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The taste of life

2022-10-19 00:21:55

Kneeling down at Lacey's feet, I paused in helping zip up her black leather boots and looked up at her.

"Are you sure this is going to be ok? I don't want this to get in the way of what you have going on," I asked.

"Of course I'm sure Honey," she said, smiling down at me.

That smile and the spark in her eyes was all I needed. I bent back down to the job at hand and finished zipping up her knee length boots. My hands, however, continued up her legs, my fingers wandering near her uncovered and bare pussy before she slapped them away.

"Oh no you don't! This is all for Don right now, and none for you." She smoothed the hem of her skirt back down over her hips, the only fabric covering the wonderful delight between her thighs. "You know exactly what we agreed to. It's what you want, it's what I want, and I'm holding you to this...my dear cuckold bitch."

My cock stirred in the confines of my slacks at being called that by my love. She had kept me hard and wanting all day long, and the previous 3 days of denial certainly didn't help any either. This was all part of our game, our pre-arranged plans for this evening, but now that it was happening, I was finding it difficult to contain myself.

I watched as Lacey walked over to the mirror, accentuating her sway as she smiled at me in the reflection. She looked stunning in her black leather boots, short skirt, and thin white top, with her long blonde hair straightened and cascading down her back. She applied the last of her makeup and touched up her lipstick, then turned back to me.

"Ok Baby, it's time. Are you sure you're going to be okay with this?"

In answer to her questions, I stood up, walked the few steps over to her side and reached out to give her a kiss. Our lips connected, our tongues touched, and my cock throbbed. Our loving kiss lingered for a moment and then Lacey backed away.

"That's enough for you now. The rest is for Don, and then we'll see what you get afterwards. Now get your ass over to the chair." She pointed at the chair, expecting immediate compliance to her command as she slid easily into her role for the evening.

I backed over to the corner of the hotel room where the chair had been pre-arranged to view the entire room. Sitting down I could feel my heart beating harder then usual. Lacey bent down close to me, her cleavage directly in front of my eyes, her breasts barely contained in the tight, low cut blouse.

"I think the real question here is whether YOU are really prepared for this. Are you, my little cuckold? Is my boy bitch really ready and willing to watch me tonight?" She smiled lovingly with that twinkle still in her eyes as she asked me.

I swallowed harder then I thought I needed to, but I wasn't backing down now. I could feel the Grey Goose doing its own job in loosening me up, along with a little special herb. Besides, we had a safe word in case things got completely out of control for any of us. "Yes Lacey, I'm sure. I want this so badly I'm throbbing."

Lacey reached with one hand down to the bulge in my pants, feeling my raging hard-on, and her smile widened. "Ooooh, yes, yes you are. I think that I'm going to make a slight change in plans here. Take off your pants."

I looked up at her, unsure that I heard her correctly. "What?" I asked.

"I said take of your pants. NOW!"

Her commanding voice spun me into action and I quickly removed my shoes, socks and pants, then sat back down on the chair.

"That's better, my bitch," she said softly. She then took the bonds that we had brought with us and began to secure my wrists and ankles to the chair. The way she tied them made my hips jut out a bit which only made my now rock hard cock stick straight up and out in the air.

"Oh, that's very nice, very nice indeed. In fact, it's so nice I think I might have to touch you, but only just a little. We don't want you to blow too soon, and I certainly don't want to keep Don waiting for my sweet pussy." She bent down and gave my cock a few licks and a quick suck. The night had barely begun and I already felt like I was being tortured with desire!

My cock throbbed at her lips, and I tried to push my hips up toward her mouth, but the restraints worked well enough to keep me in place. She giggled slightly at my predicament.

"Oh, my poor baby. Such a hard cock sticking up like that and you can't do a damn thing about it. If this is what it's like for you now, just think what it will be like when...well...I'll just leave it to your imagination at the moment." She stood up and turned around, starting to head for the door.

"Please Lacey, please...will you give me just a dip before we get this all started? Please?"

