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Eva rekindles her dislike of clothes Part 01

2023-01-21 01:34:02

Eva rekindles her dislike of clothes.

by Vanessa Evans

Part 01

Eva is a 20 year old girl, slim, small ‘A’ cup breasts and dirty blonde hair. When she was a little girl her parents had trouble getting her to wear clothes. Most of the time she’d struggle as they were forced on her then she’d tear them off as soon as she could.

Eva finally got the message and she was quite ‘normal’ right up until she reached puberty. It was then that her desire to wear very little or even nothing resurfaced and she hung on to her old clothes for as long as she could, knowing that they were worn thin and her skirts were getting shorter and shorter as she grew taller and taller. Not that she is very tall at 20 years old, she is only 151 cm tall.

Being late to develop breasts and them never growing big, Eva resisted wearing a bra until her mother finally told her that she couldn’t put it off any longer because her nipples were poking at the thin material of her worn school blouses.

Eva also didn’t like wearing knickers and just about every day she would go without. Her mother and father discovered her without knickers a few times and Eva always managed to get away with saying that she didn’t have any clean ones.

Fortunately, her mother had got Eva to do her own laundry as soon as she thought that she was capable but whenever she got caught with no knickers on her mother would scold her for not keeping on top of her laundry.

Fortunately, Eva’s parents trusted her (usually) and allowed her to buy her own clothes. Eva worked on the principle that if she had to wear clothes they would be revealing clothes, and that’s what she always bought. He mother often scolded her for her choice but never forbade her from wearing any of them and never told her do go and change. The only thing that her father said was,

“You look nice today Eva.” Which pleased her as she liked her father.

Eva hated trousers and shorts and never bought any. She also only ever bought any tights when the weather was really cold.

The bras that Eva bought were soft, see-through bralettes or the ones that she really preferred if she had wear a bra, ‘strings only’ bras. As for knickers, it was always see-through G strings or ‘strings only’ G strings.

When it came to dresses and skirts and tops, she always bought ones made of thin material and they were always just slightly see-through when there was a light behind her.

Eva also had a few dresses, skirts and tops that she hid away from her mother and only got them out and wore them when she was going to a party or some other event that parents weren’t at. These skirts were so short that Eva could only stand up in them if she wanted to wanted to keep her butt or slit covered, and Eva rarely stood at parties.

Her hidden tops were mostly see-through and she always got lots of comments about her small breasts, small, dark areolas and large nipples. Comments that she just shrugged off, not really being interested in the what she was showing.

Being a schoolgirl, Eva had to do PE lessons and the girls had the option of PE skirts or shorts. Eva’s PE skirt lasted her for the last 5 years of her school life and was very short by the time that she left. The most she ever wore under her PE skirt was a see-through or occasionally a ‘strings only’ G string, much to the delight of the boys who played football or hockey in the mixed sports.

Eva was never deliberately trying to show-off, it was just that accidents would happen and Eva just shrugged them off if anyone told her that she had just flashed someone.

Periods - When Eva had her first period she was in great pain and her mother took her to the doctors. After examining her the doctor suggested that she start taking the birth control pill. He mother was horrified as it went against her catholic upbringing but the doctor explained that it was purely to control the periods and make them less painful. He mother accepted that when the doctor told her that Eva could stop taking them at any time. Eva has never stopped taking them.

Boys - Eva’s lack of modesty attracted the boys although some of them were put off by her small breasts. All of them tried to grope her, always with limited success and Eva’s lack of putting-out always ended any budding relationships.

Back at home, Eva was an only child and whenever her parents left her at home on her own she would strip naked and wander around and do whatever was needed totally naked. It wasn’t really a sexual thing, she just liked being naked. She never even thought about people looking in through the windows or down from upstairs windows when she went out into the back garden to hang up her washing or sunbathe totally naked.


Finally, Eva turned 18, left school and went to university. For her first year she chose to do what 90 percent of students do and live in a hall of residence. The building she chose was split into flats of 6 or 8 students, all mixed, boys and girls, and Eva chose a flat for 6 and ended up with 4 boys and another girl.

That didn’t bother Eva as she was determined to be free of the restrictions of living with her parents and she only packed her favourite clothes. She thought nothing of wearing just a short dress or short skirt and semi, or fully see-through top in the flat from as soon as she arrived and she met her flatmates wearing just those clothes.

Naturally, the boy flatmates appreciated the sight and were very friendly towards her. The other girl was also friendly, but not for the same reason.

Unsurprisingly, there were ‘welcome’ parties all over the university and also in the clubs around town. The flat welcoming party was first and the alcohol was flowing. It didn’t take long for the boys to start hitting on both girls, Eva in particular because her little tits were visible through her top and her bald pussy was visible every time she sat down or bent over.

One boy, Tom, in particular was cute and because of the circumstances, and the alcohol, Eva ended up sleeping in his room that night.

The still a virgin Eva finally discovered the pleasures of sex and couldn’t get enough of it, the poor boy hardly got any sleep.


