would be going to meet and what would happen.

it must always fear that instead of a Black Domme, one or several Gay Black Masters might be waiting for it.

Although it claimed that it would be straight and so far never had any relation with gays, it wanted to fear that reporting to

Gay Masters would happen sooner or later.

Moreover there is only one kind of Black Owned

white piece-of-ass that is derived for Superior Blacks from natural born white female fuck meat or hormone and training sissified white shemale fuck meat. Both are mindless white fuck meat for the sexual gratification or amusement of Superior Blacks.

it dreamt that its Black Owner would force it into becoming a hormone and training sissified naked white shemale piece-of-ass for Black gays, having to expose himself with no other option but to submit and obey dominant Black Shemales and Gay Black Masters.

There it should have to suffer a hardcore gay slave training as an ass licking and cock-sucking white slave who must give head and offer it ass to everybody these Gay Black Masters like.

Or its Superiors might send it in a humiliating sissy outfit to a Straight of Gay Club for strict training with severe punishment during long time sessions. Club Black Staff and Black Masters might get inspired how to break the slave at BDSM Internet sites.

They could keep it in a cage permanently nude in chains,

only interrupted by torture, sissy training, and education as a cock sucking and asshole-licking neutered and feminized white sissy whore for Black club visitors and Black staff.

For sure, the slave will not like that, but nobody will care.

Club visitors should be encouraged to take pictures and video clips of the slave. it only can hope that nobody there will recognize it. But the white slave is a slave and will have no control, neither over who takes photographs and videos, nor what is going to happen with those photographs and videos.

Likewise, it fantasized that it could be neither a sissy nor a cross dresser, a claim that was not actually true. it wanted to experience how it feels to be forced to expose itself as a tart in most humiliating sissy shemale outfits in front of others and in public.

Under the threat of most severe punishment he wanted having to complete mean sissy assignments, thus experience the thrill of utmost humiliation and public disgrace.

Moreover, its Superior Black Owner could regularly surrender any female or sissified shemale white slave to dominant shemales in the area, with the target to enforce its feminization far beyond cross dressing.

These Black shemales might not only expose it everywhere as a sissy in a deliberately ridiculing manner, but also train it as a mindless naked white piece-of-ass who willingly or not gets down on its knees and licks one Black asshole after another.

It goes without saying that it must serve these Black shemales, too, in public where everyone can watch.

This way everyone will know that it is only a cock-sucking,

ass-fucked, and asshole-licking sissy,

a Black Owned white piece-of-ass.

There are some professional shemale dommes in its area, and the Black Owned sissified white slave really should have to fear that its Superiors put it at the mercy of such a Lady with big boobs and an imposing cock between her legs.

These Black Shemale dommes obviously like to have sissified white shemale slaves completely at their mercy and even more so slaves without a safe word.

Black Mistresses and Masters

Something deep inside in the Black Owned white slave was obsessed with the idea that its Superiors would be Black Mistresses or Masters. It must be a nightmare to be kept naked in chains and insulted, taunted, and humiliated by Superior Blacks, having to always present itself on its knees in front of them completely naked or with nothing on but a sluttish sissy outfit, and getting forced to obey and serve them for their satisfaction and pleasure.

What if Blacks forced it stick its white face between Black buttocks and to lick out their washed or unwashed shitholes in public and on-camera?

Or even worse, what if they forced it to suck Black cock?

What if Blacks pissed into its mouth and over its body?

What if a gang of Blacks used it outdoors as their urinal.

What if Blacks whipped its bare white ass until it begged to be allowed to lick their assholes clean?

What if Blacks made it crawl nude

in public at a leash on all fours?

What if Blacks forced it to lick them clean

after they had sex with their lovers?

What if a gang of Blacks whipped it and tortured it until it is prepared to do anything they want?

What if its Black Owners spread its secret fantasies around the Black community and especially shared them with Black people living in its area?

What if they placed all kind of ads offering the naked Black Owned white slave for public domination and humiliation by Blacks in the state or province?

