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Lose a Fiance and gain a New Girlfriend

2023-01-20 21:54:52

This story is no true but it would be a fun one if it was true.

It all started after my fiancé Wendy departed me after 4 yrs together and 6 months away from saying I Do. I thought Wendy was the love of my life but I guess I was wrong when she called it off. Wendy was a hot little 5’3 Blonde, green eyes, 32C and with a killer butt plus sweet calf muscles. She played soccer most of her life and that is the reason for the sweet legs. My name is Paul 30 yrs old 6’2 210lbs and on the slim muscular side. Before the split up we met both sides of the family’s and I liked everyone on her side. Wendy’s brother Mike and his girlfriend Jessica 28 yrs old were the best on her side of the family. We went on vacations together and had parties at both houses on the weekends. Let me tell a little more about Mike & Jessica. Mike was about 5”8 185lbs a little on the chubby side and Jessica was the total opposite 5”10 tone slim body 32B 32/28/34, brown hair with the best looking ass I ever seen even better than Wendy.

Mike was pissed at his sister for the split and specially the guy she is seeing now after 6 months after the split. They both invited me over for dinner and drinks but I was never up on talking about the past so I declined the invites. I normally just went to work and back home to my house that I purchased 2 yrs before I met Wendy. I was a VP of a major Technology company and a home town High School star soccer player. I started thinking how much I enjoyed my life pre-Wendy and wanted to get back to that kind of life. One day I just walked in my house and the phone rang and went to pick it up without looking at the ID caller. Hello...Hi Paul how are you doing today? I noticed the voice as it was Jessica. I just walked in the house just now and how are you doing? Ok. Just ok? Yes, I was calling to see how you are doing and was wounding if you would like to go to my gym tomorrow morning. Mike is not going to the anymore with you? No, he always has a reason not to go anymore lately. Plus he paid for the year membership already and I told him that I was going to ask you if you wanted to go. What did he say about that? He told that would be a good idea to get you out of the house. Jessica I go and pay the remaining membership because this body needs to get back in shape. You have a good body Paul and I wish Mike had your body. Thank you..Mike is a lucky guy to have you and with a great body with it. Stop it...I need to lose some weight and tone up my butt. What time do you get to the gym? 7AM...sure see you tomorrow. Take care Paul bye.

I got up out of bed, brush my teeth, and put on some shorts and t-shirt to drove to the gym parking lot. I didn’t see her SVU yet so I sat in my car waiting for her 10 mins till 7AM. I noticed her driving in and started walking to the gym doors. I yelled Jessica as she turns around..Good morning Paul and sorry I was a little late as she gave me a hug. Good morning and no problem it’s only 7:03. She was wearing some spandex pants and a white sports bra that looked good on her. We checked in and headed to the free weight area. Both of us started stretchy first and bending over touching our toes facing each other. Paul can you help me get a stronger stretch on my legs? Sure, as she layed on her back lifting her right leg up in the air for me to push back toward her body. O Paul pushed it slow because I have not stretched like this way for a long time. No problem I will take it easy on you but no pain no gain. I don’t mind a little pain if it’s worth it as she smiles at me. As I was pushing her leg back I noticed her nipples starting to appear behind her sports bra. She switched legs and completed that stretch and she asked if I needed a stretch too. No, I am good for now because I am going to start off slow today since it’s been a good 9 months without hitting the weights. Did you have a baby? I looked at her like what...I get it now...as we both lol.

She grabbed some 15lbs hands weighs and I grabbed 30lbs in each hand as we both did some curls looking at the mirrors. Jessica you have nice form lifting them. Thanks. You are not doing bad with 30lbs after having a baby...lol We moved to the bench press as I spotted her looking down at her seeing her nipples clearly now. I asked her are you ready? Yes, as she grabs the bar and I helped it to her chest and released the bar. I watched her start pushing the bar up to do a set of 10 reps as her chest came up as she pushed the bar. In my head I watched her nipples come through her sports bra more as the sweat build up on her body working out. After she completed the set I added some weight and got on the bench and my head rested looking up at her. I grabbed the bar as she reached over spotting me to my chest as she rested her thighs against my head. I can feel her sweat on the side of my face as I started my set and looking at her leaning over me. She encouraged me to push the weight up each time as we had eye to eye contact with her. I felt a connection and I think she did to but in my head I said I can’t. We completed 3 sets and she said let’s move to the treadmill for some cardio. I walked behind Jessica and she looked damm good in the spandex as we got on each treadmill.

