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My Asian Treat Pt.5

2022-06-21 00:00:04

My Asian Treat Pt.5

Dinner Out With Kayko

The smile on Kaykos face said it all. She was smiling from ear to ear and her pussy began massaging my dick again at a nice even pace, sucking me deeply into her. I kissed her again, sliding my tongue into her mouth which she sucked on hungrily. I had the feeling in the pit of my stomach that this was the start of something special. Kayko is absolutely fantastic, and I have enjoyed every second that I’ve spent with her. Hugging her close to me I started walking again. Kayko was resting her chin on my shoulder with her arms and legs around my back as I headed through the garden toward my guests quarters. When I reached the intersection of the path that came from the main house past the pond heading toward the guest house I came across Hirito. He had just arrived home and was stopping by to see how things were going for me. I stopped in the path a few steps from him still holding Kayko with my dick solidly buried up inside her.

“Hello Mike,” he said with a bow. “I see my sister is taking good care of you,” he said with a smile.

I have to admit that my heart was pounding a little hard. Kaykos milking action on my dick was fantastic, making it a little hard for me to concentrate. Kayko looked over her right shoulder at her brother who just stood there with an approving expression on his face.

“Yes she is,” I replied while glancing from him back to her. Turning to face me again, Kayko just smiled and switched back to the rippling effect on my dick. That little minx was torturing me!

Hirito looked us up and down for a moment before he continued, “I have business in the city tonight and will stay at my apartment there.” Then he sharply called out, “Kayko!” causing my sweet Asian doll to snap her head around. The next things he said were in Japanese. Kayko gave a small nod and said “Hy.”

“I will see you later,” Hirito said with a bow before turning and walking back to his own place.

“What did your brother say?” I inquired as I resumed our walk to the guest quarters.

“My brother said we are to have dinner in the city tonight.”

“Do we have to go now?” I asked as I pumped her up and down on my dick a few times.

“No.” she answered with a big smile, “Our reservations are not until 8.”

“Perfect!” I answered as I climbed the stairs to my quarters and kicked my shoes off. It was now time for some serious fucking!

As I walked into the house Kayko began unbuttoning my shirt. She leaned back away from me and pulled my shirt out of the waist of my pants, never once stopping the gripping and releasing of my dick inside her. Then, one arm at a time she pulled my shirt off and dropped it to the floor. I was just about to pull her off my dick to remove my pants when she stopped me.

“I can get it,” she said as she unbuckled my pants just above her crotch. “Hold me tight,” she said as she unlocked her legs from around my back.

With a firm grip on her waist she loosened her legs and allowed my pants to slide down my legs. Stepping out of them I was now completely nude except for my socks. Kayko immediately locked her legs around my waist again before untying the sachet around her waist. When her kimono slipped off her shoulders we were both naked. Kayko hugged herself against my bare chest, her hard nipples pressing against my skin felt like little rocks atop the soft mounds of her firm little breasts. She kissed me deeply as I walked us into the office and sat in the chair behind the desk. Kayko opened her legs, letting them dangle down to the sides of the chair, her feet not even reaching the floor. As soon as I was seated Kayko began her fabulous massage of my dick with her pussy.

“You feel so good deep inside me,” she whispered in between little kisses.

“I like being inside you,” I replied while leaning back in the chair a little and pressing my hips upward into her.

Kaykos full weight was now directly on my crotch. My dick was pressed so deeply into her I would swear I could feel her heart beating. With my hands free I rubbed her little nipples and massaged her breasts. I love the way she changes what she is doing to my dick by the way I rub her tits. It’s almost like playing a video game! A firm squeeze of her breasts leads to firm squeezing of my dick. I twirl her nipples around in my fingers brings about the rippling effect she does with her muscles. (I like that one!) She actually uses her pussy to suck on my dick! Kind of like the ultimate blowjob only with her pussy. But what is really nice is that when I experience a sensation that I like she will keep doing it when I let her breast go free. She is magnificent. I ran my hands all over her flawless skin while I enjoyed the sensations she was giving me. I drank in every curve of her body, the tiny crease at the corner of her mouth when she smiled, the decidedly Asian curve of her eyes, her beautiful black hair. Kayko was absolutely fantastic. Her expert manipulations and sensitivity to my state of arousal kept me hard as steel inside her for the next hour without her having to move up or down even once. (It really was an hour because I could see the clock on the desk) She brought me to a heightened state of arousal without taking me over the edge as we sat in the chair. The whole time Kayko watched me very intently with a look of satisfaction and content on her face. I was in heaven, and so was my dick!

“I love what you do to me,” I said as I pulled her down to give her a kiss. “You are so wonderful.”