What if they made its name, naked body, and face well known in the whole Black and Black BDSM community as a worthless, piss-drinking asshole-licking female or sissy whore and slave bitch! What if its Black Owner invited Black people from its area to join bull-whipping and training sessions with the white slave?

If that happened, it would get contacted by more and more Blacks who taunt it and would let it know that it is given “opportunities” to prevent its white relatives, its white friends, and its white neighbors getting to see its naked white flesh and anatomy and getting to know its fantasies and activities.

It is one thing to have a secret fetish.

It is completely another thing to have it made public.

Sooner or later the Black Owned white slave might have to serve not only Blacks in private, but get dominated and humiliated in front of a Black or mixed crowd watching. They could bring the white slave to tears and enjoy punishing it for no apparent reason. They could enjoy using riding crops, whips, and canes

on its bare ass and enjoy watching it squirm

as its ass becomes red with welts.

Yet to be quite frank, deep in its mind, the Black Owned white slave wished that precisely that should happen.

its natural evolution made it want to become a slave to Superior Blacks and a rimming slut for Big Black asses and being completely controlled by them.

it dreamt having to obey Black Mistresses and Masters no matter how humiliating or degrading. it craved to be completely at the mercy of humiliating and insulting Black Mistresses or Masters, and anticipated to be put at the disposal of Black Shemales and Black Gangs as a worthless, piss-drinking and asshole-licking white female or sissy whore and slave bitch.

Again and again, it uploaded its fantasies and stories to Yahoo Groups, FetLife, and Tumblr, or to sites featuring Superior Black dominants and inferior white submissives. The white slave hoped that a Black Mistress or Master would see one of them and let it know about it by mail that it would like a new white slave. It had thought about being locked in a pillory at the mercy of one or more Superior Blacks.

Thus one day, when it was horny again, the slave uploaded a video clip to FetLife, a Yahoo Group, and its Tumblr blog. In the clip the white slave declared that it would be a piece-of-ass, a cunt-eater, an asshole-licker, and a white slave that craves to get pissed on, fucked, and humiliated by Superior Black Males and Superior Black Females.

Breaking the white slave during real life sessions

If its Black Owner lives nearby or on public transportation lines, he or she should force the white slave to serve him or her in person. The Black Owner could really enjoy making the Black Owned and conspicuously slave-collared white slave widely known as an asshole-licking filthy white piece-of-ass and to abuse it in any way he or she likes.

The Black Owner should invent continuously

new torments and humiliations.

There could be breaking sessions during which the naked and collared white meat learns to obey at all times as well as becomes acquainted with the consequences of not doing so. And it should have to learn that it must do its very best at all times to gratify and satisfy Superior Blacks.

Training should be harsh, and by no means be fair. The Black Owned white slave is well aware that most things it describes in its stories and fantasies tend to be things it would not do voluntarily. But it craves getting forced to do them, and its Black Owner should force it to do all of them without mercy under the permanent threat of the whip.

The Black Owned white slave should have to expect that its Black Owner and other Superior Blacks approved by its Black Owner will contact it whenever they like, calling it for sexual gratification, sexual service, sexual ministrations and amusements and giving it orders.

its Superior Black Owner could let the Black Owned naked white animal permanently feel that he or she totally owns its white flesh and anatomy. The thought of being completely restrained and at the mercy of its Black Owner and other Superior Blacks approved by its Black Owner, unable to prevent them from doing whatever they want with its white body and anatomy,

is what makes a white slave a white slave.

To be dominated and be a slave on its white fantasy terms is not slavery; that is just it playing out its white sexual fetishes.

But it knew deep down that its Black Superiors would play with it on their terms, whether the Black Owned white slave liked it or not.

Actually the Black Owner and his or her Black associates would make sure that it would not always like what they might do.