We started talking about everything from work, fitness, sports, Wendy, and the future. She shocked me telling me she is not sure Mike is every going to ask her to marry her after 6 yes together. I asked her did you every ask him if he wanted to get married and kids? No, not really and never talked about kids. Do you want kids? Yes, definitely want kids. How many? 3 or 4 but if I was younger maybe 5 or 6. Wow..you want to be a baby factory. She reaches over and hits my arm as we had a fast walk. Paul do you want kids? Yes, but I can’t do it alone...Jessica so do you know anyone willing to have my kids. Not right now, but if I was single I would be after you. Really? Yes, you are a great catch. Not catch and release like Wendy? No, I still don’t understand her leaving you after so much time because I heard you had it all. Really what did she tell you about me? Well you have a great heart for others and very good to her in many ways. Plus I see how you treated her and sometimes I was jealous of her. I wish Mike treated me like you treated her. Mike is good to you. Yes, but not like when we started dating he was all over me. Talk to him and see what the future looks like. Yes, I think I will do that. I am done as I stepped off the treadmill. Paul you want to workout on the legs tomorrow? Sure, I need to workout so I will see you tomorrow as we walked out of the gym.

I showed up at the gym like yesterday waiting for Jessica when I got a text “Running late just got up and need to put on some clothes on and should be their in 10 mins”. I texted back joking around “Just come as you are”...lol No problem no rush. She drove up like a race car in the SUV and parked next to me. She looked so hot today in yoga short and another white sports bra as she walked over to me as I was getting out of my car. Sorry Paul I am running late..no problem it’s all good because I have to wait for you to get me in the gym anyways. O yes, I should just give you his membership card so you can come as you wish to the gym and not wait for me. You are worth the wait. She looked at me with a smile and said thank you for that. It’s true. We walked into the gym and hit the leg press area but stretched first. I helped her stretch out the hamstrings as I pushed her legs back and noticed her camel toe as she closed her eyes with an OOO sound out of her mouth with the stretch. You ok? O yes, I feel the stretch more today. I kneed down and got her other leg as I pushed back rubbing her hamstring out with the stretch. O Paul that feels good what you are doing so can you do that to the other leg? Sure, as I switched legs I place my right hand on her heel pushing it up and rubbed her hamstring and gluteus with my left hand. Damm Paul you have the touch....O My you are killing me. I released her leg slowly and asked her are you ok? O Yes, that felt good on my hamstring. I helped her up as she told me let me help you stretch out so lay down. I lifted my left leg as she grabbed it push it back against me and she started rubbing my hamstring. Paul does that feel good? Yes, as she switched my legs doing the same thing to it. I noticed her resting against me as my right leg was now between her legs as I moved it up a little to just touch her. I felt a little moisture on my leg and her weight on my leg a little more as she rubbed my hamstring as I told her you got it. I told her I am good and she said me too. I joked with her I am glad it was as good for you as it was for me. She gave me a easy hit to the stomach..You are a pig Paul. I just joking...Yes I know andI like a little pig sometimes.

Let’s hit the leg press as she sits on the bench and places her feet to the plate. She tells me to put the pin in at 150 lbs. Jessica you are good to go now as she started the press as I stood to the side then moved to stand in front. Come on Jess 2 more...you can do it. She got done and walked to the back to put the pin at 225 as I told her. I started as she moved in front of me encouraging me to push to 20 reps for the set and noticed her camel toe had some wetness. We wrapped up the 3 sets on the machine and she walked over to another one facing down with back leg curl for the hamstring & gluteus workout. I watched her as her but firmed up each time she pulled the weights toward her butt. Just as she finished I told her you have some great cuts in the muscle and specially the gluteus looks great. You like my gluteus? Yes, I mean you have a real nice body I mean butt. Wow, now I have a nice body and butt too. Keep talk...as she laughs as I stood speechless until I said my turn. I laid on the bench face down as I moved my legs under to start lifting the weights. I started pulling the weights and it was very easy because I still had her weight pin in at 100lbs. Jessica can you change it to 200lbs for me? Sure, anything to help your gluteus Paul with a laugh. I worked my set and Jessica tells me you have some nice gluteus. I wanted to see if she would bite as I asked her do you want to feel my gluteus? Sure, as she grabbed my right gluteus and tells me you are all muscle. Thank you.