The next morning Tom dared Eva to go to the shared kitchen to make a couple of cups of coffee without bothering to put any clothes on and she was so happy with her discovery of sex that she did just that. She made the coffee and had one hot mug in each hand when she turned and saw 2 of her male flatmates. Eva immediately went bright red and her face felt as hot as the mugs of coffee as she just froze for a few seconds before greeting them then walking passed them to go back to the room of the boy who had taken her virginity.

“That was so embarrassing,” Eva told the boy who had taken her virginity, “Mike and Lewis came into the kitchen and saw me.”

“I don’t suppose they saw any more of you than we all saw last night.”

“What do you mean Tom?”

“Well your top was see-through and you weren’t wearing a bra, and with your skirt being so short and you not wearing any knickers everyone could see that cute little pussy of yours and that big clit of yours sticking out, every time that you moved.”

“Really, I never thought about it, and is my clit really that big, I just dressed comfortably.”

“Eva, your clit is the biggest that I’ve ever seen and are you trying to tell me that you weren’t deliberately flashing your goodies to us all?”

“No, not really, I didn’t really think about it, but now that you’ve taken my virginity and I think about it, I guess that I did enjoy Mike and Lewis seeing me totally naked, it was totally embarrassing, can you give me some more dares like that.”

For a few seconds they both just lay there, Tom under the covers and Eva on top of them. Tom was thinking about how lucky he was to score so soon after getting to uni, and Eva was thinking about the embarrassment and excitement about being seen naked by Mike and Lewis, and what Tom had said about how she had dressed the night before.

“Are you some sort of exhibitionist Eva? Tom asked.

“I never thought about it before.”

“Well the clothes that you’ve been wearing and not wearing, your naked trip to the kitchen, you laying here stark naked with your legs open and the fact that your pussy looks all wet, tells me that you are. Are you feeling horny right now?”

“Hey, that trip to the kitchen was a dare, it doesn’t count, but yes I am horny, can we fuck again when we’ve finished the coffee?”

“You ARE an exhibitionist Eva.”

“I guess that I am. Jeez, I’ve only been at uni 5 minutes and I’ve lost my virginity and discovered that I’m an exhibitionist, whatever next?”

“You’re not a pain slut as well are you?”

“What? I don’t know, I never thought about it.”

“Did your father or perhaps an uncle ever spank you?”


“Maybe you should ask someone to spank that cute little butt of yours and find out.”

“I’m not sure that I’d like that.”

“We’ll save that for another day, put that mug down and climb on this.”

They fucked again before Eva went back to her room carrying her clothes in her hand.

After a shower and some thought about herself, Eva put on one of her favourite dresses, shoes and nothing else and went to register for her course and visit all the other events that various organisations were putting on to try to get the new students to part with their university living loans.

As she walked there she really enjoyed the feeling of the slight breeze up her very short dress. It was tickling her bald pussy and making her aroused, another feeling that she had not really experienced before, and she liked it.

At registration she had to bend over to sign forms and it was only when she heard a boy behind her say, “cute butt” that she realised that her dress must have ridden up over her knickerless butt. As she continued reading then signing she realised that exposing herself like that was making her even more aroused, and she liked it.

Even wandering around the exhibitions and events wearing only that thin, cotton dress kept her arousal level up and without even realising it she was looking for opportunities to bend over and flash her bare butt, and even her pussy, to those people behind her.

When Eva got back to her room she took the dress off, lay on her bed and did something that she hadn’t done for a long time, she masturbated.

After what was probably the strongest orgasm she had ever had she lay there thinking and looking around. Outside her window she could see another block of student flats just across the little paved area and she started looking at the windows to see if she could see anyone, and more importantly, and arousing, could they see her.

It was the middle of the afternoon so she didn’t really expect to see anyone but she found herself thinking about other students looking over and seeing her naked, maybe on her bed masturbating like she has just done. Then she realised that her right hand had found its way to her pussy again and her fingers were gently rubbing her clit.

“Oh gawd,” she thought, “I am and exhibitionist, I want people to see me naked.”

After another not quite so strong orgasm she decided that she had to do something, if she stayed there her pussy would get sore with too much rubbing. She got up, dug out a slightly see-through top and a too short, skater type skirt and put them on.

“Go for a walk and cool down,” she thought as she left the flat and went down the stairs.

As she was skipping down the stairs there was a couple of guys coming up and she wondered if they could see her pussy up the front of her too short skirt. She felt her pussy get a little wetter.

“Go somewhere where no one will look at you Eva.” She thought to herself.

As soon as she got out of the building she realised that that skirt wasn’t the best choice, it was fluttering about in the breeze. Instead of going back to change she kept walking, out through the security gate and onto the street.

At the first road junction she had a choice, left to a small park that she’d seen, or right into town.

“Go left Eva.” She said to herself and then she turned right.

“Maybe just a little look around then go to the park, sit on the grass and cool down, let the arousal die down and get back to normal.” She thought.

Eva soon came to a shop with a big glass window and she stopped to look at herself. She knew that her skirt was fluttering about in the breeze but she got a bit of a shock when she saw herself and saw her skirt fluttering up to her waist. She could see her slit and bare stomach in the windows.