The Black Owner and other Superior Blacks should enjoy punishing the white whore for no apparent reason. The Black Owner and other Superior Blacks should enjoy using riding crops, whips, and canes on the slave’s bare white ass, and enjoy watching it squirm as its white ass becomes red.

its Superior Black Owner should love being in control of everything and he or she should let the slave feel that he or she likes to have complete power over it. The fear of what will happen must keep the slave on edge. The Superior Black Owner must keep it aware that it is only a Black Owned mindless animal and piece-of-ass.

its own white slave will and desires

should be made absolutely meaningless.

No white slaves are male.

A Black Owned white piece-of-ass

is either female or sissified shemale.

it is always available fuck meat for Superior Black pleasures, gratifications, sexual perversions, and amusements.

Whenever the white slave has to report at any place or person, wearing any male clothing on the way there or having male clothing with it is strictly prohibited.

All Black Owned white male slaves are feminized, emasculated, chastity-caged, desexualized, and hormone neutered sissy shemales for sexual use

as girl sexual meat by Superior Black Men and

as cunt-eating and rimming lesbian meat

by Superior Black women.

The white bois are no longer males.

This renders white bois zero competition with real men, that is to say, Superior Black Men to fuck Black Owned white female whores. Formerly male and now emasculated and feminized Black Owned white boi slaves wear conspicuous whore attire identical to Black Owned female attire.

That allows Superior Blacks free and easy access to their feminized bare white asses when they assume the position or when they are just standing around.

Immediately upon arrival the Black Owned naked or whore-dressed white slave must fall on its knees and kiss the shoes or feet of the Black Person who answers the door. It does not matter whether other people watch this. More the opposite – the Black Owner should take care that again and again other people observe this token of the Black Owned white whore’s bowing down to the Superior Black Race.

Whether naked or in sissy attire, while bowing down and kissing feet or boots the slave’s bare white buttocks and asshole must be visible to advertise free Black access to its white whore ass.

If possible without causing police-problems Superior Black Owners should ensure that such reception ceremony happens outdoors, so that at any moment somebody may come by and watch a bare-assed white slave respecting a Superior Black.

From the very beginning, under threat of most severe punishment, it must be strictly prohibited for the Black Owned white slave to speak without being requested to do so.

The white animal must be eased into feeling like mindless meat for Superior Black sexual use and amusement and always looking stupefied and inferior. If it dares say a single word without permission it must get punished immediately. Thus the white slave has no opportunity to argue against any order, whim, exposure, or unfair treatment.

At all times it should be naked white flesh and anatomy and locked in chains and a locked steel collar. Apart from very rare exceptions its wrists always should be cuffed behind its back during the whole session when it is being used for sexual gratification, sexual amusement and taunting, or punishment.

The chains should be heavy enough so that wearing them is uncomfortable to moderately painful. The rattle of chains and the unending ache of the heavy collar must become part of its white slave life. Whenever its Superior Black Owner or other Blacks approved by its Black Owner so desire, they may force the slave to wear a heavy iron punishment collar weighing several pounds.

After the session, as a standing order the white slave must thank the Superior Black Person concerned in person or by email for the fantastic session and the kind treatment. In any case it must point out that everything that happened to it was much more pleasant than such a worthless Black Owned white whore and piece-of-ass like it deserves.

Moreover, it must express the hope that very soon there will be another encounter, anticipating that its treatment next time will not be that gentle again, but definitely more painful and ruled by the bullwhip. A copy of the email must be sent to all Black Superiors that have used it, are using it, or intend to use it for fun, sex, degradation, or pain.

Sissy outfit

As a basic rule, the Black Owned white slave must always wear what its Black Owner determines to be the appropriate attire for a given situation, including wearing nothing as in stark nudity.

It is of course up to the Superior Black Owner to decide whether, when, and where the slave has to be naked, or whether it is allowed to wear a most humiliating slutty sissy outfit. If naked, some red whip marks on its white skin sometimes mark the slave, and it may be naked if its owner can get away with it regardless of public surroundings.