Kayko smiled before pressing her lips against mine. When she opened her mouth I took the opportunity to stick my tongue in and search for hers. Kayko switched her manipulations with her pussy as we played tongue tag for just a few moments. Breaking away from our kiss she stopped with her face only inches from mine and looked deep into my eyes.

“You will cum in me now,” she said as she switched her slow massaging of my dick into something that more resembled hyper drive.

Instantly the sensations she was giving me increased by a factor of at least 10. I grasp her hips and held her down firmly as her expert pussy sucked and pulled at my engorged member. I looked up at her and quickly said, “I want you to cum too,” in between gasps for breath. Kayko changed the gripping of my dick a little and began grinding her crotch back and forth on my pelvic bone. Small moans emanated from her lips as she quickly approached an orgasm of her own. I was hanging on for dear life as her pussy sucked me into her. The room was spinning, my heart was pounding, and Kayko was starting to moan really loud. Suddenly she ground her crotch back and forth really fast and hard against my groin. I couldn’t take any more and began blasting cum deep into her. Kayko screamed with delight when the first hot rope hit the back of her pussy and began to fill her up. Her legs began shaking and she started having convulsive spasms as we both accelerated into orgasmic bliss. In a flash we were in a lip lock as our bodies reacted to each other, twitching, grinding, and cumming. I think if we could have climbed into each other’s skin we would have. Kayko clamped her pussy down hard on my dick as I spasmed inside her. The intensity of my orgasm was unequaled by any previous experience I had ever had.

Kayko finally started to grip and release my dick again, indicating that her orgasm was over and the situation was calming down. I hugged her tightly against me, burying my face between her neck and her shoulder. We were both breathing hard and slowly descending from our powerful sexual gift to each other. I don’t think either one of us wanted it to end. After several minutes Kayko sat upright, again putting her full weight on my crotch. She began massaging my dick from bottom to top as she pulled her black mane of hair back and dropped it behind her back. Her massaging was keeping my dick fully hard. She looked down at me with a coy grin on her face. I think she was proud of herself.

“I have something for you,” I said as I spun us around in the chair.

“I think you just gave me something,” she quickly replied with a devilish grin on her face and a little laugh.

“I got you these,” I retorted as I picked up the bundle of flowers and handed them to her.

Instantly Kayko stopped massaging my dick and clamped down hard with her pussy, holding me firmly in place. I don’t think I could have pulled out of her even if I had wanted to because her grip was so strong. The look on Kaykos face was priceless. I could see tears starting to well up in her eyes before they trickled down her cheeks. To see her reaction would make you think she was just named the impress of the world. Kayko brought the flowers up to her nose and took a deep inhale, closing her eyes to savor the flowers sweet aroma. When she reopened her eyes she looked directly at me with a big smile on her face.

“They are so beautiful. Thank you.” And she bowed while sitting on me.

“You definitely deserved something nice,” I responded while pulling her close to me.

Kayko threw her arms around my neck and kissed me long and hard. She ground her lips against mine, sucked on my tongue, and kissed literally every inch of my face. I guess no one had ever given her flowers before. At the same time she switched her talented pussy into hyper drive again. The sucking, milking, and massaging action quickly drove my state of arousal through the roof. Even though I had just had an orgasm a few minutes before, I was quickly blasting another load of cum up into her. As I grunted and groaned with each shot Kayko sat completely upright, throwing her head back and driving my dick as far into her as it would go so she could accept my load deep inside her. Again she clamped down on my dick, not allowing a single drop to escape from inside her. She was definitely sinking her hooks into me, and in being honest with myself I didn’t mind.

Thankfully my orgasm finally subsided. Kayko set her flowers down on the desk before bringing both of her hands down to the pit of her stomach, almost like she was cradling the pool of cum inside her. Leaning forward she touched noses with me.

“I like that,” she said with a shit eating grin on her face.

“Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger,” I replied as I collapsed into the chair.

“The Lone Ranger?” Kayko looked puzzled.

“It’s ok sweetie. I liked it too.” I didn’t feel like explaining the whole Lone Ranger thing right now, I was enjoying Kayko too much.

Picking up her flowers again Kayko said, “I will go prepare our bath.”

I was in no mood to argue, besides, I knew what bath time meant. Kayko couldn’t reach the floor with her feet so I had to literally pick her up off my dick. With a squishy slurp my dick pulled free and plopped down onto my stomach. Not a single drop of cum came out of Kayko. She must have had that thing clamped shut tight. I set her down on the floor and she immediately headed down the hallway, cradling her flowers against her chest. A quick glance over her shoulder revealed a big smile. I am glad I was able to make her so happy. Lord knows, what she does to me is beyond comparison!