“Hold your skirt down girl.” She said to herself. But her hands refused to do it. Her body turned and continued walking, her hands clutching her purse that had her keys and some money in it.

Now conscious of her exposure, Eva started looking at all the people walking towards her. As well as being aroused she started getting embarrassed each time she saw someone looking at her. Her already rock hard nipples were starting to ache in the same way that her clit was.

“Oh my gawd, this is so wrong.” She thought, feeling her blushing radiate right down her body, “but so nice.”

“Stop it Eva, turn around and go back, and hold that damned skirt down.” She thought but her legs kept going straight forwards and her face was getting redder and hotter.

Then she turned a corner and the breeze disappeared. She looked down at her skirt to see that it was just hanging where it was designed to be. She couldn’t make up her mind, was she happy or sad?

She walked to the end of the block, hoping and not hoping that the breeze would embarrass her again. It did, people started looking at her again and she felt her face start to burn again. She just knew that her skirt was fluttering up but she daren’t look down. She wanted to hold her skirt against her thighs but her hands just wouldn’t go there, her legs just kept walking.

As she walked she tried to work out why she was suddenly so interested in sex. Was it because she’d just lost her virginity. Was it because she’d just left home and now had the freedom to live as she wanted? Was thinking about sex and her body all the time what she really wanted? Poor Eva was so confused.

Confused yes, but happy also yes.

Was she really an exhibitionist? Did she really enjoy the embarrassment and humiliation of strangers looking at her uncovered body? Eva was rapidly coming to the conclusion that she was.

Was she a pain slut like Tom had suggested? Would she enjoy being spanked? Would she ask Tom to spank her to get an answer? Would she like being spanked by her other flatmates, or even more humiliating, by other people?

That last batch of questions she couldn’t answer and wasn’t even sure that she wanted to find out, but the other question, well, her body was definitely telling her that she liked people seeing it even if her brain was trying to fight against what her body was doing.

Eva thought back to Mike and Lewis seeing her naked, it had been embarrassing but it had made her feel aroused, her body had liked the experience. Then there was her skirt that was still fluttering up and revealing her slit and butt to people she was seeing looking at her as she walked back to her flat. It too was embarrassing but my gawd, her pussy was wet and tingling, her body really was enjoying it.

Poor Eva was so confused.

When she looked up she realised that she was back at the road junction near the halls of residence. Her brain managed to control her body and she headed back to her room, but not before she went up the stairs hoping that one or more guys would be on the stairs and look up her skirt.

She wasn’t lucky.

Back in her room she took the skirt and top off thinking that she wouldn’t ever wear that skirt again, but she just knew that she would the next time it was windy outside.

Eva flopped down on her bed, her right hand went straight to her pussy and she soon forgot about all the questions that she couldn’t answer.

One more orgasm later and she tried to count the number that she’d had that day but wasn’t sure that she’d got the count right. Then she looked out of her window and thought that she could see a boy looking her way. She got to her feet and stood in front of the window. Her brain quickly thought of a number of things. Why was she stood there naked? Why was she hoping that the boy was looking her way? Could he see her naked body? Did she really want him to see her naked body?

She scanned the other windows that she could see looking for more people looking her way but couldn’t see any so she flopped down onto her bed again. This time she closed her eyes and was soon asleep.

Eva woke up about an hour later, it was starting to get dark and she was hungry. She looked out of her window and saw a few windows with light on behind them and saw one girl walking about in her room.

“That’s a good idea, switch my light on.” she thought but her hunger was her priority at that moment. She put the top and skirt back on and headed to the kitchen. She’d bought a little food right after she’d moved in and that would be enough for then but she’d have to go and buy some more.

She giggled at the thought of wearing that skirt in a supermarket and bending over to get something from a low shelf.

In the kitchen was Tom and Jade, the girl flatmate.

“Hi.” Eva said.

“Hi Eva, how’s it going?” Jade replied.

“Eva,” Tom said, “you’ve got some clothes on, I thought that our own little exhibitionist would be naked in the flat all the time.”

“Very funny Tom.”

“Ignore him Eva, you do whatever you want, university is where we come to learn and that includes about ourselves by experimentation. Did you get registered today?”

“Yes thanks, did you Jade?”


“Are you going to any of the parties tonight Eva?” Jade asked.

“I don’t know, I’m still a bit tired and I’ve got a few things that I need to do.”

“Okay, I’m going to one on the eighth floor, I’m sure that you’ll find it if you change your mind.”

“Thanks, I’ll see how things go.”

Eva bent over to see what was in the cupboard that she’d been allocated and her skirt rode up her butt. Tom was behind her and he said,

“That’s better Eva, did I tell you that you have a cute little butt.”

Eva had liked Tom the night before, and earlier that day but she was getting fed up with his comments so she decided to shut him up. She stood up straight, pulled her top off and dropped her skirt.

“There Tom, is that better? Will you stop the stupid remarks now?”

“Much better Eva.” Tom replied as he picked up the skirt and top and threw them towards one of the sofas. “You should stay like that, you look good.”