I got up as she got back on the bench for her final set as I watched her complete the set. She looked over to the toward me and asked me do you want to feel my gluteus? I would love too as I reached down and placed my hand on her gluteus with hand roll to her inner thigh to feel some skin too. You have a nice touch Paul. Let’s go do some squats as we both walked over to the machine. Jessica inserted the pin and went to setup herself to start the squats as I stood behind her. I watched her and looked at her yoga shorts tighten around her butt. We both completed the sets and slowly started to exit the gym to the cars. Paul you up for the gym tomorrow same time? Yes, that will work. I will be on time tomorrow and will not come as I wake up either Paul because I sleep in my birthday suit. Wow thanks for the heads up to call before showing up in the morning at your place. Lucky Mike! Bye Paul as she gets in her SUV.

The next morning was almost the same way as of yesterday as Jessica was running a little late to the gym and I texted her 5 mins after 7AM. Where are you? and got no reply back at all. I drove back home and got ready to go to work. As I was about to drive out of my driveway my cell phone rang as I noticed it was Jessica so I pickup and said hi Jessica. Paul I am sorry I missed the gym and your text but it was a bad night for me. What’s wrong may I ask? I spoke to Mike about our future and he exploded saying I was rushing him on marriage. I don’t know why I never asked him the first year dating if he wanted kids and surprised by telling me he didn’t want kids. I don’t know what to do now in my life because I have no family to go to. Jessica I am sorry to hear about this news and if you need a place call me because I have 3 extra rooms. She started crying and I asked where are you? I am my SUV in my office parking lot. What time do you get off? 5PM. Come to my house after work and let’s talk. Ok, Paul I think that would be a great idea. Great...see you at 5PM and don’t worry something will work out for you I promise.

I departed my office around 4:30 to head to the liquor store for some wine and beer because I was completely out of it all. I drank a lot after Wendy departed me. I got home and went to change out of my suit into some shorts and T-shirt. Jessica drives up as I open up the second garage door for her to park in as I waved her inside. After her SUV was completely in I closed the door and she walked out of it as I stood in front. She walked towards me and before she got to me started crying as I opened my arms for her to hug. We hugged each other as I told her you are a strong woman and will overcome this part of life. I told let’s go inside as I guided her into the house from the garage into the kitchen. She was wearing a skirt with a top that looked like silk but wasn’t. I asked if she wanted a drink wine or beer? White wine please and handed her a glass of white wine and I had a beer. Are you hungry? No, not right now but thank you Paul. Jessica let’s go sit on the couch and talk in the living room.

Jessica so have you spoke to Mike today? No, because he has not called me nor I have no clue what to say to him right now. I don’t know if I should stay at his place until I save some more money or move back home to my parents in Virginia. Why don’t you stay here until you find out what you want to do? Paul thank you for the offer and very sweet of you but not sure I can. Why not? I can’t. You can tell me anything as we are friends and you can trust me Jessica. I still love Mike but I know I have no future with him anymore and I think I have feelings for someone else for sometime too. Let me cook you dinner and we can talk in the kitchen. You don’t have to cook for me. I not cooking for you because I am cooking for us. I started to bake a chicken breast with rice and vegetables. I poured her some more wine and got another beer as the dinner was cooking. She walked over to me as I was stirring the rice and gave me a kiss on my cheek. Thank you for being a great friend Paul specially right now. Jessica you are a special person to me because you always checked on me when Wendy & I split up.

