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The Neighbourhood 00 - 2022-Spring

2023-01-22 00:19:41

Constructive advice preferred, of course - this is my first erotic story posting. Your opinions matter, so comments with your thoughts are welcome.

If you're interested in editing, I have another 45000 words so far, and could use some pre-post feedback.

Each chapter is labelled with the themes in that chapter. There are a lot of other themes to this tale as the chapters progress, including: anal, BDSM, blowjob, BDSM, bondage and restriction, cheating, discipline, domination/submission, first time, group, humiliation, incest, lesbian, oral sex, pregnant, romance, teen, threesome, toys, voyeurism, virginity, wife, young.


Full Disclosure:

This is a set of fantasies. Fantasy characters do things that are immoral, damaging, illegal, and (in some cases) impossible. This is a fantasy world that happens to look a lot like our world. For example, there are no sexually transmitted diseases, and the consequences incest and young sex tend to the pleasurable rather than the punitive or putrescent. In the real world these are among the most damaging perversions—abuses of power and breeches of trust. Don't confuse fantasies affairs, underage sex, and incestuous sex with reality—no matter how titillating or stimulating. There are things in this story that are horrifying libido-killers for me even in fantasy: as a writer, I follow the characters; I don't lead them. So don't fuck little girls or little boys; don't cheat on the people who care about you. Fantasy is not reality. If you read Tolkien and are tempted to pick up a sword and work your way through the Orcs in the mall, seek help; if you read this and are tempted to pick up some 12 year olds and work your way through their innocence, SEEK HELP. It's not real life! Don't force it on anyone! Now grab a phone and call for help, or grab some lube and start reading with one hand. Don't get the two confused.


Spring 2022: History

Vienna is every bit as beautiful as the movies. I was there to give the opening keynote about my first business book. It was the end of the spring conference season, and my last business trip for the next three months. After my talk I was met with the usual group of people interested in chatting; I smiled and chatted automatically, distractedly the compact, sexy blond striding toward me, radiating energy and sex. I had seen her in the audience, her scarlet dress making her stand out amidst the plain greys and blacks of the crowd.

As I spoke, I kept thinking °I'd like to nail her,° and hoping that I'd be able to find her later in the day. Now, the crowd parted for her, perhaps sensing the electricity between us as she approached. She had a quirky grin on her face as she said, "I enjoyed your talk," and handed me her card. Our hands touched for a moment, and I felt a shock of sexual energy pass through us. I felt like time slowed down. Her pupils dilated; my heart beat faster. Before I could answer she turned gracefully and walked away. Ignoring the people around me, I looked at the card. The front said, "Winn Hutton, EVP Marketing, CIBC" which was of mild interest to me – she was likely Canadian too. The neatly lettered note on the back was much more gripping: "Find me before 10:00."

The clock said 09:47. I made my excuses and left the main hall at 09:52. I think I said I had a meeting to get to. I found her a few minutes later, busy talking to her Blackberry, facing away from me. It must have warned her that I was approaching, because she shut it off abruptly and turned toward me. "This way," she said, taking my hand. I was shocked that the touch of her fingers on mine was enough to make me hard.

One short, lust-fuelled walk later, and we were in a relatively private place: an employees' only corridor, tucked into a dark, recessed doorway. It must have been under sixty seconds from first kiss to the point where I was buried in her soaking wet cunt, her leg hooked over my arm. I kept thinking, °Damn, she's flexible!° She thrust against me as hard as I thrust into her. I'm well hung: almost nine inches, with a blunt head, upward curve and solid girth. The fact that she was able to take me to the root was amazing. Being big impresses the guys, but girls were often unable to take me comfortably. When she leaned forward and bit my nipple through my shirt I came quarts immediately. I usually can't cum until my lover does—this was far faster than normal. She followed a moment later, clenching around my cock, lifting herself off the ground with a convulsive orgasm.

It took us a few moments to come down. I had rarely experienced sex so passionate and intense. When we were coherent again, we straightened our clothes and introduced ourselves.