Bath time was becoming a rather regular routine. Kayko washed and rinsed me, then I sat in the pool and watched her wash out the inside first, then the outside. It never failed, I was hard again just watching my sweet beauty. After rinsing she waded across the pool and sat down directly on my dick and started her slow and steady dick massage.

“Kayko,” I asked while running my hands all over her, “What else do you do besides make love to me better than anyone else in the world?”

She smiled at me before replying, “I have a degree in business management from Keio University of Tokyo. I also take care of the grounds here and I do all of the cooking.”

“I’m impressed. But how do you find the time to do everything and still get your degree?”

Kayko ran her fingers through my hair, massaging my scalp when she replied, “I rise early in the morning to take care of the grounds. Most of my classes were on-line so I had plenty of time for my daily exercise routine.” (She was referring to her pussy exercises)

Pulling her forward against my chest I gave her a little kiss. “I like what you do to me. You are fantastic.”

Kayko smiled really big and gave my dick several firm squeezes. “I would like to keep you inside me always. You feel so good.”

“I wouldn’t mind that either,” I replied. “But it would be a little difficult for me to give a presentation with your legs wrapped around my waist.”

Kayko laughed then stood up, allowing me to exit her. “Come, we must prepare for dinner.”

After drying me off, Kayko donned her short white kimono. “I must return to my place so I can dress.” Opening the door to the small bar in the wall, Kayko poured some Jack Daniels into a glass. Handing the glass to me she continued, “Wait here and I will help dress you when I return.” She bowed and quickly left the room.

I walked over to the window and watched her cute little ass disappear through the trees of the garden. I don’t know if I mentioned them before but Kayko has some absolutely fantastic legs as well. Within a few moments she was out of sight. I sat in the chair behind the desk and sipped on my whiskey. Kayko was growing on me.

While I waited for Kayko to return I turned on the computer. I figured I could at least catch up on the world news and maybe see the stock report. When the startup screen finally disappeared I was welcomed with an ever increasingly familiar sight. The wallpaper photo on the windows desk top was a picture of Kayko on her back, completely naked with her legs spread wide open and her fingers holding her pussy wide open, revealing the silky pink interior. Fuck the news! I sat and looked very intently at my sweet Kayko, feeling the stirrings of another erection. After one minute the computer timed out and the screen saver started to run. I was again treated to pictures of Kayko doing various things. The first photo was of her in the same short white kimono she just had on. She was standing in the garden next to the pond holding the kimono open, revealing her beautiful naked form underneath. The next was a picture of her doing some gardening while completely naked. Her delicious ass was pointing right at the camera. The next photo was of her sitting on the largest phallus on the saw horse in her back yard. She had this sultry wanton look on her face and her finger was pointing to a spot on her belly where the large wooden phallus reached up to. Her nipples were sticking out like spear tips, and her pussy lips were splayed out wide on the horses back. For the next fifteen minutes I watched the pictures change. In every picture she had her pussy on display for me. The last picture is undoubtedly my favorite. It’s a picture of Kayko lounging in a chair completely nude. Her hair is flowing down over her right shoulder, obscuring her right breast and a fair portion of her mid drift before spilling off to her side. She has her knees up on the arm rests with her legs spread wide apart. Her pussy lips are partially open and slick. Directly above her stomach she is holding the large grey 6 inch stone between the index fingers of her hands. It’s not the fact that she was holding the phallus that attracted me to the picture; it’s the look on her face. It’s maybe the warm smile on her lips, or her flawless skin with its even caramel color, or that beautiful raven black hair, I really can’t tell you except for the fact that the picture had me mesmerized. The photo of her was absolutely stunning. I never saw Kayko return to the room until she stepped up beside me and looked over my shoulder.

“I thought you might like a little reminder of me while you were doing your work,” she said right next to my ear.

I spun around in the chair to face her and my jaw dropped. Kayko was wearing a blood red Japanese kimono, the kind that looks like a pajama top with a flap that hangs down in the front and the back to mid-thigh. It was decorated with bright yellow and blue birds, green trees with white flowers and gold trim at the wrists and the hem. The big slits up the sides of the legs reached her hips. She had on black gartered stockings, the lacy tops visible through the slits at the sides, glossy black high heels, red nail polish and blood red lipstick. She had her hair pulled back on the sides and pinned in the back, allowing her black mane to flow freely as she moved. Her gold earrings, bracelet and wrist watch capped off the ensemble. The faintest whiff of perfume drifted past my nose as I sat there like an idiot, unable to speak with my dick sticking up from between the flaps of my robe.