I made her a plate and myself as I carried it to the dinner table. I pulled out the chair for her to sit down and sat down across from her. I grabbed my beer to raise it up to Jessica and told her to a better future for us both. Yes, I will drink to that Paul. We ate the dinner and talked about the future goals in life as I poured her some more wine and got another beer. Paul you are a good cook. Thank you..I only cook for special people. I am special? Yes, you are to me. You have been my little angel watching out for me with all the shit I went through with Wendy and helping me get my body back in shape. Paul you are in shape based on my eyes. You are not bad to look at either. I need to work on my stomach and specially after this meal. Your stomach is fine! She stands up and pulls her top up to show me her stomach as it’s flat and smooth in my eyes. I could eat off your stomach like it was a plate because it’s flat. Stop it and tell the truth. Jessica you have a great body and Mike should be grateful to have you as his girlfriend. In my head I should’ve have said Mike’s name because the tears started from her now. I got up and walked over to her tell her sorry I brought up Mike’s name. I gave her a hug as she was still seating down at the table from behind the chair. She slowly stood up to face me.

Paul you are one of the sweetest guys I have ever met in my life and you make me feel so wonderful when I am with you. She hugs me and held me tight for sometime as I rubbed her back telling her you will recover from this part of life and you can lean on me anytime you need me. She looks up at me then places her lips on me as she kisses me strongly as she moves her tongue inside my mouth. We kissed a good 30 seconds as I broke the kiss and told her. I don’t want either one of us to regret anything we are doing right now because I care for you a lot and I like Mike as a friend. Sorry Paul. No don’t be sorry because I think we both needed that kiss. She smiles at me as I did the same back. I should go home now before we do something that we shouldn’t do right now. Ok, but remember you have a place to stay here if you need a bed. Paul thank you but I need to find out what I am doing next in my life as she gave me another short kiss on the lips. See you at the gym tomorrow.

I was about to head out to the gym when I got a text from Jessica “Can we skip the gym and come over and talk?”. Absolutely the garage door is open for you to park inside. Some reason I got a semi hard-on thinking about her coming over now. I heard her SUV drive into the garage and I closed the garage door. I noticed her walking toward me with dry teary eyes as I asked her are you ok? Paul I am better now that I am here as she came in and gave me a hug. You are in good hands now as we walked in the kitchen. Do you want any coffee or tea? Coffee would be great..thanks. I poured her and me a cup as walked to the couch. Jessica I am feeling down this morning because I am going to see your gluteus at the gym. She hits me in the stomach as I I spilled my coffee on my lap. I got up fast putting my cup down on the table as I pulled my shorts away from my body. I am sorry Paul you ok? Yes, I am fine now as I held my shorts. Let me go change my shorts as I walked to my room and came back to sit back on my couch next to her. I grabbed my coffee and asked I am ok to hold my coffee? Yes, just don’t talk about my gluteus.

So how was last night Jess? It was ok, Mike was drunk when I got home and was in the bed sleeping already so I slept on the couch. Not a good night sleep because I was thinking about you and the offer. So Paul is your offer still stand if I could move in until I get my feet under me? Yes, Absolutely. She puts her cup down and reached over to me as she hugs me “Thank you”. I will pay you some money to stay here. No need to pay me anything. No, I insist to pay you something. I put my cup down before my next comment. I am just joking now..Jess you can pay me by letting me feel your gluteus. Sure I would like that as she turned around to let me feel her gluteus. I placed my hand on her butt for a squeeze as she watched me. I am not going to lie to you Paul but I like that hand. I am not going to lie either I love your ass!

She turned around toward me and sat on my lap. Paul I know we shouldn’t do anything but I want to because I like you a lot as she kisses me. We started making out for a long time feeling each other up as I was dying for my shorts to come off. She broke the kiss to stand up and remove her sports bra. Damm you are so fun fucking hot Jessica. I stood up and kissed her strong and deep as I pushed her yoga shorts down to feel her ass. We slowly walked kissing to my room as she kicked off her shorts. I broke the kiss and just want to make sure you are ok with us doing this now? Yes, I am 100% sure I want you. We get to my bedside and she slowly pulled my shorts & boxers as she kneed down. I looked at her eyes below as she looked up at me.