Lacey stopped dead in her tracks. Oh shit. I wasn't supposed to talk once I sat in the chair. She turned around and looked at me, a devilish grin on her face. "What did you say?"

"Can I have a dip before you leave, please Lacey?" I had already spoken, so I figured I might as well say it again.


My head jerked to the side when her hand hit my face. It was completely unexpected and harder then usual. Tears actually welled up in my eyes.

"You are not to speak until I tell you, remember?" she asked in a voice that was as soft as her slap was hard.

I turned my head back to her and nodded.

"Ah, so now you remember and don't say anything," she said as she smiled. She bent down and reached into the bag on the floor next to the chair. "Just for that, I think I will change things up a little more."

Her hands came up and I could see she held a blindfold. "Do you want this on?" I shook my head. I didn't want to miss a damn thing!

"Too bad. Consider this payment for what you asked." She put the leather blindfold around my eyes, and the room went pitch dark. Her fingers then traced down my chest and to my cock, grasping it and pumping it slowly up and down a few times, before releasing me. I almost moaned out loud but was able to contain myself and stay quiet.

"Well, that was pretty good. Too bad you're going to miss seeing the start of things. But since you asked and you paid the price...well..." I heard the rustle of fabric and then felt her legs beside me, her leather boots against my legs, before her hand grasped my cock again and she ever so slowly slipped her dripping pussy down over my hardness. She sighed in pleasure as she pushed down on top of me, slipping my cock ever so slowly deep inside of her.

O..M..G..!!! She was sopping wet already, and nothing had really even started. She sat there on my lap for a moment, feeling me throb inside of her, dripping her wetness on my cock and balls, before pulling off of me as slowly as she had slid me inside.

"You asked for a dip, and there you go. Now you're paying the price with the blindfold, tied up in the corner like the cuckold bitch you are. I hope you enjoy this. I know I will." I heard her walk through the room, the door opening and closing, and then she was gone.

I was alone.

The music we had brought was playing softly in the background, or else with the blindfold on I probably would be going half out of my mind. At least I had something outside of my mind to cling to. I sat there in the silence and darkness, relaxing as best I could to the sounds of the music.

More songs then I expected passed before I heard the door open. My heart jumped into my throat as my mind quickly played out the scenario of housekeeping coming into the hotel room, finding a naked man tied up to a chair in the corner. But Lacey's soft voice quickly reached my ears and calmed at least that one fear. The door closed and a moment later I felt Lacey's presence next to me and heard her sweet voice whispering in my ear.

"Hello darling. I hope you're ready to enjoy this, because I'm not stopping this now for anything. I'm going to have the fuck of my life, right here in front of you. On the bed, bent over the couch, on the edge of the jacuzzi, wherever we want to take each other. Don's big cock is going to make me cum over and over while you sit here tied up like a good little cuckold, until I decide what to do with you...if anything."

My cock was coming alive quickly at the sound of her voice. I could smell the Grey Goose on her breath now, and I knew from the way she was just slightly slurring her words that she was plenty loose from the goose.

"Just so you know, Don finger fucked me while we sat in the booth in in the corner of the bar downstairs. It was amazing! I am dripping wet and I want his big cock so badly right now. So you just sit there with that raging hard-on and listen to me get the life fucked out of me by Don and his huge cock, like the good little cuckold bitch that you are. That's right, you know you are and this is going to happen now no matter what, because you're the cuckold and I'm in charge. So you just sit there and keep that fucking mouth of yours shut, you fucking bitch. I'm going to get myself laid now." She giggled and stood up, moving away from me.

It was then that I smelled the scent of another man's cologne in the room. Oh fuck..this was really happening! Here I was tied up in the corner of the room while Lacey and Don were about to fuck in front of me!

