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Hello everyone

2023-01-24 00:09:12

I'm sorry, but the change of management here at XNXX has caused me regretfully to remove my stories.... I have moved to another site, which will be listed in my information presently. If you are a fan and would like to follow me... I will be posting stories there. As per the rules I cannot post the link here so I won't but if you want to find the stories I have written I'll have a link in my profile that you can follow to the stories.
I'll be under the pen name CJ. That said I've already put some stories up there that you all probably haven't seen and would like to see. I'm hoping that you will enjoy them there. I know that it has been quite some time that I have put anything up but I am hoping that I will have the time to write some, and get some new stuff as well as updates from the older stories that I know you like so well.

What else, I'm glad to have all of my wonderful fan's here and the haters and trolls, you all make the experiance worthwhile. you can't expect your works to be perfect and I certainly don't I hope you all will come visit me once I am settled and look forward to hearing from you.

It's been said that I am one of the better writers on this site, I don't know if that's true or not there are many gifted writers here and I was just pleased to be one of them. The censorship for the sake of censorship and the sacrifice of story telling didn't jive with me, when I can buy books with the same or simmilar content at my local book store. Anais Nin's little birds for instance. The Marquis de' Sade' is another. Even Gary Jennings have all these ongoing little sexual themes that I very much enjoy. There is a place for gratuitious sex and if it helps to bring the reader along that's good but gratuitious sex just for the sake of sex gets tired really fast and isn't as much fun to write and gets tedious for a reader.

If your wondering now why CJ is ranting it's because I can and because I have 5000 characters to fill to post this so I figured why not rant. as for the "pedo" stories.... to me this is stories of men or women taking advantage of children... and technically these are pre-adolescent children, which doesn't really fall into an age group. That this site has taken a stand against the explotation of children is admirable, however show me the children that I have exploited in my stories, they are fictional characters and I neither condone nor suggest that anyone follow these fantasies to reality. They are fantasies this is fiction, I can kill all of the characters off and no one is hurt, I can brutally maim them in gory detail and all that happens is that the reader is traumatized from reading it. Of course I don't like brutality, rape, coercion, or blackmail, they are story devices not a way of life.

This brings me to anger, this is something that I wish a lot of people could get a handle on. It's never constructive and almost always detrimental to whatever situation your in. The ancient sword master's always taught never to fight angry, this would lead to mistakes and death, while your strength and courage might be increased when you are angry. It often led to death. People need to be less angry it's a trap. it solves nothing and just turns into noise. But then I could go on there are seven deadly sins everyone know's this but did you know that there are seven heavenly virtues? Look them up it's worth checking out... these are things that you the reader should study on and learn to put into your life. When you are angry and depressed these are the things that will lift you and keep you from doing something inheirently stupid. Being stupid... should be kept to a minimum. Which brings me to drinking. Nothing wrong with drinking, I love a good drink or nine... but not away from where I am staying, not at the bar. Maybe on the train or plane but never when I have to drive. Why people believe that it's okay to drink and operate machinery is beyond me.
Gun Control.... best use two hands... a armed society is a polite society. we have seen evidence of the effects of gun control even in the US places where it is illegal to own a gun have the highest crime rates, where those area's where folk go around heavily armed there is very little crime because when you call 911 the police are minutes away... but when you have a pistol of a shotgun your salvation might very well be in hand. I know you have all heard this before... I just want you to think about it maybe...
And so what am I talking about now. Oh yes pot right there maybe some good medicianal uses for this drug. That doesn't mean it's a good idea to medicate yourself every day. this is much like nicotine, which is proven to be a very useful memory enhancement drug. However it's not good for you in the long run and while there is no cure for cancer, no cure for herpes, no cure for quite a few things. maybe just maybe we are looking at things from the wrong end. That is profit.
Okay that concludes my little rant see you on the other side.
Thank you all for a wonderful time.