WOW Paul you are a horse. I might need to rethink about this now...you better be easy on me. That other guy is half your size. Let’s not talk about the other guy and enjoy each other now. She moved her lips around my head and slowly sucked on me and it felt great because it’s been a long time for me. I placed my hands of her face as she sucked me feeling her beautiful face. Jessica you feel so good and not sure if I am going last 5 mins with your lips. She looked up at me and parted from me to tell me cum in my mouth because I need my protein today as she moved back on me. She moved down my cock almost 3/4 and then I felt her hand rubbing my balls. That pushed me over as I told her I am going to cum. She got stronger sucking as I exploded in her mouth with many streams of my cum deep in her mouth and throat. She looked up at me as I noticed some cum on her lips as to moved off my cock. Paul you had a lot for me. Yes, you pulled it out of me with that smile. Lay down on the bed because it’s my turn.

Jessica you have a beautiful body as she fall on the bed looking up at me. I got on my knees and pulled her pretty pussy to me. She had a little patch of brown hair at the top and her lips were small and tight. I parted her lips and rolled my tongue as I hear her gasp. O yes, Paul that feels good. I moved my thumb over her clitoris as I rubbed it and moved my tongue back and forth inside her very wet pussy. O yes Paul as I felt her hands on the back of my head pushing me deeper in her. Then I felt her legs close up on my head as she gasped and cums. O yes Paul you got me as I didn’t stop licking her as she tried to push my head away as she stakes from cumming. Wow Paul that was the best I have ever had in my life. Your pussy is the best tasting one I have ever had too. She tells me I guess your tongue was made for my pussy. Yes, just ask and I would love to eat you.

I walked to my bed side and was reaching for condom. Paul no need for one because am on the pill and I like to feel the real think inside me. Ok, I love to feel you inside too. Paul be easy with that animal because you are very big for me. I placed my head against her lips and slowly push myself in her as her lips slowly wrapped around my head. O Paul you are big..go slow. I rested my head a little longer then pushed in a little deeper. She pulled her legs around and placed her heels against my ribs. I asked her are you in pain please tell me? No, not yet. Ok, can you move your feet off my ribs and around me? Yes, sorry it’s habit for me to do that sometimes. I moved back and in as she started to like it more and no fear of pain. O yes, Paul fuck me deeper now because I am going to cum again. I moved my face to her right tit and sucked it as I moved deeper in her. O fuck Paul..keep doing that to me. I did it again as I pushed myself deeper in her as I felt her legs hug me and then I felt the wetness on my cock. I moved my face up to her lips as she kisses me the strongest. I rolled over so she was on top of me now and told her to fuck me as fast, deep, and hard as you wish.

She started riding me with slow long strokes as I rubbed her nipples. Paul you feel so deep in me and can’t last a long time in this position without cumming again. I pinched her nipples as she looked at me telling me to keep doing that. I felt her moving faster as I continue playing with her nipples as I looked at my cock moving in & out of her. My cock was covered with her white sweet cream as I felt pop down fully on me as released herself again. O fuck, O fuck..2 times already Paul. I am not done with you sexy. You can have me anytime if you can fuck me this way. Turn around so I can fuck you doggy so I can see that sweet ass as she did as I told her like she was hypnotized. She leaned up and grabbed my cock to slide it back in her like it was her toy. I placed both hands on her ass to feel her smooth skin and it’s firmness. I love your body Jessica and I want bite that sweet ass as I slap it. Ouch you bad boy. You like that? Yes, but not to hard. Did it again. O Paul that is turning me on more for some reason as I do it again with both hands. Ride me Jessica take it all as I held her up a little with my hands and moved my hips up & down in her faster & deeper. O fuck Paul, O fuck, O,O,O Fuck don’t stop I am going to cum again. I felt her tighten up on me and my balls did the same as we cum together. O Jess, O Jess as I shot myself deep inside her as she released herself too.

She rested her body on me as I slapped her ass..ouch Do that again? I did it again...ooo I think I am likeing my ass slapped with your hand. Get in doggy so I can fuck really goodI and your sweet little ass. I got behind her and looked at her spread and damm she has a small asshole. She will never let me touch that ass with my cock. I still had my semi hard cock in my hand stroking it and I rubbed my thumb over her pussy lips. I got my thumb wet as I pulled it out and slowly moved it over her asshole. She didn’t say anything with that move and did it again. Paul I will have to be drunk for you to fuck my ass with your cock. So my thumb is ok sober as I moved over it again? Maybe if you want any shit on it because I haven’t gone yet today.