I heard a little soft talking, soft enough that I couldn't make out the words over the music playing. Without my sight I could only guess at the sounds I was hearing, but at first I was sure I heard the unmistakable sounds of them kissing. This went on for a few minutes interspersed with some quiet moaning from them both. Then I heard the rustle of fabric, the bed moving, and a moment later Lacey sighed heavily. Listening intently I could just hear what I envisioned was Don licking her sweet pussy, her juices being lapped up by his tongue. It wasn't too long before I heard Lacey gasping for air and the sound of her cumming hard on his mouth and tongue.

A few moments passed as Lacey was probably regaining her composure, and then I heard her say a little breathlessly, "Oh god Don, that was wonderful. Now it's my turn."

There was more movement in the room followed by the sound of a zipper and clothes being removed. The bed shifted some more and then I heard the very familiar sound of Lacey's mouth sucking cock. Little moans escaped her lips as they were wrapped around his cock. And then, "Oh god, you're so big I can't fit you all the way in my mouth. But I'm going to keep trying," she giggled.

I knew the idea was for them to ignore the fact that I was there, but I was sure Lacey was saying that for my benefit.

The sound of her sucking his cock was simply unmistakable and was making my own cock extremely stiff. In my mind's eye I could see Lacey sucking and licking Don's cock up and down, holding him in her hand as she licked the underside, barely able to wrap her fingers around his large shaft as she slipped her lips over the head of his cock, taking him as deep as she could in her mouth.

She kept this up for three entire songs and was well into the fourth when I finally heard Don begin to groan. The man held out as long as he could before he finally spoke. It was the first time I had heard his voice that night. "Damn Baby, you're going to make me cum if you keep that up."

The sounds of sucking him off stopped momentarily. "That's the point lover, you're going to cum in my mouth. I want so badly to taste you." Then the cock sucking started up again.

A minute or so later Don was groaning again, and then he said, "Oh fuck, I'm going to cum Lacey."

I heard a muffled "uh huh..." as Lacey continued to suck Don enthusiastically, and then a loud groan escaped from Don as he shot load after load into my dear wife's mouth, just a few feet away in the darkness. His moaning continued for a few moments before subsiding and I heard him gasp a "Damn Lacey," then collapse back on the bed.

I heard movement and a moment later felt hands on my thighs, then Lacey's legs beside me. She sat on my lap and slid my cock easily inside of her. She was literally sopping wet and she hadn't even been fucked yet! Then, before my mind could grasp what was happening, Lacey was kissing me and moaning, pushing a mouthful of cum into my own mouth, down my throat, forcing me to swallow his cum as she slid up and down my cock. I almost came right then and there when the realization hit me of what she was doing! She sensed me tense up to shoot my own load and stopped moving on me immediately, and then pulled her mouth off of mine.

"Oh, no fucking way are you cumming, you bitch. You're my cuckold now. You asked for this and you're going to get it. ALL of it, do you understand me? I'm not stopping until I get fully satisfied by my lover right here in front of you, and you are NOT going to cum...not now." She pulled off of me, my cock standing rigid and tall in the open air, throbbing with desire.

She gave me another kiss, the salty taste of his cum still lingering on her lips. "Back to my lover, dear cuckold. Bye bye."

...to be continued....

She gave me another kiss, the salty taste of his cum still lingering on her lips. "Back to my lover, dear cuckold. Bye bye."

I felt Lacey's hands reaching behind my head and she removed the blindfold, dropping it on the floor. The lighting was dim with a few small candles lit and a light on the desk turned down low. I looked up at Lacey and saw her smiling down at me, her eyes simply glowing in the dim light.

She was still wearing her leather boots but nothing else. Her skirt and blouse were scattered on the floor, along with Don's shoes and clothing. She tried to wink at me but has never really been able to, so it turned into one of those familiar loving looks instead. She smiled wider at her attempt and then turned and walked over to the bed where Don was lying, naked, waiting for her return.

"I'm back lover," she said to Don as she laid down on the bed next to him. Don answered by turning his head to her and kissing her long and hard, one hand reaching around to grasp her by the back of the head and hold her to him. I heard Lacey moan and saw her own hand reaching down for his cock. I could see that he was already semi-hard again, ready to devour more of my dear wife while I watched.