“Well you thought so last night, but don’t expect to fuck me every night, maybe never again.”

As Eva was saying that Mike and Lewis appeared and were staring at Eva’s nude body.

“And I suppose that you 2 want me to stay like this all the time as well?” Eva said.

“Well if you’re offering I’m sure that no one’s going to complain.” Mike said, “I certainly aren’t you’ve got a great body Eva.”

By then Eva had calmed down a bit and she quietly replied,

“Thanks Mike.”

Eva’s brain was telling her to retrieve her clothes but her body turned, bend over keeping her knees straight, and got a tin of beans and the half loaf of bread out to start getting beans on toast ready.

“You okay?” Jade asked.

“Yeah, I’m just confused.”

Eva turned to look to see where the boys were then quietly continued, “a couple of days ago I was your average girl, okay I have a few risky clothes and I’ve never liked underwear, but in the last few days I’ve lost my virginity, flashed half the men in town and look at me now, totally naked in front of 3 guys I hardy know. Well I know one better than the other two but you know what I mean.”

“Relax Eva, it’s a difficult time for all of us, a big change, a chance to come out of our shells, be our real selves, experiment. I’m sure that hundreds of us will do things in the next few weeks that we would never have dreamed of doing a couple of weeks ago. For all we know there could be dozens of naked girls in kitchen in the blocks just around here. Hell, you might even see me naked in here sometime soon. Just relax and do whatever comes into your brain.”

“Thanks Jade, much appreciated.”

Eva did relax a bit and she didn’t bother getting dressed. Her brain told her that she should but her body just couldn’t do it and a short while later she was sat at the table with Jade, and eating her beans on toast.

Speaking quietly so that the boys couldn’t hear them, Eva said,

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I never used to get naked in public places, at home on my own yes, but with people that I hardly know, no way.”

“You’re just experimenting Eva, no harm done.”

“But my brain is telling me that I shouldn’t do it yet here I am totally naked with those morons staring at me.”

“Eva, your body obviously likes you being naked, are you feeling horny?”

“And how.”

“Well that’s your body telling your brain that it wants you to be naked and flash your goodies to all and sundry.”

“So do you think I should just, well, stay naked?”

“That’s up to you Eva, but there are places that you could get arrested for being naked.”

“I know, so other places?”

“As I say, that’s up to you. If your body is telling you to strip off and you’re somewhere risky, then just get the hell out of there.”

“That makes sense, you don’t mind me being naked here Jade?”

“Hell no, I just wish that I had a body like yours then I might get naked as well.”

“My tits are too small.”

“No they aren’t, I wish that mine had stopped growing at your size then I wouldn’t have to wear a bra all the time. I hate bras.”

“You’ve got a nice body Jade and why do you need a bra? They’re not that big and I bet that they’re nice and firm.”

“No I haven’t, my tits are too big. Hey, we’re going round in circles.”

The both laughed then Jade said that she had to go so Eva got up and went to wash her plate and cutlery. As she was doing that she could feel the boys eyes burning into her butt and then her pussy getting wet.

“Jeez girl, stop enjoying it.” She said to herself.

Meanwhile the 3 boys were sat on the sofas talking about the parties that they were going to go to when in walked another young man.

“Hi, I’m Jason, I’ve got a room here.”

Jason was staring at the naked Eva and after a few seconds Tom got up and introduced himself then the other guys then finally Eva, adding that Eva was the flat’s resident exhibitionist.

“Stand still Eva, let Jason see what he’s going to see a lot more of during the next year.”

Without even thinking, Eva stopped what she was doing, turned to face Jason and stepped up to him ready to shake his hand.

“Ignore that prick, it’s a long story. Don’t get used to seeing me like this, it may never happen again.” Eva said but her tingling pussy told her that it would.

“It will.” Tom added. “you just wait. You settled in Jason?”

“Sort of.”

“Want to come to a party tonight, you missed a good one here last night.”

Eva grabbed her clothes and walked back to her room where she flopped down on her bed.

She lay there, her brain still in turmoil. Still trying to make sense of everything. She realised that the fingers on her right hand were toying with her clit.

Then it hit her, she realised that her body was going to get what it wanted regardless of what her brain wanted, so why try to fight it? Her body nearly always won so don’t waste energy, just do what her body was telling her to do even if it was embarrassing or humiliating. Besides, if she did give in to her body, her pussy, then maybe it might not be so demanding.

At that moment her pussy’s priority was having an orgasm – again, so that’s what she did. After it she closed her legs, swing them off the bed and stood looking out of the window. Seeing no one looking she decided that she had a bit of work to do on a couple of her skirts.

Thankfully, Eva’s mother had taught her how to sew and make clothes but Eva wasn’t going that far, she didn’t have a sewing machine with her, but she had what she needed right then, a pair of scissors.

Eva dug out a denim skirt and put it on. Marking where the bottom of her butt was on the skirt with a pen, she moved to the front of the skirt and marked where the top of her slit was. Then she took the skirt off and started cutting. Straight across the back then from the sides, up in a semi-circle to the mark where the top of her slit was. Then she roughed up the skirt as much as she could so that it didn’t look freshly cut. After that she’d pulled off a few, long dangling threads then put the skirt back on and checked herself in the mirror looking at the back first.