We were both amused to discover that we lived in the same little part of Toronto, and that we had to travel to Europe to find someone from around the corner. Once our clothing was sufficiently neat, we started back to the public parts of the building. As we made our way, she told me why she wanted to meet me in the first place.

"Basically, I used your first book as a template for structuring the business unit I inherited," she said. "It's been working pretty well so far."

"Not to be an egomaniac," I said, "but that's just about the sexiest damn thing you can tell an author." I pushed open the 'EMPLOYEES ONLY' door we had come through a few minutes before.

"Really," she said, raising her fine eyebrows while tilting down her face. I immediately imagined her with librarian-glasses and dripping with cum. "Using your ideas at work is sexier than your cum running down my leg after a spontaneous standing lust-fuck in a semi-public place?" I was at a momentary loss for words—a rarity. She swept past me, saying, "I guess upping the ante will mean gang-banging a tribe of chimpanzees on a trampoline, or something."

My eyes got wide, and we both started to laugh. °She may look dainty,° I thought, °but dainty she's not.°

We spent the next four days and nights fucking like crazy every chance we got, and hadn't really slowed down since coming home. I'm no stranger to fast romance and adventurous sex; my previous loves had been swift and passionate, for the days or weeks they lasted. Relationships used to start with a bang, followed by a series of shocking, unpleasant revelations, where we both learned the person we were fucking didn't at all match up with the person we imagined we were fucking. Over the years, I had developed the habit of not finding out too much about my lovers—keeping them friends without falling in love—because learning about them was not worth the pain. I had many lovers on the go, and was always up for fun, but hadn't had any real emotional connection to a woman for a long time.

Winn was different. From the very start I wanted to know everything about her. I was surprised to realize I had no particular expectations about who she was or should be. Each discovery had been pleasant, exciting or both. If I was a lady's man, she was a men's lady, every bit my equal in her appetites. She had many partners too, though usually only one or two on the go at any one time, and was forthright about her desires. She was a demanding lover, needing a lot of sexual attention, and expecting to be told what to do in bed (and in hallways and in public parks and in trains...). I liked to use her as hard as she liked to be used. Anal and oral play were part of almost all of our encounters. We both liked the danger of fast, spontaneous, public sex. We could also lay together for hours, cuddling, talking and reading, independent of the sex we were so frequently having. We had both done some pretty wild things—like threesomes, bondage, and light discipline—and had not found the limits to our mutual desire.

We both set aside other lovers naturally, not because we were permanently exclusive or jealous, but because they couldn't hold a candle to what we were experiencing with each other. We knew it was just a matter of time before one or both of us took an opportunity for a casual fuck. We were both fine with this as long as we had full disclosure after, and invitations to participate if it was feasible.

One non-sexual surprise—at least, not directly sexual—was that we were both five years off guessing each other's age. I thought Winn and I were the same age—thirty—and she thought I was ten years younger than her. I was never good at judging a woman's age, but I didn't think she was 35 or that I looked 25. "You tried to be a cougar," I teased one day," but only managed the ‘grrr' part."

"I'll show you ‘grrr'," she replied, pouncing on me in our backyard. We barely made it inside the house before I was inside her. We had pounding hard sex in the living room, Winn kneeling on the sofa, with me thrusting into her from behind.

My life wasn't lonely before Winn, but despite lovers, friends, and travel, it was solitary. For the first few months, we were very much connected at the hip, despite some work and travel, hardly seeing friends or family. By the end of April it was clear that we were into something a lot more significant than either of us expected; by the end of May, I rented out my condo. Two weeks later, I moved in with Winn, officially.

. . .

I didn't know what to expect from my life with Winn. I certainly didn't expect it to be so completely transformed. In a shockingly short time - just a few weeks - my new neighbourhood was transformed into a network of debauchery: orgies, incest, BDSM, underage - you name it, it was going on, and I was caught in the middle of it all.

I think the turning point was when I met the neighbour's daughter.