They finally broke their kiss and Lacey immediately bent her head down to his cock, taking him into her mouth. Don let out a moan of his own as her lips wrapped around his shaft and she swallowed as much of him as she could. Even only partially hard she couldn't fit all of him in her mouth. As I watched I could see him becoming fully erect, her mouth, lips and fingers all doing the magic she does so very well. She continued to suck on him for a few minutes until he reached down and lifted her head up. He shifted around the bed so his legs were now pointing towards me, then put his hands around Lacey's waist and urged her over on top of him. He laid back as Lacey swung one leg over his hip and moved her pussy directly above his rigid cock.

"I've been wanting you inside of me for weeks Don," she said as she slowly put just the tip of his cock to her dripping and open lips. As if in slow motion I watched as Lacey slid Don's massive cock between her lips and inside of her, inch by agonizing inch. She bent over Don, kissing him, as she continued to ease him into her. The sight of her pussy lips being stretched out by another cock slowly slipping inside of her is one of the hottest, most incredibly erotic moments I will ever have. I wanted it to last and last, but soon enough she had him all the way inside of her, his cock stretching her out and her pussy settling down on the base of his cock and balls.

"Oh...my...god...! You feel so good inside of me Don. It's been too long since I last had your cock inside of me. Mmmm....this is wonderful."

Then she slowly started to ride him. Up to the point of almost pulling off his cock completely, then ever so slowly sliding back down on him, taking him all the way inside. I knew she was doing this long, slow fuck for my benefit, knowing how much I love the sight of another man's cock spreading her lips and sinking into her. But it wasn't long before she began to lose focus on going slowly and the pleasure of the act itself took over.

Her hips began grinding down on him and she started moving faster and faster. Don's hands were holding her waist at both sides, helping to move her hips up and down as she started to fuck him hard. His fingers were traveling around her, reaching her ass. She started slamming down on his cock and moaning loudly at the pleasure. He was then holding firmly onto her ass and spreading her cheeks, and Lacey moaned even louder in response. Then as soon as he touched her puckered hole with one of his fingers, it seemed like a shock went through her body and she came. Hard. Incredibly hard. Her legs were shaking and she was moaning loud enough that I was sure anyone passing by in the hall would have heard and known that a woman was having an incredible orgasm behind these closed doors. Finally able to breath again she gasped for air, slowing her tempo and then collapsing on top of Don's chest, her own chest heaving as she continued to gulp in air and descend from an incredible crescendo.

They just lay there now while Lacey caught her breath, but with her bent forward on top of him I had an extremely erotic view of Don's cock embedded deep inside my wonderful wife. She was dripping juices all over his cock and balls, her wonderful sweet pussy juice coating them both. The way his cock had her stretched out after that was amazing and breathtaking to me! It was obvious he was still hard as a rock and ready to continue, but I was able to enjoy the wonderfully erotic sight in front of me for several minutes before either of them moved.

And then Don simply rolled them over and around so he was on top and Lacey was literally pinned underneath his muscled body. He pulled up on his knees, taking first one of Lacey's legs and then the other and pulling her legs open, his hands holding on to her boots. The entire time he maneuvered them into this position his cock didn't leave her pussy. Lacey reached her arms back behind her and pushed against the head board as best she could as Don began to slowly slide his cock in and out of her dripping pussy. Lacey let out a small moan and arched her back, the pleasure obviously making its way through her.

From the angle I was sitting, bound to the chair in the corner, I could again see Don's long, thick manhood sliding balls deep into Lacey where he would pause for brief moment, and then pull out almost completely, just like Lacey did while riding him. With her legs held high and wide in the air, he was stretching her out even more and the sight was obscenely erotic for me. The muscles in his ass would tighten as he literally forced his cock deeper into her, the juices of her stretched pussy making those "squish squish" sounds as he fucked her deep. And then he started to really pound in to her. Hard and fast he fucked my wife in front of me as I watched every move, heard every sound, fearful of even blinking lest I miss one second of the live sex show taking place mere feet away, starring my very own wife.