She was happy that just standing there none of her butt was showing, then she bent over.

“Yes.” She said when she saw that she could see her wet slit and half her butt.

Then she turned to face the mirror and saw that she couldn’t see her slit. Backing across the room it wasn’t the same story, she could see a bit of her slit.

“Right pussy,” she said to herself, “see if you like me wearing this when I go out.”

Then Eva did the same with a black, cotton miniskirt, flared out and made of light cotton. It was her longest skirt, but not any more.

Later that day, when it started to get dark, Eva again looked out of her windows. She saw a couple of rooms had switched their lights on and one of them had left the curtains open. Eva’s pussy tingled as she saw a young man walking around his room and that gave her an idea. She switched her light on then moved the table lamp, that was on her small desk, onto the window sill and pointed in into the room where she stood to look out of the window.

She smiled as she saw her whole body lit up and she shuddered when she touched her clit. She checked that her curtains were as open as they could be then sat down to logon to her email and social media.

In her Inbox there was an email with the subject ‘Please phone me, IMPORTANT.’

As she didn’t recognise the sender she was about to delete it when for some strange reason she opened it instead.

It appeared to be from someone in a firm of lawyers in Spain telling her that they needed to talk to her about her aunt Betty. There was a lot more text but it was in Spanish so she didn’t know what it said.

Something about it made her not just delete it and she went to the next message in her Inbox. She left the suspicious email to read again, and get the text translated sometime when her pussy wasn’t confusing her brain.

When she was finished she was about to close her laptop when she had an idea. In the browser search engine she keyed ‘exhibitionist definition’ and got back hundreds of suggested sites. She ***********ed one that looked like it would answer her question and she soon decided that she definitely was acting like an exhibitionist.

Then she clicked on a few of the other suggested sites and was soon looking at videos of girls walking around outside totally naked or sitting in public places with their legs open or their breasts on display. Others had naked girls in all sorts of situations and in amongst other people.

As Eva was looking at these her pussy was tingling more and more and her left hand was busy gently toying with her clit.

Then she went back to her search engine and keyed in ‘pain slut’. Eva as a little shocked when she was offered sites with videos of girls getting spanked in all sorts of situations, over a clothed man’s lap, over a table, strapped to some weird constructions and many more situations that Eva had never even thought of. What’s more, the girls weren’t just getting spanked by a hand, all sorts of implements were being used.

Some of the girls were screaming as dildos were rammed in and out of their pussies by weird machines, and one form of torture, which was what some of them appeared to be doing to the girls, actually appealed to Eva. It wasn’t hitting her, or fucking her, what it appeared to be doing was vibrating on her clit and the thought of that really made Eva’s pussy get wetter. She check on the seat below her pussy and saw a few drops of a semi-clear viscous looking liquid, her pussy juices.

Eva did some more searching and discovered that the object that was causing the girl so much pain and pleasure was called a ‘magic wand’. With that information Eva searched for ‘magic wand’ and was offered quite a few similar objects. She bookmarked the page for later browsing when she had some spare money.

It was really dark outside when Eva next looked out and she saw that numerous rooms opposite had their light on with the curtains open. She looked at each one in turn and was a little surprised to that in 2 rooms there was a girl wearing nothing but her knickers and in another room she saw a young man naked.

She kept getting a great view of his soft penis swinging about, and as she looked at the rest of the illuminated rooms she kept going back to the man and his soft cock.

Then she saw a room with lots of people in, they had glasses or bottles in their hands and Eva assumed that it was a party.

Eva’s pussy tingled at the thought of those people looking over and seeing her naked in her room but it was a party, those people would be more interested in the people at the party than looking out in the vain hope that they might see a naked girl in a room opposite, unless, unless she could attract their attention somehow, but how?

Eva searched her brain for an idea and after a few minutes she thought about switching her light of and on, over and over, but that would be too obvious, even her desire to be seen couldn’t be as obvious as that. It would be like going round there, stripping naked and walking in. Even her pussy couldn’t make her do that, could it?

Eva didn’t have the nerve to try it.

She was just on the point of giving up when she noticed a movement in a room directly opposite her but one floor up. She looked again and was convinced that someone was there in the dark. She counted the floors up and the number of windows from the right and made a note of them. If there was someone watching her maybe they’d watch her more often.

Then she walked around the room pretending to do things that didn’t need doing. She got a ‘strings only’ bikini out and put it on, looked at herself in her mirror, fondled her tits then took the bikini off. She brushed her hair then put a little mascara then lipstick on, all things that weren’t necessary but something for her voyeur to look at and to keep her pussy tingling.

Finally she switched her lights off then went to the window to see if the man was still there. She could see the outline of the man in his darkened room but there was enough light going into the room from outside to make him just visible.

Eva had another idea, the best thing that she could offer him from where she was. She switched her lights back on, got on her bed and masturbated for him.