“My god you’re beautiful,” was all I could muster while I gazed upon her from head to toe.

Kayko smiled and bowed slightly. “Thank you,” she replied while reaching onto the desk to pick up the plastic egg. “Would you mind?” she asked while placing the egg in my hand. “My nails are not completely dry yet.”

Positioning the egg in my right hand I lifted the front of her kimono with my left hand. “No panties?” I asked as I looked up at Kayko and smiled.

“I don’t own any,” she replied while taking a step toward me and squatting down a little.

“I like that,” I answered as I pushed the egg up into her, leaving just the black antenna hanging out. I brought my finger to my mouth and sucked her moisture off.

“I stopped wearing them ten years ago when I started my training,” she remarked as she stepped away from me and began to select my clothes.

She picked out my black suit with a white shirt and a tie that matched the color of her kimono. With my best shoes and my gold Rolex we were set. As we started to head out she picked up the remote for the egg and placed it in my hand. She then gave me a light kiss on the lips and whispered, “Turn me on whenever you like.”

The ride to the restaurant in the limo was nice to say the least. Kayko sat next to me with her legs crossed and her kimono riding high up her legs. The lacy garter tops of her hose around her firm slender thighs made my mouth water and my dick hard. She held my hand as we rode into the city, pointing out a few of the buildings on our route. I just couldn’t keep my mind, or my eyes, off those delicious hosed stems of hers. As she pointed out something else I flipped the switch for the egg to the on position. Kayko turned and looked at me with a big smile on her face, squeezing my hand.

Dinner was at an extremely expensive Japanese restaurant. I felt like a million bucks walking in with Kayko on my arm. Her graceful curves in the form fitting kimono combined with her stocking clad legs definitely turned a few heads. I became very aware of just how beautiful Kayko is and how lucky I am. After sitting at our reserved table Kayko ordered for both of us; Japanese steak, lobster, oysters, a really nice salad, and wine. Kayko made sure that I ate all of the oysters. Our conversation was lite and pleasant though I could tell she had many orgasms while sitting next to me. The egg had been on for almost an hour by this time. When it was time to order desert Kayko leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Your desert is ready.”

“Check please.”

As soon as Kayko and I were in the car she spread her legs wide apart. The whole inside portion of the lacy garters of her hose were covered with her sweet cream. In a flash my face was between her legs licking up her sweet juice. She grabbed two hands full of my hair and ground her crotch against my face. I didn’t mind at all because it helped me stick my tongue into her as far as possible. When I started to pull the egg out she stopped me.

“I have a treat for you,” she said as she pick up a short whiskey glass from the minibar in the car and handed it to me. “When I tell you to hold the glass between my legs and pull the egg out.”

“Ok,” I replied, though a little curious.

Kayko hit the button and opened the moon roof of the limo while kicking off her high heels. She also hit the button that closed the privacy screen between us and the driver. When the top was fully open she stood up through the hole and spread her feet apart. Lifting the front of her kimono she said, “Ok Mike.” I placed the glass between her legs directly under her pussy and pulled the egg out. At first nothing happened. Kayko then squeezed with her muscles and a thick steady stream of her cum flowed out of her pink pussy and into the glass, filling it almost half way. A second squeeze produced only a few drops before Kayko dropped the front of her kimono and rejoined me inside the car.

“Wow, that’s a lot,” I remarked as I held the glass up. “Cheers,” I said as I brought the glass to my lips and took a good sip. I smacked my lips and looked at Kayko as I swallowed. “Vintage 1974 Japanese,” I mused.
Kayko giggled while taking the glass from me. With her left hand she started to undo my fly and my belt. I didn’t need any more incentive than that and quickly shucked my pants down to my knees, freeing my blue steel erection. With a sultry look that would have made most men cum in their pants she leaned over and poured a fair amount of her cum onto my dick before enveloping it with her super soft and hot mouth. Not only was she giving me one of her fabulous blow jobs, she was eating her own cum off my dick! I leaned back as far as I could in the limo seat as Kayko bobbed her head up and down. My sweet Asian doll is absolutely fantastic at sucking dick. After a few minutes she pulled her head up and poured the rest of her cum right onto the head of my dick. Again her hot mouth closed down over my hardened dick as she sucked her cream off me. I enjoyed every last second as she took great care not to cause me to have an orgasm. For several minutes she sucked and licked with the utmost care and attention. Then, without saying a word, she raised her head from my groin, straddled my waist with her legs while lifting the front of her kimono, and sat down, taking my dick deep inside her. Her pussy was so wet that I slid all the way in without the slightest bit of resistance. When she was fully seated she clamped down with her muscles and froze in place.