I pushed my semi hard cock back in her as we both felt each other. I got myself in her and slowly moved my hips as I felt my cock getting harder in her. How do I feel from behind? I love it how big and deep you are in me. You tell me when you want it harder and deeper? I love it anyway you want to give it to me now because I think I can handle you now in my life. In my head I went “O Shit” she has already fell in love with me. I picked up speed as I held her hips pulling her toward me as I push my hips in her sweet tight pussy. O Fuck Paul I can’t believe you are going to make me cum again if you keep fucking me at this pace. Good to hear as I picked up my speed to a Porn star speed slamming myself in and out holding her hips. She was gasping for air and saying sweet dirty words to me until she yelled out O baby cum in me as I felt her tightness on my cock. The balls was ready to pop my juices as I gave her one more deep hard pump in her as I let loose of my seeds again. She fell completely flat on my bed as I rested still in her and on her back. I kissed her neck as she turned her head to the side. I kissed her cheek and told her you almost wore me out. Well you wore me out if that makes you feel better. I rolled off her laying on my back as she was next to me.

So are you still want to move in with me? She moves to her elbows then moves over my face and tell Hell YES! I couldn’t have a better roommate in my life. You are not bad yourself as she said I am not bad as she grabs my hands holding me down. I moved my hands up as she try’s to hold me down and wrapped my arms around her kissing her strong and deep. As we broke the kiss she rested on my chest and asked me how do I move my stuff here without pissing Mike off? Good question let’s have breakfast and think it over a little more. Go hit the shower as I cook breakfast Jessica and extra toothbrushes are under the sink. Wow I think I am going to like living here: Good fuck, nice place, cooking me food, and I relax in a shower. Do you do laundry and windows? Get your ass in the shower before I request that ass now. I called work and told them I would be in around 10AM. I started cooking breakfast and Jessica came out with a towel wrapped around her. It smells really good and I can’t believe how we have connected lately. Here is your plate as we sat at the kitchen island eating breakfast and talking. I agree and I don’t want this to sound bad. I never understood how you and Mike got together in the first place because you both are different in many ways. Yes, I been thinking the same thing lately the Pro’s vs Con’s too.

I need to head to work by 10AM so are going to work or going to house to pack up your stuff? I think I should pack up some stuff now and get the remaining stuff out this weekend. I think that is a good idea. What are you going to tell Mike where you are staying? I will tell him the truth because I don’t want to lie about it. Is that ok Paul? Yes, what ever you want to do. If I lie telling him I am staying with another friend and she see my SUV here it would piss him off more I think. True! Paul go get ready for work and I will clean up because you cooked me breakfast. I walked over to her wrapped my arms around her as I gave her a kiss on the neck and moved my hand between her legs as I slide my finger into her pussy. O Paul fuck me again before go to work. I picked her up and carried her to the bed again for a quick missionary fuck.

We kissed as are bodys were locked together as she wrapped her legs around me. I moved my hand to my cock as I guide it to her pussy lips and pushed my hips toward her body as I went right in not like the first time. O Paul I love your cock in me. I am glad you love it because it can be your if you play your cards right...as she looks at me with a look..just joking Jessica. O really? Yes. Then fuck me because it was better earlier...lol O really? Yes use that tool on me. I moved my mouth to her right nipple and used my teeth on her as I still pumped myself slowly in her. I was feeling her legs getting closer to my back. Getting close already? Yes, if you keep this pace up so I stopped and rested inside her sucking her nipple. Paul don’t stop fucking me...moved it back as my head felt cool air and slammed in back in..O Shit...I did it again...O Paul...You are so deep in me doing this and it’s feels good with a little pain. Do you like it? YES...keep doing it baby. Slammed it in again as I felt her nails in my back this time. Do again because I am cumming? I slammed it again and then started pumping her until she cums. O Paul you are unbelievable. I pulled out and told her to lay over the side of the bed as I want you from behind. She did as I asked and popped myself back in her sweet wet pussy. I knew I would not going to last long in this position because she feels so good as I pumped myself in her. You ready for it? Yes, but can I have it in my mouth? Sure, I pulled out and she went to her knees to suck my wet pussy juice hard cock. She was looking up at me sucking my cock and couldn’t hold it anymore as her eyes told me she was ready for it. I move my hand behind her head and released my load in her mouth. O Jessica! I pulled her up and gave her a quick kiss as I headed to the shower.