After her orgasm she was very happy, she’d given a stranger a great view of her naked body and masturbated for him. As an added bonus she’d done it pretending that she didn’t know she was being watched and in the safety of her room. There was no way for her to be embarrassed or humiliated.

Eva just lay there feeling very satisfied and eventually dozed off, still with her lights on and visible to anyone in the block opposite, if they cared to look.

She didn’t sleep for long and when she woke up she had a thought, she was putting on her own, personal reality show. She smiled at the though of it all being televised.

Eva was surprisingly alert when she woke and wanted to do something, go some where. She remembered the party on the eighth floor and decided to go to it. She considered Tom’s idea of going up there naked but she didn’t have the nerve. Instead she put on the black, cotton miniskirt that she’d shortened earlier and a cami top with spaghetti straps, loose fitting and made of a thin silky material that hugged her tented nipples unless she leant forward, then it hung down well away from her breasts. Then she stood in front of her mirror and worked out how high she had to wear the skirt so that her slit was clearly visible unless you were very close to her.

Satisfied with her outfit she left her room leaving the lights on, then used the lift to go up to the eighth floor.

Following the music she soon walked into the party flat and was hit on by some young men as soon as she went through the open door. Boy after boy wanted to talk to her and get a drink for her. By the time she made it to the main living area Eva had had a few drinks and was starting to feel happy.

She had forgotten about her revealing clothes but was soon reminded when Tom saw her and shouted,

“Hey, our little exhibitionist is here, how come you’ve got clothes on?”

“Fuck off Tom.” Eva replied.

Jason went over to her and said,

“Ignore him Eva, he’s had one too many. You look great, in and out of clothes.”

“Hi Jason, thank you, Tom’s been a prick all day, I think that he thinks that he owns me just because I slept with him last night, big mistake, won’t happen again.”

“Hey, now is the first minute of the rest of your life, forget him, move on.”

“Thanks Jason.”

“Can I get you a drink Eva?”

“Yes, thanks, a bottle of beer please.”

Jason left and Eva looked around, She saw Jade dancing with a couple of other girls and smiled at her when their eyes met.

Jason returned and they started talking.

“I like your outfit Eva, do you always wear skirts that short? Not that I’m complaining, you look great.”

Eva was reminded that the front of her skirt wasn’t covering her bare slit and 2 things happened, firstly she blushed and secondly she felt her pussy get wet.

“Thanks, no, I think that this is my shortest skirt, I’m sort of going through this experimentation phase.”

“You do know that I could see your pussy when I walked up to you.”

“Yes,” Eva replied as she felt her face warm up. “Can we change the subject please? It’s sort of embarrassing talking about it.”

“I think that it turns you on dressing like that, and that you actually like people looking at you and talking about it. Okay it’s embarrassing, probably humiliating as well but it makes you super horny as well doesn’t it Eva?”

“You’re not going to study psychology are you Jason?”

“Well yes actually, what gave it away?”

“You’re analysing me.”


“That’s okay, I want to know why I’ve suddenly changed to being a flashing slut.”

“Well I think that you are a compulsive exhibitionist with a strong tendency for self-humiliation”

“Wow, so why now, and how do I stop it?”

“I think that you’ve always been like this and now that you’re free from the chains of family life it’s come to the surface and you’re just being the real you. As for suppressing those urges, do you really want to suppress them? Aren’t they making you feel good? How many orgasms have you had since you got here?”

“It feels like hundreds.”

“And you want them to stop?”

“Fuck no.”

“I think that you’ve just answered your own question Eva. I suggest that you just relax and enjoy yourself. It will wear off as you get older.”

“At what age? How long do I have doc.”

Jason laughed.

“Eva, that was an amateurs opinion, ask me again in 5 or 6 years when I’ve qualified but in my opinion you will stay like that until you are around 120 years old.”

“Fuck Jason, I don’t even want to think about a 120 year old woman cumming.”

“Neither do I.”

They both had another swig of their beers then someone said that it was time for some party games. Eva and Jason stayed back against a wall and watched the ‘happy’ girls and boys make fools of themselves.

After a while they started challenging each other to stand on their hands and drink a glass of beer through a straw. That was entertaining, and there was a lot of enthusiasm for girls wearing skirts to have a go, and they did. Knickers, thongs, G string and bare pussies were all displayed for the pleasure of the boys, and maybe some of the girls. As more and more people had a go Eva was starting to think that maybe she should have a go, but her brain was telling her that it would be embarrassing.

In the end she didn’t really have much choice in the matter. Tom appeared in front of her and grabbed her hand shouting that it was the turn of the resident exhibitionist.

Eva started blushing but didn’t try to run away. Instead she was soon standing on her hands, with her feet resting against a wall, and sucking beer through a straw.

As had happened with other girls wearing loose skirts, they inverted leaving their underwear on display. Like 2 other girls that Eva had seen, her bald pussy with her clit protruding from between her labia was on display for everyone to see.

Eva wanted to stop and get to her feet but her feet just wouldn’t push out from the wall.