Whenever a feminized white boi slave is in sexual service it must neither have the opportunity to touch its cock nor be allowed to cum. Therefore, its useless hormone-shrunk tiny white penis shall be locked into a chastity cage.

it also shall be kept locked into a conspicuous stainless steel slave collar around its neck with a clear label that says

“Black Owned.”

If its Superior Black Owner so likes, the collar could be a posture collar, i.e. a rigid collar that holds its head proudly up and stops the Black Owned white slave from turning its head.

As with all animals, nakedness for a white slave is the norm.

So even embarrassing and degrading clothing for a white slave is a privilege. Both female and sissified shemale slaves must wear identical flesh and anatomy revealing attire.

Even in public the Black Owned white whore’s slave steel collar must remain clearly visible.

Trousers under no circumstances qualify as female clothes and are strictly prohibited.

But it is the decision of its Black Owner what the emasculated and feminized white boi slave may be allowed to put on if it goes outside. it must never be allowed to add even a bandage-sized piece of cloth.

Since there always must be free sexual and fondling access for Superior Black men and women to a female or sissified white boi bitch’s bare white ass, no panties can be worn under the ultra-short and semi-transparent miniskirt.

Female and feminized white boi pieces-of-ass will wear black net stockings with garters, cheap transparent plastic spike-heel shoes, a black bra, a see-through white silk camisole that allows the black bra to be seen, a short red corset with garter snaps, a female wig. it will put on heavy mascara, blue eye-shadow, red lipstick, red nail polish, and cheap plastic bracelets and large feminine earrings.


There must be unwritten rules and regulations that make existence for the Black Owned white slave uncomfortable and life for its Superior Black Owners comfortable. It is completely up to its Superior Black Owner to decide what these rules are like, but they could instruct the slave.

In addition to that, there are so many things that a Superior Black Owner can do to a naked pissed-off white piece-of-ass like his or her slave. And the Black Owned white slave cannot refuse any order or assignment.

Nor can a white slave refuse any task given to it.

its Superior Black Owner could for instance instruct the slave to furnish him or her with a comprehensive list of suggestions for its own cruel domination, be it about unpleasant or disgusting acts to be performed during its own sexual use and punishment sessions or between them, be it for its utmost humiliation and defilement in public and private situations, or be it about making it suffer more during predicament bondage or bull-whippings.

its Superior Black Owner must never accept any opposition from his or her Black Owned brainless white piece-of-ass. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the Black Owned white slave willfully may refuse to obey any order form a Superior Black without risking most severe punishment. Even the slightest hesitation, the slightest misbehavior, the slightest violation must be subject to punishment.

It is up to the sole discretion of its Superior Black Owner to decide whether there is a case of no immediate compliance,

lack of performance, or whether it did not do its best,

even if not true at all!

The Black Owned white slave must also expect severe punishment for nothing but alleged sluggishness.

Whenever its Superior Black Owner decides to bullwhip the white slave, whether it be on a whim or for a reason, he or she should tightly fix the slave nude in chains in such a way that he is vulnerably exposed to the bullwhip.

Nevertheless, the white slave must offer its bare white ass as available as possible for each sting of the whip.

its Superior Black Owner and any other Black Superiors present should really love making the Black Owned white slave scream in pain. They should bullwhip it until it is crying uncontrollably. Continuous fear must be the motivation for the white whore to do its best. its body and ass must hint at whippings, bruises, and welts. This way it will learn never to break any rules set by its Superior Black Owner.

The Black Owned white slave shall never have the option to circumvent execution of an order by accepting punishment. It must be clear to the white slave that disobeying or refusing just one demand by its Superior Black Owner or any of its Superior Black Owner’s Black friends, relatives, or acquaintances will result in ever increasing torture and whipping without compassion.

The white slave must know that without exception it will have to re-execute the order to complete satisfaction of its Superior Black Owner under even more aggravating and humiliating circumstances.

The Superior Black Owner is always free to punish and torture the white slave in front of other people, or to ask other Superior Black People and their Black friends, relatives, adult children, and acquaintances to execute the punishment imposed on the naked white slave.

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