I gave Jessica a key to my house as I told you always have a place her then headed off to work. Got to work and went as normal so I headed home at 5PM. I was surprised when I came home to see Jessica SUV in the garage and when I walked into the house I smelled something really good in the air. I heard the bathroom door open and Jessica came out in yoga shorts and t-shirt no bra that I immediately noticed. Hi Paul how was your day and I am cooking us dinner. I hope you like stir fry chicken? Sure, it smells great. I hope you don’t mind me cooking this early because I would like to talk more about my move in plan. Sure, I am hungry right now. I hope you are talking about food and not me because I am a little sore...lol Really? Yes, I have not had your size ever or come so much in a short period of time. I am sorry you are sore. Paul don’t feel bad because I love every minute with you and every inch on you too.

I am going to change and be right back to help you with dinner. I walked into my room seeing some shorts and a T-shirt laying on my bed for me with a note “Thank you for everything you are doing for me! Love, Jessica”. I changed then walked out to Jessica as I came behind her with my arms wrapped around her. I will always be her for you and I got your back always too. Thank you Paul as she turned her head and gave me a kiss. I released her and got some plates for dinner as she spooned the stir fry on the plates. I asked her what would you like to drink? Water is good for me..Ok I think that might be a good idea. We sat down to enjoy a good meal and talked a little more on her position with the move in and Mike. Paul I am thinking about going to talk to Mike tonight and break the news I am moving out this weekend. Are you going to tell him you are moving in with me? Yes, because you are the only true friend that we both trust until I decide what I am going to do in my life. I understand and good plan telling him you are living here too.

I will do the clean up so you can head over to Mike’s and good luck! Thank you as she gives me a quick kiss on the cheek as I clean the plates. She departed and finished up the cleaning as I headed to the couch for some TV. I was watching TV as I fell asleep as I normally did a lot after Wendy departed the house. Jessica came back into house as I was sleeping and she kneed down next to me. Paul I am back as she whispers in my ear and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I woke up quickly when her lips touched me. Paul it’s me..O Jess you scared the shit out of me...as she laughs sorry baby. I was trying to get my eyes to focus and noticed she was crying at Mike’s with dry tear look and red eyes. You ok? Yes, I guess. Come here as I opened my arms to her as she stood up and laid on the couch with me in my arms. Tell me what happen if you want too?

Well it started ok as I asked Mike to sit down at the table. I told him it would be best for us to part ways because we are going in different paths in life. I want to get married and have kids and you don’t want either. Mike started with a high voice telling me that I knew he didn’t want to get married or kids years ago. I told him we never talked about it and that was both on us. Then he stood up yelling at me telling me that I am a lier and told me to get the shit out of his house. I told him it’s our house because we have both are names on the lease. You are still going to pay the rent until the lease is over Jessica. Ok, we only have 3 months remaining so that is fine and I will switch over the utilities in your name tomorrow. He lost it after that pushing me out of the house and told him to let go of me or I will call the police. He pushed me out the door. She started crying as I held her in my arms telling her you are ok now. She looked up and thanks to you and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

I told her let’s get ready for bed and we can talk more because it’s 9:30PM now. Paul are you coming to my room or do I go to yours? You pick. My bed because I have new clean sheets..as she laughs because I think yours need to be changed. You don’t like the smell of sex sheets? I do if it’s fresh but not tonight because my pussy is sore. I went to my bathroom to brush my teeth and take a piss before going to her bed. I walked in the bedroom as I see her coming out of the bathroom in only a night shirt on. She walked over to me to wrap her arms around my neck looking up at me. Paul you have no clue how much I am thankful to have you in my life right now as she kisses me. I wrap my arms behind her back to pull her closer to me as we continue to kiss. I moved my hands to her butt as I felt it with both hands. She breaks the kiss O Paul I better stop it. We don’t have to stop as I pick her up and lay her back on the bed. We kissed some more and I asked you sure you don’t want any? Paul I would love to have some of you but seriously my pussy is really sore. Ok, let’s get some sleep for the gym tomorrow morning.