The choice was taken away from her when Tom asked 2 of the taller boys there to grab an ankle each and hold her up,

Eva felt her weight going from her arms and she also felt her legs being spread open.

Her face had been red from being upside down but it got even redder as her feet went further and further apart. By then she’d given up trying to suck beer from the bottle with the straw and was just hanging there.

Her skirt had inverted, and so had her cami top. Her skirt was just covering the bottom of her little tits but her cami was threatening to fall over her head and to the floor.

“Hey everyone,” Tom shouted, “this is Eva, our resident big clit exhibitionist, she likes to walk around our flat totally naked. Come down to 308 and check her out if you don’t believe me. Who thinks that she should get naked for us?”

There were lots of cheers and the chants started.

Eva didn’t didn’t want to strip, but Tom took the matter out of her hands when he got down and easily pulled her cami to the floor. That didn’t make her any more exposed, but when he went to the fastening on her skirt and unfastened the button then the zip, the skirt fell over her head and arms and joined the cami on the floor.

Eva’s brain was in turmoil, she was soo humiliated but at the same time she was loving it. She feared her pussy juices overflowing her slit and running down her stomach and everyone seeing them.

By then Tom was back on his feet and, like everyone else, he was looking at her spread pussy.

“Hey, look how wet she is, she’s loving this.” Tom shouted.

People moved closer and Eva became invisible, apart from her feet, to the people at the back of the room.

“Back up.” Tom shouted, “let everyone see the slut. Do you want a drink slut?”

Tom picked up the bottle that Eva had been drinking from and held it to her mouth.

“No,” Tom shouted, “maybe you’d like the bottle somewhere else?”

Eva knew exactly what he meant and started struggling and shouting,

“No, no, please don’t do that.” Eva again pleaded, although her pussy was looking forward to what was going to happen.

Tom went round the back of Eva so that the audience could get a better view then put his index finger over the top of the bottle and shook it a few times. Then he lowered the upturned bottle to her pussy and Eva felt part of his finger go inside her vagina.

Then in one quick move his finger left the top of the bottle and the bottle descended into Eva’s vagina causing her to gasp loudly then moan as the bubbly beer found every corner of the inside of her vagina.

But Tom wasn’t finished, to cheers from the audience he made the bottle go up and down over and over again, going deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Eva started moaning again and shouting,

“No, no.”

After about 30 seconds the observant people there would have realised that Eva’s ‘no’s’ changed to ‘yes’s’ and all of a sudden her body went rigid then started jerking as she screamed “YEEEEEESSSSSSS.” loud enough to wake the dead.

Her orgasm went on and on as Tom kept thrusting the bottle in and out of her until either he got tired or he thought that she’s had enough.

As Eva’s orgasm slowly passed Tom went round to Eva’s front, held her shoulders and told the 2 guys holding her ankles to lower her down.

Tom tried to pull Eva to her feet but her knees kept buckling so he put her over his shoulder and carried her to a sofa when he lowered her down and left her to recover with her legs wide open.

It was a good job that the sofa was covered in simulated leather because Eva’s pussy started leaking a mixture of beer and her juices.

Tom when back to where he was and then shouted,

“Right, which of you lovely ladies would like the same treatment.”

There was silence for about 20 seconds until a quiet female voice said,

“Me please.”

All heads turned to see which girl who wanted to subject herself to what Eva had just had.

“Jade,” Tom shouted, “you kept your little secret quiet. So you’re an exhibitionist slut as well?”

“I’m not a slut and neither is Eva.”

“Bold as well. Shall we skip the preliminaries and just get on with the bottle fucking. Take you clothes off Jade. No, a better idea, ask some of these good people to take them off for you.”

By then, Jade was standing in front of Tom and she turned and stepped into the audience.

Thirty seconds later a nude Jade stood in front of Tom.

“Nice,” Tom said, “tits are bigger but definitely nice. Handstand against the wall.”

Jade did, automatically spreading her legs, either for support or in anticipation of what was about to happen. Those people standing near the front could see that Jade’s bald pussy was as wet as Eva’s had been before it was introduced to the beer bottle.

What happened next was a repeat of what had happened to Eva, right down to Jade orgasming and Tom keeping on fucking her with the beer bottle thus keeping Jade orgasm going on and on.

Jade was put down on the sofa next to Eva, again Tom spreading her legs to put her dripping pussy on display to everyone to see.

By then Eva was coming back to life and she turned to Jade and said,

“It was you, I couldn’t see, are you alright?”

“Oh yes, at least I will be as soon as I find some energy.”

Jason appeared with 2 glasses of water in his hands and knelt between them. Neither girl closed their legs as Jason handed them the water which they both gulped down.

“Why did you volunteer to go through that?” Eva asked, “are you an exhibitionist as well?”

“I couldn’t let you be the only girl to have that done to her.”

“That doesn’t answer my question Jade.”

“No it doesn’t, and I’m not sure.”

“Talk to him Jade, I may be the resident exhibitionist but Jason here is the resident shrink. He’s already helped me.”

Jason smiled then said,

“Anytime Jade.”