Don began alternating between fast and slow, teasing Lacey just a bit with his cock, before he paused. Lacey let out a soft questioning moan as Don reached for a pillow. He held her hips up with one arm while he slid the pillow under her ass with the other. Lacey smiled and then gasped loudly when Don plunged hard inside of her, the pillow now angling her hips in a way that put his cock in direct contact with her g-spot. Her eyes went wide and her arms straightened and pushed hard against the head board. She was loving his big cock nailing her spot and it showed! Don now started slamming into her hard, much harder then before. The slapping of their bodies joining together and the juices of her pussy juices squishing out around his mammoth cock was wonderful erotic music to my ears.

I couldn't peel my eyes away as Lacey began to moan almost continually now, rapidly approaching yet another major orgasm. Her nipples had turned hard as pebbles, and I could see the goosebumps rising on her chest as both her face and her chest started turning a deep shade of red. These were all signs I knew intimately, and that together meant she was about to have an amazingly strong orgasm! Her eyes snapped shut tight as her hips and legs starting shaking uncontrollably. She let out the loudest sounds she'd made that night, with a loud "Goooood....daaaamn....!!!" followed by several short gasps before she actually let out two short screams of pleasure. The sounds of his cock driving deep and hard into her pussy changed somewhat, and I realized she must have squirted!

That was the first time she had squirted with any man other then me, and was a sign that Lacey had finally let herself go completely with Don. Perhaps the presence of me in the room with her finally put her enough at ease to let herself go and give in to all the pleasure that Don could provide her. The sounds of her juices and squirt mingling together were intoxicating as Don continued to plunge deep into her, not allowing her to come down from her high and rapidly giving her multiple successive orgasms. The man certainly had some stamina, and from the way he kept fucking her hard and deep he wasn't stopping any time soon. My own cock was tall and rigid, and I now noticed that I had pre-cum dripping out and down the sides of my shaft. But damn it, I still couldn't do anything but watch my wife get fucked long and hard right in front of me, seeing her enjoying every second as Don continued to pleasure her, making her cum again and again.

After what must have been 4 or 5 more orgasms Don started to slow down. Lacey's eyes fluttered open and looked up at him. "Oh god no, don't stop! You're going to cum inside of me Don. I want your cum gushing inside of me, and I want it now!"

She reached up and pulled Don's mouth down to hers, kissing him passionately. The change in his position moved her legs from his hands over to his shoulders and forced her legs even higher and her ass angling even more. They both moaned at the change and Don slammed hard into her now sopping pussy, making wonderfully wet, sloppy squishy noises. They continued to kiss as he pulled out slowly and then slammed hard back into her. Lacey moaned heavily into his mouth and he repeated this over and over, their bodies slapping together again and again. I watched as Lacey's left hand started making it's way down Don's back, to his side, over his ass, and just barely reaching his balls. When he would slam deep into her she would caress his balls with her fingers until he pulled out and away, only to slam hard into her again. Don started groaning and it appeared that Lacey's handy work was making an impact. A few moments more of this ball handling and Don groaned loudly, shooting a hot load of cum inside my dear sweet wife. Lacey also moaned in pleasure, having yet another orgasm of her own as another man's cum shot deep into her cunt. Don pumped his cock into her a few more times before slowing and finally lying still in her arms.

As for myself I thought I was going to cum without even touching myself, the scene playing out before me was so intensely erotic. As it was my cock had leaked enough pre-cum to thoroughly coat my shaft and drip over my balls. I was breathing almost as hard as the two of them as they both laid there catching their collective breath. I say collective because they were entwined in yet another deep and passionate kiss. Don then started to move off of Lacey but she wrapped both her arms and legs around him, not letting him move or leave her pussy, while she continued to kiss him deeply. She finally released her lips from his and asked, "Lover, will you roll me over on top of you please?"