We moved under the sheets and she scooted up next to me to place her head on my chest looking at me. Paul I know it’s only been 24 hrs being with you but I have never felt so good with any man in my life in such a short time. To be honest with you I always had a good feeling when I was around you even when you dated Wendy. If we are going to be honest I told Wendy many times how did Mike land Jessica. She would joke around it must be the bedroom. Jessica laughed so hard. I know why Wendy always had a smile on her face with you because of that big tool. May I ask you a question? Sure as long as I can ask you questions? Sure deal. Lady’s first. How was Wendy? What do you mean? Dead or Fish out of water in bed? WOW never heard of it that way but I like it. She was a fish out of water most of the time until the last 6 months. How was Mike? Boring most of the time because I had to do everything. I fucked him he never fucked me even doggystyle. Wow..with your sweet ass. I will fuck you anytime you want it and specially doggy. I know and can’t wait to find out more of you.

Mike never exploded your body or anything crazy with toys? No, but I have 2 toys. What do you have? You find out this weekend when I get all my stuff. Did you do anything crazy with Wendy? Yes, in the early days with toys. Like? We bought 4 toys (3 hers & 1 me) Wow please tell more Paul. I have a cock ring and she had 1 rabbit, anal plug, and anal beads. Wow I didn’t know Wendy was into anal and how did she handle you with that tool. She never let me in her and we got the toys to help her for it but it didn’t work. Did you do anal with Mike? No, he thinks it’s dirty to do. So you wanted to try it? Yes, I am mixed feelings about it because I hear it’s painful specially with your size. I would never force myself on or in you if you said no with anything. Thank you for that I want to try many things in my life with the right person. Do you know anyone? No, but would I be ok? She give me a kiss yes.

Paul I am sore but you are fine as she went under the sheet as. I felt my shorts pulled down. She placed her hand on my semi-hard penis and then the feeling of her mouth on my head. O Jessica you don’t have to but I am not going to stop you either as I felt her laugh with my cock in her mouth. That feels good with you laughing with my dick in your mouth. She laughs again..O Jessica. She started pumping me with her hand and she sucked my head with her tongue movement. O Yes keeping doing that...as I was feeling that good feeling boiling inside me. I placed my hand on her shoulder as rubbed her smooth skin as I told her I am cumming. I blow my load in her mouth as she swallowed it all then moved to suck my balls. O Jessica that feels so good. She moves up my body kissing me and moves to my chest as she gives me a little nipple bite. Come up her sexy. She moves up to me as I plant a kiss on her as I look at her eye with a little surprise look. After the kiss I asked her are you ok? Yes, I am surprised you wanted to kiss me after the blowjob. Why not...You will not kiss me if I was eating you out? I will kiss you anytime when we have sex. Mike would not kiss me after I gave him head.

WOW..Paul you just got more points with me. Doing points system now? How many points do I need to win the Grand Prize and what is that prize? Right now you just got 10 points for kissing me after head. You need 100 points to get the Grand Prize “It’s me” for life. Sweet...what is my total points so far? Let me think about and get back you tomorrow. Paul I am going to ask you a question that I think I know it’s a yes but I don’t need any sex. Shoot..Can I sleep in the nude? Sure, it’s your room and you can be nude all the time in this house if you wish too. Really. Yes! She got out of bed to remove the nightshirt andI got back in the bed with her back against me. Can I do the same? Yes, as long as you don’t have any wet dreams in my bed. I slapped her ass under the sheet..ouch why did you do that. Smart ass comment...lol I removed my clothes and wrapped around my arm around her as my semi rested against her ass. Jessica your skin is so soft and smooth. I lube up after I shower so that helps my skin stay this way. I moved my hand slowly between her legs as I moved my finger over her lips. O Paul please stop because they are really sore. Yes, I was checking if your skin as soft down here too as she gives me her elbow to my chest. You are very bad...but I love it. Goodnight sweetie!