Jason got up, took the glasses off the girls then went and got 3 beers. As soon as Jason got up Tom took his place but Tom put his hands on both girl’s thighs. He slid both hands up to both pussies and said,

“You enjoyed that didn’t you Eva?”


“Come on Eva, admit it, Jade must have liked it as well otherwise she wouldn’t have volunteered for it.”

“Yes.” Eva quietly replied.

“And you’re enjoying sitting here naked and with your legs wide open in front of all these people knowing that they watched you being fucked with a beer bottle aren’t you?”

“Yes.” Eva quietly replied.

“Yes.” Jade replied.

“Well from now on I expect you both to be naked in our flat all the time, even when there are other students there, and I think that I’ll organise a party every week; and if you’re lucky I’ll fuck you with bottles or maybe something warmer each week.”

As Tom was saying that both his finger were fucking the vagina that they were touching.

“No Tom.” Jade firmly said, bottles are one thing but we’re not having cocks inside us. If you try to force us to fuck we’ll report you and get you thrown out. Isn’t that right Eva?”

“Yes, we fuck who WE want and it will never be you.”

“Okay girls, bottles it is, but don’t forget that bottles come in different sizes girls.”

Tom pulled his fingers out of the 2 vaginas just as Jason returned.

“You’re not bothering these 2 wonderful ladies are you Tom, none of us want any trouble do we?”

“Relax mate I’d never hurt them.”

Tom left and Jason sat on the floor between the girls who still had their legs wide open.

“You like having all these people looking at your pussies don’t you girls?” Jason said.

That seemed to wake them up and both pairs of legs closed and both girls sat up, leaving a space in between them that Eva invited Jason to fill.

“Bit of a pillock that Tom isn’t he?” Jason said.

“Yes,” Eva replied, “he was really nice yesterday but today he is as you say, a right pillock, but I think that we can handle him.”

“Yes, Jade added.”

“Well I’ll give you my number and you can call me at anytime if you need me.”

“Thanks doc.”

“Not yet, I’ve got at least another 5 years before you can call me that. So girls, what’s it to be, more partying or back to the flat, I think that someone’s getting a Twister mat, that could be fun for you two.”

By that time both girls had recovered enough to want some more fun.

“Where’s my clothes?” Jade asked.

“And where’s mine?” Eva added.

Neither girl could see any clothes laying around so Jason volunteered to go and have a look around. A few minutes later he came back with nothing in his hands.

“Sorry girls, I can’t see them anywhere, do you want me to escort you back to the flat?”

“That would be nice,” Eva said, but everyone here was seen us like this so can we postpone that offer until later, how about some Twister Jade?”

Both girls got up and went over to where Twister was being played and they watched a couple of games and a few girls flashing their knickers, or in one case, her bald pussy.

A game ended and the girl who was organising it asked who was next. Two boys stepped forward but no one else did.

“How about you 2 nudists, come on, have a bit of fun.”

“But we’re naked.” Eva said.


Eva looked at Jade and Jade looked at Eva. Almost in stereo they said,

“Go on then.”

Both naked girls stepped forward to some cheers from the onlookers.

Well, everyone knows about exposing positions that everyone gets into when they play Twister, and that game was no exception. Everyone watching got another great view of Eva’s and Jade’s spread, bare pussies, and both girls were enjoying it so much that they didn’t have the chance to get embarrassed.

The game ended with Eva on her back legs spread and a boys head so close to her pussy that he could have licked her clit, if he’d had the courage.

The audience called for another game and the girl organiser asked if Eva and Jade would have another game. Both agreed but the organiser wasn’t wasn’t going to let the same 2 boys play, accusing them of taking advantage of the 2 naked girls. Jade and Eva didn’t understand that but went along with it and soon there were 2 different boys standing alongside them.

The game ended in a similar way with everyone laughing, but both Jade and Eva weren’t laughing, they’d both had their butts, tits and pussies groped.

Both Eva and Jade had found a new confidence in their nudity (probably helped by the alcohol), and decided to walk around introducing themselves to people and have the sort of chats that you would expect from students having just arrived from all over the country. Although few boys tried to get them to go on dates with them, none of them tried to grope either of the naked girls.

As some people started to leave Jason reappeared and asked the naked girls if he could escort them back to the flat. They agreed and the 3 of them left, walking down the stairs rather than waiting for the lift.

They gave one male student quite a shock as he came up the stairs and turned to go up the next flight, and was confronted by 2 naked girls.

Back in the flat all 3 of them were surprised to see Eva’s and Jade’s clothes on the table in the lounge area. One of the other guys must have taken them from the party and left them there, but they couldn’t work out if it was Tom, Mike or Lewis.

Both Eva and Jade gave Jason a kiss on his cheek and thanked him for being a proper gentleman then the 2 girls headed to their rooms. Eva’s was the nearest and when she opened the door Jade said,

“You left your lights on.”

“Yes, I’m having my own little reality show for the guys in the flats opposite.”

“That’s funny, I’m your next door neighbour and I’ve been doing the same thing.”

The both had a laugh then went to bed, both of them sleeping on top of their beds, leaving the curtains open and the lights on.