Don must have smiled down at her because she was looking into his eyes and smiled even wider. He took her head in one hand and wrapped his other arm around her back, then rolled them over on the bed. Lacey laid there on Don's chest for several minutes, relaxing in their afterglow, obviously enjoying the feeling of his thick cock still embedded deep inside her now thoroughly stretched out pussy. They lay there so long, breathing deeply, that I thought they might have even fallen asleep in each other's arms.

Hmmm...that would kind of suck for me, I thought.

But Lacey finally began moving. She pulled her head up off his chest and gave him a smile and a kiss, then pushed herself into a posting position on top of Don -- feet (or rather boots) on the bed, sitting up and squatting down over him. She still had not let Don slip out of her pussy. Her juices and his cum were still captured inside of her and she pulled up just a little to see. She smiled over at me as she showed me the view.

She turned back to Don, sank back down on his cock and gave him a hard kiss. Then she smiled at him and said, "I'll be right back." She pulled up and off his cock, held her hand to her pussy, got down off the bed and walked over to me. She looked down at my cock and the glistening pre-cum that coated so much of it now. Then she just reached out and pushed my chest...hard. So hard that the chair fell over on to the floor, pulling me right along with it. The look on my face must have been something because she couldn't help but laugh out loud at my shock.

"Time for you to make me cum, bitch," she said as she started to bend down. I was delighted that I was going to get to enter her sloppy pussy, but then she turned around and pressed her pussy to my mouth instead! She then took two of her fingers and pushed them inside her pussy, spreading herself wide open and enabling all the sloppy wet cream from the two of them to pour out of her delicious, wet, sloppy cunt and into my mouth.

"That's right bitch, you're going to clean up my sloppy, cum soaked pussy with your mouth. Open wide and swallow it all, you little cuckold bitch. I know how badly you want to. Eat it all out of my pussy and make me cum again!"

Like before when she kissed me with a mouth full of cum, it took me a moment to comprehend what was happening, what she was actually doing. But then reality set in and I found myself eagerly swallowing all of the juices that poured out of her delicious pussy. It was that or practically drown in all that sex juice. I licked and sucked her pussy as she sat on my face and enjoyed the pleasure of my mouth and tongue on her.

"Looks like you're becoming my little cum slut now too, aren't you cuck? Now be a good cum slut and suck it all out of my pussy. Oh yes...yes..." She was moaning now with the pleasure of sitting on my face and having me enthusiastically eat her out.

I moaned in answer as best I could with her sloppy pussy pressed firmly on my mouth. I darted my tongue out to her clit as best I could, licking at her sensitive button. I could feel her fingers there as well as she rubbed her clit herself. With my mouth on her pussy and her fingers on her clit it wasn't too long before yet another powerful orgasm swept through her. She pressed even harder down on my face, cutting the breath off from me momentarily as her hips shook from the pleasure. And then her pussy flowed and pushed out the remaining cum inside of her directly into my open and waiting mouth, which I eagerly swallowed as I continued to lick and suck her dry.

A few moments passed as she regained her composure and then she lifted up just enough to let me breath again. I gulped air as I felt her hands reach for my cock and grasp it tightly. I groaned and practically shot my load but she pressed her finger hard to my perineum, stopping any potential orgasm.

She smiled devilishly down at me. "Oh no you don't, you still aren't cumming yet, you fucking bitch. By the time I let you cum tonight, you are going to be so built up that your orgasm will shake the walls. But we've still got a few things to do before that, now don't we? I'm not the only one that needs to be cleaned up, am I, my dear little cum slut?"

Lacey was smiling devilishly with a twinkle in her eye as she began to remove the velcro restraints from my ankles and then wrists. "You did hear me, right bitch?"

I nodded my head, able to do little else as I waited for the restraints to come off. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I thought of what she had said. Would she really make me do this? Should I utter our safe word and stop where this was going?