I grabbed her hips and began pumping into her. Kayko gingerly put her finger to my lips and said, “Sshh. Not yet.” She then picked up the inner car phone and dialed the driver. She said something in Japanese before replacing the phone in its cradle. Immediately she started gripping and releasing my dick with her pussy.

“What did you tell the driver?” I asked while thoroughly enjoying what she was doing to me.

“I told him to take the long way home,” she replied before leaning forward and kissing me.

We made slow steady love in the car for the next hour while the driver drove through virtually every street in Tokyo. The dark tinted windows shielded us from anyone on the streets, so our love making was undisturbed. With Kayko seated on me I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Kayko never brought me to an orgasm, but she did maintain a heightened state of arousal in me with her expert pussy. When the phone rang Kayko answered it. “Konechiwa,” was all she said before hanging up the phone and climbing off my lap. Before I could say a word her head was back in my lap and my dick was back in her mouth. She licked and cleaned all of her juice off me before sitting upright and helping me pull my pants back up.

“End of the ride?” I asked as I straightened out my clothes.

“We’re home,” she replied just as the car came to a stop.

The last thing she did before the car door opened was to stick the egg back into her pussy. As her legs closed the car door opened. I climbed from the back of the car before helping Kayko out. Offering her a hand, she stepped out of the back of the car and spoke to the driver in Japanese. He bowed, closed the door and went back to the driver’s seat. As he drove away Kayko told me he would be back at seven thirty in the morning to take me back into town.

While walking back to the house with Kayko I held her hand. She clung to my hand tightly and wrapped her other arm around mine. I could tell things were starting to get a little bit serious.

“I really enjoyed dinner,” I said as we strolled toward the guest quarters.

“Me too,” she replied.

“I REALLY enjoyed the ride in the car,” I continued, watching a big smile come across her face.

“Me too,” she said again, hugging my arm against her tightly.

I reached into my pocket and turned the remote to the on position again, causing her to squeeze my hand again as the egg began humming inside her.

“I also really enjoy the fact that you don’t wear any panties.”

Kayko looked up at me and replied, “I am always ready for you. You may take me anytime you like.”

“I like that,” I replied as we climbed the steps to my quarters, “Because I feel the need to spend as much time inside you as I can.”

“Good,” was her reply. She had this devilish grin on her face as she stopped just inside the front door. Reaching behind her neck she unsnapped the collar of her kimono and let it fall to the ground. Kayko was completely naked except for her gartered stockings, shoes and jewelry. Stepping out of the garment she turned around and faced me, “because I want you inside me all night.”

Who am I to argue. I stripped off my clothes as we walked in to the sleeping room. As Kayko rolled out the sleeping mat I was just pulling off my last sock. Kayko motioned for me to lie down which I did eagerly. My cock was sticking straight up in anticipation of her hot little box enveloping it. Kayko did not disappoint me either. In one quick motion she threw her stocking clad leg over my waist and sat down firmly on my dick, driving herself down all the way to the base. But I was in for a real shock. The vibrating egg was still inside her! I could feel it pressed against the underside of my dicks head, shooting electric energy down the shaft all the way to my nuts.

“Oh my god!” I hollered as she clamped her muscles around my dick, increasing the sensation by 1000 percent. “I’m not going to be able to handle this for long,” I moaned as my dick began to tighten.

In the blink of an eye Kayko pulled herself off me, allowing my extreme arousal to subside.

“I guess you’re not ready for that,” she stated while digging into her pussy with two fingers to retrieve the egg.

“No,” I replied while watching her pull the slick cum covered egg from her pink hole. “I just want you.”

Kayko lit up like a beam of light had just illuminated her. A big smile came across her face as she looked into my eyes while sitting back down on my now subdued cock. “You want just me?” she asked.

“Yes sweetie,” I replied as she started massaging my cock with her pussy. “I want just you.”

Kayko and I made slow steady love until it was really late at night. Most of the time we let our hands explore each other’s bodies as my dick remained firmly planted inside her and her pussy milked it at a nice even pace. I was truly loving every minute with Kayko. Not just because she is the most outstanding, dynamic, super fantastic fuck of my life, but because her gentle demeanor, her sweet laugh and kind smile had really sunk the hooks into me. I was falling for her and I knew it. At 12:30 in the morning Kayko finally lay down on my chest and closed her eyes. Her sweet tight pussy still wrapped firmly around my dick.

“Goodnight lover,” she sighed as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

There is no way on this earth I could have been happier. I pulled the blanket up to the middle of Kaykos back and stroked her hair as I slowly drifted off to sleep. I was already looking forward to tomorrow.

End Pt.5